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Great buy12/25/2014 7:03:49 AM

Pros: - runs at ultra level everything I though to it - very quite - no coil whine even under max load and without fps sync - someone was complaining that this card is ugly. I really like the look, but I guess beauty in in the eye of beholder. my MB/RAM are blue so the color of this card played a role... if red is ok get the gaming version from MSI -MSI Afterburner - I don't know if this works with other brands, but it's a great software to display CPU/GPU temp while gaming

Cons: This thing is big. I have cooler master haf xb evo case and I though I could fit an elephant in it. In front I have an hydro H105 watercooling radiator and fans and I had to initialy remove one of the two fans to fit this card in. Now I replaced both H105 1 inch thick fans with slimmer 15 mm ones from Akasa/frozen cpu.

Overall Review: Was looking for a GTX 970 - best price/quality at the moment. EVGA was initially my first choice, but read lots of reviews about heat sink misalignment and chip design. Then looked at the popular cards which are from ASUS and GIGABYTE and saw that half of the people where complaining about coil whine. Coil whine apparently comes from the quality of the used parts and the way they are glued and since I am trying to keep my system quite, was a dealbreaker for me. I finally decided to go with MSI, which has much less coil whine complains. This card had only ~30 reviews at the time of purchase, which was a minus, but its built is very similar to the MSI gaming version which is much more popular. I chose this one over the gaming version due to color.

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