Very good baseline monitor7/28/2019 1:54:27 PM

Pros: the aspect ratio is what I prefer. 16 by 10. Bright screen, easy to see details of whatever you're looking at. DVI connection.

Cons: No display port connections

Overall Review: I've used this monitor for over a year now. No degredation. No light bleed. No problems with it at all. Works every day.

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Great quality headset9/4/2018 8:36:01 PM

Pros: I love the shape of the earpieces on this product as I like to keep one ear uncovered so I can hear when someone talks to me. My computer is next to my husband's and we talk to each other a lot while we're gaming or whatnot. When I do have both earpieces on I couldn't hear a firetruck pulling into my driveway most likely. Ok, I'm exagerating a little, but not much. Good quality mic too.

Cons: The control unit on the cord is pretty cheap feeling. I mean, it works, but it feels cheap and flimsy. I've had no issues with it though.

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Great gaming keyboard2/24/2016 7:21:59 PM

Pros: very responsive. I got this one for the cherry mx blue switches and I am not disappointed at all. No useless macro keys like most gaming keyboards have (I've never used them). Easy to clean and simple design. rubber feet prevent the keyboard from sliding around. media controls are more responsive than they are on other gaming keyboards I've used. included wrist rest is higher quality than most included wrist rests.

Cons: much louder than other kinds of keyboards, but I knew this going in. I chose cherry MX blue for a reason, so this isn't a negative for me. significantly heavier than your normal plastic keyboard. again, this isn't a negative to me because its much better constructed. only lights up in red. Considering red is what I always set my illumination to on other keyboards I consider this a moot point, but some might want to change it and you can't.

Overall Review: This is hands down the best gaming keyboard I've ever had. I never thought anything would top my old Logitech G110, but this blows that out of the water. If you don't use the extra macro keys like I never do then I highly recommend this as your go to keyboard. You won't be disappointed.

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Its canned air.1/14/2016 9:50:49 PM

Pros: Its exactly what it advertises.

Cons: There is a bit more liquid in these cans than others I've used over the years.

Overall Review: Its canned air. Not much to say. It'll do what it's supposed to.

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Good cheap cpu cooler1/14/2016 9:49:24 PM

Pros: relatively easy to install once you figure it out (maybe its just me, but I derped hard on getting the base on). Fan snaps on, making it easy to remove to clean.

Cons: metal heatsink is a little flimsy and thinner than I'd expect. Easily bent. Heatsink is above average in terms of size. Will still fit perfectly fine in any ATX case, but if you're in a smaller case you might not have room.

Overall Review: Overall this is a good cpu cooler. Nothing fancy though. If you need to cool your cpu, this will get the job done.

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Worst router ever1/14/2016 9:38:30 PM

Pros: Extremely easy setup. great gui.

Cons: favors one device on wireless. This means the first device/computer you connect to this router wirelessly will get perfect internet and performance. However if a second device connects to the wireless you'll be lucky to get 0.2 Mbps from it. Its stupid. I even called tech support and they said this was designed to do that. Why would anyone design a router to limit itself like that? I guess that's why this was only $20. I returned it and bought a Netgear.

Overall Review: If you only have one wireless device this router will work fine, but if you have (like me) several, including a TV, 2 phones, and multiple computers, then you will not be happy with this router.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Customer, Thank you for checking out our Router. We are sorry to see that you've had some issues with this device. This device can connect many devices to the Internet without having to worry about drops in connection or loss of speed, just like all of our other products. Usually when we see a scenario where one computer may connect fine, but another computer in the mix causes issue, is when the Modem is plugging into the wrong port of the Router. If you have any more issues or concerns then feel free to contact us directly. Best Regards! TP-LINK Support Team
Excellent budget tablet10/16/2014 8:14:27 PM

Pros: Great performance budget tablet. Runs Android 4.4.2 Kitkat with more than enough memory and speed to play all of your favorite android games as well as any app you might want to use. Comes with a really nice cloth protective case. The product comes exactly as advertised. Shipping was extremely fast (placed order on sunday, received on wednesday). Screen is 7" so its plenty big enough to even watch movies and such, but small enough to be very portable.

Cons: The screen isn't quite as high resolution as I've seen on other devices, but everything is still readable and identifiable, so I don't really consider this a deal breaker, but some might.

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