Worth the time, if you have the patience3/25/2014 11:12:50 PM

Pros: I purchased this for an admittedly aging XFX Radeon HD-687X-CNFC whose fan failed. I've gone from 75C idles and 90C under load to now 44C idle and 49C under load with this cooler. Once you manage to assemble it all, you realize that it is designed to be able to fully remove and return the card to stock, despite obviously destroying any warranty on the card. This would allow you to transfer the cooler to a newer card down the line, assuming it is supported. The built in fans are remarkably quiet, as in, every single other fan in my system, including the 120mm "silent" fans. are louder than this whisper quiet, had to verify they were spinning, fans.

Cons: The lackluster, IKEA-esque directions provided little instruction, and was missing information that provided on the website (although I was referred to the site in the directions). Install took about 2 hours, most of the time measure twice and thrice before cutting, literally. The bulk of this caused me to need to relocate the hard drive in my Antec Three Hundred case, as the end of cooler encroaches considerably on the two uppermost 3 1/2" bays in this case.

Overall Review: I would say up until I loaded the system and heard, or more accurately, didn't hear them, as well as saw the GPU temp ratings; I was reluctant. This was more involved to install than any CPU heatsink with crazy backsupport, but was worth it. Obviously I'm not using this to cool a mining rig or run an overclocked or insane bleeding-edge GPU, I'm using it to make a mid-range 2 year old card last me another two, as I play World of Warcraft and a few Steam titles. I'm glad I picked up this ridiculous cooler, because now sitting in my quiet office no longer becomes sitting in my loud office with the system on.

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