This is one weird case12/1/2012 11:12:10 PM

Pros: The only way you're going to get more airflow across your motherboard is if you hold it out the window of a speeding car. Lots of cable management options. Hot Swap Bays are nice. SSD Mounts are nice as well. Power/HDD LEDs are a muted red, which is nice compared to the retina-obliterating blue beam of death LEDs in most cases these days

Cons: Power Supply fitment is too close to the hot swap connectors. Very limited ventilation for lower half of case, right where your hard drives need it most.

Overall Review: I debated knocking off 2 eggs for the cons, but decided 1 was sufficient. I didn't ding it for style because I thought I'd grow to like I'm not so sure...(that's just a subjective observation so I cannot take an egg for my own mistake)

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Worth far more than I paid!12/1/2012 11:04:24 PM

Pros: I received this as a free item in a combo deal and I have to say I love this thing! I use it to connect various SD, SDHC, and SDXC cards to my Raspberry Pi's powered hub and it works with anything I can throw at it.

Cons: ZERO

Overall Review: Can't say enough good things about this.

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Suprising little proc12/1/2012 11:01:00 PM

Pros: Good little processor. Seems quite capable for the budget build I purchased it for.

Cons: Could use better heat sink...

Overall Review: Purchased this and a FM2 board to build a system for a friend as wedding present. He seems very happy with it so far. He does a little light gaming on it and seems pleased

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Good board for a basic build12/1/2012 10:58:13 PM

Pros: It's a good board for a basic build. I purchased this with an A4-5300 to build a computer as a friend's wedding present and he seems very pleased with it.

Cons: Kinda bummed it doesn't have more options on it. I'd have thought that all new motherboards would come with USB 3.0 by now...Evidently not. :(

Overall Review: For its intended use, it's a good board. Not great. Good.

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Good Case Not "Great"12/1/2012 10:54:14 PM

Pros: It's a well-built case and I am happy with the purchase. I did not receive the revision 2 of it so the cable management was a little more difficult than it should have been. That's why I docked it an egg.

Cons: not the best cable management

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Works as Advertised12/1/2012 10:50:38 PM

Pros: Lower profile han the normal sized HyperX and VERY low profile in comparison to DIMMS like Vengeance or Sniper. These fit fine and leave a few mm of space in front of the Kozuti or other large heatsink where the fan impinges on the DIMM slots

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: Purchased for use on M-ITX boad using a Kozuti Heat Sink, which normally blocks the first DIMM Slot.

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Antec 5 UPS 011/20/2012 6:37:55 AM

Pros: Very good PSU for the price I paid. Stable, ripple-free power delivery and cables are easy to manage.

Cons: UPS never delivered it. I had 3 packages from Newegg delivered on same Tracking Number, and UPS only dropped off 2. Instead of re-attempting delivery, they returned the PSU to Newegg who automatically processed an RMA for it

Overall Review: Ended up purchasing it from another place with overnight shipping due to project deadline so I never saw the cost savings I could have gotten from Newegg. It's not Newegg's fault. It's UPS' What can Brown do for me? Nothing.

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Nice SSD3/22/2012 10:20:43 AM

Pros: Speedy. Very Speedy You expected more? I cannot comment on long-term stability/reliability at this point. Sorry.

Cons: Expensive. Very Expensive.

Overall Review: n/a

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Better than being hit by a bus!2/24/2012 10:58:03 AM

Pros: As mentioned by many others, this board has a lot of options, great performance, and features not founf on most other boards of its class.

Cons: 2 distinct cons: Price -- You pay a premium for this board. Support -- As has also been mentioned by others, the driver CD is useless for the most part. The install programs for the Wireless and Bluetooth drivers from the CD crash. You need to download them from the Asus site. The Wireless download is 97MB and the Blue Tooth driver download is 337MB!!!!! I'm not docking it an egg for these cons because I always download the latest drivers from the mfgr's site anyway, but I was very surprised at the size of the downloads...

Overall Review: Truckputer 2012 consists of: Asus F1A75-I Deluxe AMD A4-3400 APU 8GB Sniper DDR3 60GB SSD for OS 256 SSD for Media USB 3.0 Dual SDXC Reader and (2) 128GB SDXC Cards for media Wireless b/g/n & Bluetooth Onboard sound and Video Voom2 Car PC Case M2-ATX DC-DC 160watt PSU Hauppauge 950 USB TV Tuner Windows 7 Professional 64 bit

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It's RAM. It works2/24/2012 10:46:56 AM

Pros: It plugs all the way into the DIMM Slot and stays there no matter how hard you shake the motherboard. I dedicated 2GB to the onboard Video and 6GB to the OS. Works great!

Cons: Would have preferred 1.5v but it's not really a "con".

Overall Review: TruckPuter 2012 consists of: Asus F1A75 Mobo AMD A4-3400 8GB Sniper DDR3 60GB SSD for OS 250GB SSD for Media USB 7-in-1 Card Reader (Dual SDXC Support) (2) 128GB SDXC Cards 32GB MicroSD Card Onboard Wireless b/g/n Onboard Sound Onboard Radeon 6450 Voom2 Car PC Case M2-ATX 160Watt dc-dc PSU Hauppauge USB TV Tuner Windows 7 Professional 64bit 7" Lilliput Touchscreen LCD (DVI & HDMI Input)

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Excellent value2/24/2012 10:03:55 AM

Pros: I'm very pleased with the performance of this APU. It may have a fan on the OEM Heatsink but for all intents and purposes it's silent. Handles everything I can throw at it. Runs cool and quiet. Perfect for my truck

Cons: Only Dual-Core. Uses a bit more power than the competition, but nothing drastic enough to dock an egg...

Overall Review: Currently serving as the brain of "TruckPuter 2012".'s a computer, in a truck. Asus F1A75 Deluxe mobo 8GB GSkill Sniper DDR3 2133 60GB Corsair SSD for OS 256GB Crucial M4 US Robotics USB 3.0 Dual SDXC & 7 in 1 Card Reader (2) 128GB Lexar SDXC Cards 32GB Kingston MicroSD Card Hauppauge 950 USB TV Tuner & Antenna Wireless b/g/n Voom 2 Car PC Case M2-ATX 160watt DC-DC Car Power Supply Lilliput 669GL-70NP/C/T Touchscreen LCD (DVI Input!) Windows 7 Professional 64bit Plays back through my car stereo. Works great!

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Very Pleased!1/23/2012 8:38:36 AM

Pros: Quiet. Powerful. Efficient. That sums it up in a nutshell. I replaced (2) 6970s with (1) 7970 and I am very happy with the upgrade. Do I get the same performance as (2) 6970s in crossfire? That depends on the game. By that I mean I play games that mostly do not scale that well with Crossfire (Skyrim, Rift, FO3 DLC) so going to a single, more powerful card has really improved my gaming experience a LOT. In those games where Crossfire works good already, I simply overclock the card through an AB Profile, and CPU through the BIOS, and I get 99% of the performance of Crossfire from a single card that uses far less power and runs far more quietly. MAX temps I ever saw was 78°C (20 runs of Heaven, using DX11, MAX settings at 2560x1600 res with max tessellation)

Cons: Eyefinity 2.0 should support Portrait, Landscape, Portrait mode. Crossfire is not as well supported in games as it should be. Keep in mind, however, this is a brand-new core architecture and that it "will" take a little time for driver devs to learn the nuances of the new core architecture to tweak performance.

Overall Review: 6970 Crossfire performance in Rift was less than satisfactory. I saw numbers dip as low as 18fps when participating in a Zone Event in Emerald Isle with 50-60 others. With the 7970 in the same situation, I see nothing below 32fps, while using higher in-game settings. I couldn't be more pleased.

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They Blow! (quietly!)12/2/2011 10:08:12 AM

Pros: Ordered mainly because of the specs showing decent flow with low noise and a high MTBF. So far, they work as advertised. Have 7 connected in my HTPC. Two replaced the corsair fans on my H80. The other 5 replaced the various case fans in my Carbide 400R. They're quiet. They move a lot of air. They come already sleeved with a 12" lead so they're easy to route. The orange pads where the fan-mounting screws go are actually rubber so they isolate the fan to eliminate vibration. They also come with the rubber mounts in addition to the normal silver screws. I think they're as quiet as any of the competition's fans I've used over the years. I'm very impressed with them. Cannot really say enough good things, actually.

Cons: I only ordered 7.

Overall Review: Definitely worth getting.

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Seems to work9/26/2011 12:02:26 PM

Pros: Seems to work as advertised. For those interested in such things, it scores a WEI of 7.8 out of 7.9

Cons: It shipped with Revision 0002 Firmware and I had to update it to Revision 0009. Not enough to ding it an egg though since I am familiar with the process. It's just one of those things you have to do from time to time.

Overall Review: It's in my Win 8 test machhine. About 6 seconds from POST beep until I'm at the desktop.

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Solid Performance8/8/2011 7:29:53 AM

Pros: Good performance, even while underclocked. Currently runnint at 650MHz. Even though I have a TV Tuner card next to it which blocks air flow, I'm seeing 45°C during 1080p playback while using nothing more than a case fan and power supply fan in the system.

Cons: It isn't enough to dock it an egg, but the previous poster is correct in saying it is a large card. I'm using an ABS Black Pearl Case that's tall enough to take a Core Contact Freezer 120 with no issues and this video card is taller. Was within 1/2 inch of the side cover once installed...

Overall Review: Purchased it to replace a Radeon HD5870 in a Home Theater PC. Installed fine,

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Works as intended8/5/2011 12:24:30 PM

Pros: Works fine so far, though I haven't tried to burn anything yet

Cons: none so far

Overall Review: This is my 4th or 5th purchase of an LG CD/DVD burner. They've all been fine so far with no DOA or defective units

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Works Okay8/5/2011 12:22:19 PM

Pros: It works. Allows you to expand the amount of SATA ports in case all the SATA ports on your motherboard are already being used.

Cons: Followed the instructions on the Post-It sized installation sheet to the letter... The Drivers on the CD? Useless. The Drivers on the Syba site? Useless The Dtivers on the Silicon Image Site? I'll spot you the "U_eless" and you can guess what word describes them. Had to use *gasp* the Windows Update site to get the right drivers to load properly.

Overall Review: Ding'd 2 eggs because of the drivers. Other than that, it works fine.

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BEEP BEEP7/11/2011 6:03:09 AM

Pros: Stable. Easy to navigate BIOS. Good feature set.

Cons: Sounds like R2D2 reciting the Gettysburg Address when you boot up.

Overall Review: Four posts and seventy beeps ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new motherboard, conceived in Taiwan, and dedicated to the proposition that all computers are created equal...

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Great little setup7/1/2011 7:53:50 PM

Pros: Was easy enough to set up that you don't even need to read the instructions. Everything is color coded and the Auto Configuration System took care of making sure the sound was centered perfectly. Easy menu navigation and the remote's buttons seem positioned well enough that within 5 minutes I could use the advanced features without looking at the remote. Pop in a DVD and it powers up my Samsung TV and sets the input to the DVD Player and starts the DVD. So easy evena 4 year old can work the unit to start a Barney movie

Cons: Not a con for this unit, but more of a con in case you use this unit in conjunction with a Samsung TV that's connected to your network...The unit allows you to play files across the network, and so does the Home Theater you're changing the input, there a a BUNCH of network devices to scroll through if you have several computers on your network

Overall Review: It's a great little unit, and well worth the money spent. Samsung App on Android network lets you use your Android phone or Tablet to control this unit via your network. (neat, and very functional)

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Good TV6/29/2011 1:37:08 PM

Pros: Nice feature set. Easy to use Menus and UI for Menu Navigation. Like the ability to control other Samsung gear with this unit's remote, specifically, the HT-550-Z Home Theater System (DVD+Receiver), Can control it over your Home Network. Video On Demand, Apps and Games through Samsung, good amount of inputs.

Cons: Not really a "con", but if you decide to network this TV -wirelessly-, you need to purchase a Samsung USB Wireless antenna dongle. (for $79+S/H+Tax. ORLY?!?!?! SRSLY!)

Overall Review: Have used a $200 Sanyo 27" CRT TV for 10+years so I'm still getting used to the clarity and crispness of an LED LCD TV. There's a MAJOR difference, that's for sure.

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Works as advertised6/29/2011 1:19:50 PM

Pros: Runs cool. Quiet. Provides enough horsepower to do everything I ask of it. Runs at 1.04v (woulda gotten only 4 eggs but I have to give 5 for this)

Cons: bad retail Heatsink. No copper center portion to assist in wicking away the heat to the outer aluminum fins. Woulda ding'd an egg for this except for the low voltage, and the fact I re-used my 2600K's heatsink on this.

Overall Review: First off, I'm not using the aluminum slug of a heatsink it shipped with. I'm using the copper/aluminum slug of a heatsink that shipped with my 2600K. I figured, why not use the one with the copper inner section since it will help cool it better than the crummy all-aluminum one. Temps are 26°C - 32°C

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Works as advertised6/29/2011 1:11:54 PM

Pros: Arrived in a day and it works as advertised. Not really much else you can say. I gave it 5 eggs because, while it is advertised as 1.5v DDR3, mine seems to be happy to run at 1.4v with zero problems.

Cons: none really.

Overall Review: Running system with all the power saving features on so it's using very little power (not much more than my Asus AT5IONT-I Atom D525/nVidia combo)

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Perfect White Elephant Gift6/29/2011 6:36:43 AM

Pros: Makes for an almost-perfect White Elephant gift for this year's Christmas party!

Cons: Ding'd one egg because it didn't arrive in a tin container like the AOL CDs I gave out at last year's Christmas Party.

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Cheap6/29/2011 6:33:29 AM

Pros: Case is made of such thin metal and the power supply is made of such low quality parts that it results in a very light unit that is easy to carry to the trash once the power supply explodes.

Cons: My Lite On DVD Drive was heaver than the 550watt Power Supply. I actually weighed both and compared them. There should be a large, full-color picture of an explosion on the power supply so you know what you're in for when you apply power to it for the first time. Should include a case badge titled, "Boom Box"

Overall Review: My ears actually rang for a while after the power supply exploded. I knew it was going to happen, but I was afraid to film it with my Eee Pad Transformer for fear that a part would shoot out and crack the screen of the tablet. It was definitely You Tube worthy.

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Good Board, mostly6/16/2011 11:14:49 AM

Pros: Good layout of the CPU area. Plenty of ports. Sufficient cooling space between cards if running a Xfire setup. Even when using a Xfire setup, you have a PCI and a PCIeX1 slot free for additional cards. Overclocks like a fiend. Stable as a rock. Should be rated at 4.5 eggs but there are no 1/2 eggs so it's a 4 egg board

Cons: IF you run Xfire, the second card will force you to forego the use of the quick connects for the front panel jumper. They cannot be used in Xfire with a large card like a 6970 because they will prevent the second card from seating in the slot. BIOS UI is a little clunky until you learn its quirks.

Overall Review: I got one of the first batches of the board, and was affected by the recall. Received my replacement board 6-13-11 and replaced it 6-14-11. Replacement worked flawlessly. New board is working great.

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