Super, Super Adapter12/20/2011 6:07:40 AM

Pros: Easy to use. Just plug it in and you're ready to go. Works perfectly, period!

Cons: None

Overall Review: This USB audio adapter saved us! We bought an expensive laptop and found our Skype calls were having problems. Speaking near or far from the laptop's built-in microphone didn't make a difference; we kept having drop-outs. The big problem: The laptop had only an earphone jack; there was no jack for an external microphone. Although I had never seen an adapter like this, I somehow imagined it might exist. Amazingly I bought this adapter, plugged it into one of my laptop's USB connectors, added my mike and headset plugs, and I was off to the races! Using the USB connector for this audio application seems to bypass the faulty component on my laptop and high-quality audio is achieved completely devoid of the drop-outs we experienced with the laptop's built-in microphone. This adapter works like a charm. I highly recommend it for anyone lacking two standard audio jacks or anyone needing to bypass their system's normal audio circuitry.

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Cannot Recommend!6/10/2011 8:11:15 AM

Pros: It works, but with some initial difficulty.

Cons: Initial setup challenging Very strange browser interface Browser-based help files virtually non-existent User manual information very sparse Ugly

Overall Review: Completing the installation was a challenge. The documentation is extremely sparse and thoroughly laced with English language oddities and outright errors. I haven't read each and every page of the user manual yet, but I rate the documentation poorly. The manual, which has 65 pages (including 14 pages of routine, useless content (FCC notices, software license restrictions, etc.)), uses an extraordinarily large typeface with plenty of graphics included. Translation: There isn't much to this manual at all. In addition, the built-in browser-based help is virtually non-existent. This router might be the best-functioning router ever. But with the very strange, atypical interface they use and the atrociously poor documentation, it's impossible for me to be glad about purchasing this router. Assuming the router works well, networking geniuses who don't need documentation might love this router. I don't give unwarranted poor ratings, but this router has really earned my two-star rati

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, We apologize for the issues you are experiencing in configuring this router. Please contact us at so we can assist you setting up the router and answer anything you're unclear on. Sincerely, ASUS Customer Support
Great Drive, But Check Your Drivers3/7/2011 10:05:50 PM

Pros: Cool, quiet, good capacity for the money.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I've read many comments indicating many or all of their drives arrived DOA. I had really bad problems, too, but I have to emphasize; I discovered the problems were all mine. I had four bad drives in a row including three I received directly from Western Digital. Their tech support tried to be helpful, but I'm disappointed they never enquired about my computer system and never asked whether I had updated my drivers. When I checked my drivers using the Drivers tab from the Windows Properties box, Windows reports my drivers were current. Based on that, I had declared four drives in a row to be bad. That made me suspicious and I began searching and found other users of large drives from competing manufacturers were reporting their drives failed to format at precisely the same sector number where my failures began. Then I KNEW it was my system and not the drives. I went to the nVidia site, installed the current drivers, and the WDC drive formatted in five seconds.

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Pretty Good ... No Major Complaints5/19/2010 7:37:34 AM

Pros: My computer immediately recognized the monitor and all the necessary adjustments were automatically made. I've owned this for a year without a significant glitch, and not a single pixel is dead.

Cons: Using the manual setting controls is not completely intuitive and the touch-sensitive "buttons" don't respond well at all on my monitor. Fortunately, I've not been needing to make many adjustments, but it would be nice to be able to explore the various settings, but I soon gave up as I realized how hard it was on my particular unit. Adjusting the viewing angle is harder than it should be.

Overall Review: I found the screen angle adjustment to be excessively stiff. I wish Acer could deal with that. Also, the wake-up from the power-saving mode is a bit slow. I don't know whether slow wake-up times are typical for large monitors. But this is potentially troublesome for people needing to see their display during boot-up. For example, if I didn't already know the key stroke sequence for editing my BIOS, I'd be in trouble because typically when I boot-up my computer, this information just "zips right by" before the monitor has even awakened. To adjust my BIOS, I enter the required keystroke in the blind. I noticed another user didn't like the speakers. Well, okay, but I decided to not use the speakers only because I'd never expect speakers on-board a monitor to ever be as good as comparable desktop speakers. I feel that expecting speakers built into a monitor to sound really good is somewhat akin to expecting your car seat to feel as comfortable as your couch or your bed. Just my

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Worked Fine Out of the Package9/24/2009 8:30:07 AM

Pros: Worked right out of the package. Nothing to install. Just plug it in and go. The cabling appears to be shielded, which further strengthens the cable's durability, I feel.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I was a little concerned that the packaging did not indicate compatibility with Vista systems. However, my adapter seems to work perfectly on my Vista Home Premium computer. I was afraid that it might not work for pre-OS operations, such as entering the BIOS, etc., but it worked perfectly the very first time I tried. Thanks for carrying this product, Newegg. This adapter enabled me to use some brand new legacy keyboards I bought, which were only available with PS/2 connectors.

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It's Been Working Like a Charm9/12/2009 9:41:31 PM

Pros: The drive is quiet and installed without a hitch.

Cons: None so far.

Overall Review: I really gave the drive a good workout immediately after installing it. I loaded it with data to 50% of its capacity and then just to be sure, I ran a CHKDSK. The CHKDSK ran an awfully long time, of course, but there wasn't a single error of any kind. Super!

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I Would Not Buy This Router Again, UNLESS ...8/4/2008 8:23:37 AM

Pros: Neat little router that works really well (but see my "Cons, below). I really LOVED the browser-based interface. The interface is very intuitively designed with excellent help file information that's written well enough that even a novice networker could understand it.

Cons: It locked up frequently and you'd have to cycle the power to reset the router each time. Through my tests I was easily and consistently able to duplicate these lock-ups by directing my browser to certain web sites. I'm confident that these lock-ups were somehow related to a network usage setting within my browser, however, I feel that there should have been a firmware update or some forum-based info to help eliminate this recurring problem from occurring. The routers I used before and after using the FVS-114 NEVER locked up.

Overall Review: In summary, UNLESS they've updated the firmware in some way to make this router less vulnerable to these lock-ups, I must regretfully give this router the two-out-of-five rating I gave it. I'm sure there's a solution out there, but I suspect that this nifty little wired-only router was not a big seller for Netgear and perhaps it didn't get all the attention it deserved. If they could have only prevented the lock-ups, I'd not hesitate to give this router at least a four or possibly a five NewEgg rating. I've since replaced this router because of needing to get one with a wireless capability. I must strongly emphasize how much I enjoyed using the FVS114's interface compared to the interface for my first router, a Linksys. The Linksys worked perfectly too, but gosh, the people writing the user manual and help file info for the Linksys must have thought that all their customers were networking experts.

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Very Good Router -- I Recommend It -- Works Like a Charm4/12/2008 1:52:14 PM

Pros: Fast, stylish, stable, easy to set up, hasn't crashed, includes free version of Network Magic, and has Admin- and User-level access. Also includes an embedded function to check for firmware updates ... EXTREMELY convenient!

Cons: Admin interface a bit complex, but this may be unavoidable considering the myriad of potential settings one can make. However, the wizards can get even a novice through the set-up without a problem.

Overall Review: I'm not a networking "wiz," so thank goodness that D-Link provides integrated set-up and configuration wizards with this router. I think the DIR-655 has something for just about everyone and thanks to the wizards, the basic set-up was simple. Once I got accustomed to the myriad of settings one can make, I got much more confident and didn't need the wizards any more. The user manual is great for techies and novices, alike. There are two very minor cons: (1) Accessing the router's Admin settings can time-out. (2) The Admin interface is "two dimensional," as I call it, which makes finding the setting you need a little less convenient. Finding the function/setting you need requires selecting the correct major function group (shown as columnar tabs at the top of the interface) and selecting the correct function sub-group from row-like tabs on the left. Also, the version of the product manual available from their web site is older than the version that came with my router.

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Pretty Nice Router1/24/2008 7:12:05 AM

Pros: Set-up was simple and the accompanying documentation is easy to understand even for networking novices like myself.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I had experienced some lock-ups too, but later learned the cause was a network setting I made to my Vista system. After correcting the troublesome setting, the occasional lock-ups stopped.

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Great Drive with Comment5/24/2007 9:02:36 PM

Pros: Great, quiet, and high-capacity hard drive. Vista Home Premium recognized it with no problem

Cons: No power switch.

Overall Review: I knew there was no power switch, but bought it anyway; I knew I'd not be able to beat that New Egg price anytime soon. However, I take no pleasure in bending down on my rickety knees to unplug the AC adapter from my power strip when I want to turn it off, so I bought a separate small strip with an on/off switch that I'll leave on my desk. I was hoping to find a power strip or surge protector with an individual on/off switch for each outlet, but New Egg didn't seem to carry one and they appear to be a very rare item. I suggested to New Egg that they stock some for external devices that lack a power switch.

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Works Great5/17/2007 5:46:04 AM

Pros: Great installation wizard, good interface, great documentation integrated with interface and easy-to-understand support manuals for non-networking geniuses like myself.

Cons: I had one question which was easily handled by tech support. However, like so many other U.S. companies, Netgear out-sourced their tech support to an overseas contract support center. The combination of accents with less-than-great line quality can be maddening.

Overall Review: I've had no problems and would recommend this router/firewall to anyone with wired home networking needs. The easy-to-understand documentation played a big part in my decision to buy this Netgear product.

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