Good Budget buy10/16/2017 6:41:56 AM

Pros: It has plenty of space for any air cooling or water cooling setup. Tinted side panel window Plenty of room behind the motherboard tray for cable routing PSU shroud is adequate Simple and sleek design, very Minimalist

Cons: Biggest Con I noticed was that the included PWM fan hub, mounted behind the motherboard tray, did not control PWM function. Regardless of the fan layout or motherboard pin used, it ran all fans at max speed.

Overall Review: When this case is in stock and on sale, it is definitely worth it. On the larger side for mid towers, but very versatile. Can accomodate most any fan or radiator layout, with plenty of space for mounting reservoirs as well.

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Some draw backs12/28/2016 12:39:28 PM

Pros: Looks nice. Color scheme is mostly black Plenty of fan pinouts UEFI BIOS is fairly intuitive. Gives you access to everything you would need to manage

Cons: The fan profile page within BIOS works well for the CPU fan pinout. However, it does not work for the Sysfan pinouts. They do not respond to any profile you set it to and run at full speed regardless. This has been tested with multiple PWM fans and I saw no change in fan speeds. It also will not support 2133Mhz RAM, even from a supposed compatible RAM. I had to lower it to 1866Mhz in order to maintain stability. I have verified that I have the latest BIOS update, and still the issue occurs.

Overall Review: Overall, I would still recommend this board as a decent AM3+ board. It has many features and lots of options within BIOS. If MSI would fix the issues with RAM compatibility and the Fan profile settings within BIOS. It would be a great choice for most users.

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Great buy11/14/2013 2:52:51 PM

Pros: Installed fine. Card ran at proper speed. Fan was quiet under load.

Cons: If anything could be a con, I guess it would be that the voltage is locked.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Decent8/28/2013 6:30:19 AM

Pros: Work well for their purpose.

Cons: Can be seen as cheaply made compared to others.

Overall Review: These work just fine if used properly. The only way you'll be breaking these is if you're not using it how it was intended, or getting too rough. You cannot man-handle these, it takes finesse. Remember that when purchasing this product. Use with care.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer, Thank you for choosing our product. We value your opinion and we will tell our factory overseas to make sure they will make them ALL strudy and not have some sturdy ones and some easily to bend or break. Again, we thank you for choosing our products.
Paste works well, but disappointed5/7/2013 8:39:18 AM

Pros: Paste works as well as any other I've tried.

Cons: Opening the cap, the seal was broken. Looks to be half empty.

Overall Review: Maybe it still has 20g worth of paste in it, but there is no telling since the protective cap was broken when it arrived.

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Works!!5/2/2013 6:11:56 PM

Pros: 32Gb of storage (Before formatting) Compact size. Does what it was intended to do, hold files..

Cons: None that I have found yet.

Overall Review: For those complaining about the cheapness of this flash drive.. 1. It is NOT flimsy or easily broken. 2. It is NOT as brittle as a few layers of Aluminum Foil. (Have you actually compared Tin foil to the casing of this??) 3. The little keychain attachment, while small, is NOT so weak that it just falls apart, like others have stated. Stop being so dramatic and over-exaggerating your complaints about this Flash Drive. It works, it serves its purpose, and it does so in a very small form factor. If you want a rugged flash drive that you can throw against a wall or drive a vehicle over...maybe you should try being more careful with your belongings in the first place...

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Amazing!4/16/2013 1:19:52 PM

Pros: -The extra space in the case doors make for plenty of room to manage cables. -White LED's look great against the dark grey of the case. -Plenty of room for drives and components. -Front panel cables are plenty long. The HD Audio cable for instance, Can easily reach the far side of ATX sized motherboards. -Fans are quiet, even when turned up to full speed. -Front panel and fan wires were pressed together, very nice design feature, cuts down on messiness factor. *Favorite Feature* The top fan cover. (see Other Thoughts)

Cons: Minor issues.. The thumb screws seemed to be improperly threaded. Were very difficult to tighten or untighten. -The rubber grommets for cable management were so soft that they easily pulled off when routing cables through them. -The rubber feet seemed to fall off rather easily as well. -The PCI slots were not tool less, although the rest of the case is, HDD cages, Optical drive slots. Would've been nice to see everything tool less.

Overall Review: The fan bay on the top of the case is specifically designed for water cooling products. namely, any of the standard 27mm* thickness Radiators. They fit almost perfectly inside, and still allow for the top cover to be attached without taking away from the overall sleek design of the case itself. Some cases, my previous one for example, did not have the correct hole spacing to accommodate the Corsair H100 I recently purchased. (Read my review on the H100) I was concerned about having enough space to mount both the radiator and the fans together. But this case takes care of that by offering an amazing solution. I expect it would fit other radiators of standard thickness as well with little to no issues whatsoever.

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Solid4/12/2013 2:57:25 PM

Pros: Plenty of storage. Formatted to 1.8* Tb. Was immediately recognized. Decent Read/Write speeds. Does what it is intended to do, hold data.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I have this Drive partitioned to separate the OS from the rest of my data. Works flawlessly for what I wanted it to do. Not much else you can or should expect from it.

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Ice Cold4/12/2013 7:53:28 AM

Pros: Keeps my FX-8120 cold. Fans blow ALOT of air. Mounting was simple, easy to follow.

Cons: Screw mounts on the radiator are fairly weak, atleast one was stripped on one side. Water block mounts are stiff, yet still bend under any force when tightening down.

Overall Review: Had to bend the water block mounts back in place after tightening them down too far, they popped off the clips on the board. They couldve put a thread stop to indicate sufficient tightening. Fans were surprisingly heavy, have not had any fans weigh that much before. For certain towers (Sentey Arvina Extreme) the top fan mounts are not the right distance apart to fit the radiator properly. Fault of the case, not the Cooler. Also, there was not enough distance from the motherboard to the top of the case to successfully mount the radiator as well as the fans properly. VERY tight fit on some cases. Keeps my FX-8120 (OC'd to 4.3Ghz) at 12C Idle. Have not broken 40C under full load or gaming except for Intel Burn Test.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Does Its Job4/12/2013 7:22:39 AM

Pros: Moves Plenty of Air. Pretty Quiet. LED's are Bright, but Not overwhelmingly so. Wires are completely covered in Heatshrink tubing to help with management.

Cons: Wire length could have been slightly longer. Screw holes were not pre-threaded (have not seen many fans that have been pre-threaded though)

Overall Review: These fans work great for moving air and staying quiet. They respond well to fan controllers also. But they are already so quiet at full speed, that I would not see a point in making them run any slower. The LED's are bright, but they arent overwhelming or harsh on the eyes. They matched my stock LED fans from a Sentey Arvina Extreme case, and fit perfectly in the top, front and bottom fan openings.

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Good buy11/2/2012 2:26:46 PM

Pros: Single Rail. Plenty of connectors Lengthy cables.

Cons: Not modular (knew that when i bought it) Except for the 24 pin cable, Cables are not pre-sleeved.

Overall Review: Great buy for its price. Powers 2 6850s, and all other essential parts inside a modern case. Stays cool, fan is nearly silent. No signs of overheating when ran for days at a time.

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Awesome10/23/2012 8:55:10 PM

Pros: Recognized at rated speeds. Was not diappointed. Metallic-esque Heatsink looks very nice.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Bios immediately found both sticks and adjusted the speeds to match the previous pair i purchased. (1600Mhz) Blue heatsink matches better than expected against the red model.

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Great value10/23/2012 8:52:41 PM

Pros: Sleek. Immediately recognized in Bios. Runs at specified clock speeds.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Bios read 1333Mhz at first, but a quick setting change fixed that with no issues to stability. Runs at 1600Mhz just fine. Red Heatsink looks very nice as well. Hefty feel, does not feel cheap in any way.

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Great CPU10/23/2012 8:48:01 PM

Pros: Great potential. Fired right up on outdated asrock bios. Handles all sorts of processes without breaking a sweat. Runs stable on very low voltage.

Cons: Stock Fan is incredibly loud! Heatsink built like an aftermarket model, with heatpipes. But does not cool well at all. Idle was over 60C even with fresh application of thermal paste. Big annoyance when going for a semi quiet setup. Sounds like i sat a vacuum on my desk!!

Overall Review: After swapping the stock fan and heatsink for the Cooler Master N520, very large drop in Temps. 60 degree F drop to be precise for Idle. This Cpu performs amazingly. Video conversions are as quick as 10 minutes each. Compared to nearly 40 minutes each on my old AMD II X4 620 Quad Core.

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So Roomy!10/23/2012 8:36:10 PM

Pros: Plenty of room. Routing holes for cable management. Completely Tool-less design. Fans look great against the black of the case at night. Properly placed fans keep airflow steady.

Cons: Hard drive case gave me trouble at first. Not enough clips on the back panel to hold cables down with certain cabling solutions. Just nitpicking, but the clamps were red, the fans were blue.. with this model, you would think they would match the interior though out, clamps and all.

Overall Review: For the hard drive brackets,Those little indents that fasten into the screw holes would not find their place without some fidgeting for a few minutes. Once they found the hole, i heard that satisfying *click*. Every now and then the dual fan bar that cools the video cards will come unlocked when attaching or detaching the side panel. Doesnt affect much since it does not cause the fans to turn off, but for someone who wants everything fastened down and not moving, can be a nuisance.

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Great Card10/23/2012 7:57:50 PM

Pros: Sleek Look. Runs anything i throw at it. Stays cool during use. Not overly heavy. Cover looks very cool. Dual fan design works well.

Cons: Does not come with Crossfire bridge or Mini Display Port adapter like many other cards do. Although it has plenty of room in my Sentey Arvina Extreme case, has slight wiggle, barely noticeable though. (Due mostly in part by the pci slots being tool-less)

Overall Review: Running two of these in Crossfire. Amazing. Steady Framerates on everything i play. I did however experience slight Jitter a couple of times, but ive read that that is common. Was not aware that any Video drivers needed to be re-installed when upgrading to a dual card setup. Would not recognize 2nd card and Crossfire ability until that was done. Apart from that, no complaints at all. Very happy with this product.

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Nice Board10/16/2012 8:51:12 PM

Pros: Lots of Space. Plenty room for additions. More than adequate fan plug ins. Booted right up, no hiccups. Even outdated BIOS accepts most AMD Cpu's.

Cons: Comes with outdated BIOS. 1.7. Newest is 2.10. UEFI BIOS menu for Overclocking is slightly cumbersome, lots of *personally* unwanted options.

Overall Review: For those wanting to overclock, i would recommend thoroughly reading up about UEFI BIOS and its menus meanings. Can get overwhelming at times trying to keep all the clocks and details in place. Other than that, great board. So many options you can basically do anything you want with it. Possibly even figure a way to cook breakfast!

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Like a Charm10/16/2012 8:42:51 PM

Pros: Lower height clearance for slimmer towers. Cools very effectively. (Idle 38F Vs. 60F Stock) Looks great. Visually pleasing. All hardware needed for AM3+. Very quiet operation. Push considerable amounts of air for 92mm fans. Easy to determine airflow direction. (Bare fan blades Pull IN, Back brace pushes OUT)

Cons: Assembly is somewhat annoying. Backplate must be put on at the same time as the Heatsink unit, making it awkward to assemble solo. Instructions were clear as day. This goes there, that goes here.. Done. Only real con is that the fan pin was 3Pin and not 4Pin.

Overall Review: For those having issues with cooling or assembly, i would suggest gaining more experience with building computers and cpu fan & heatsink installation before blaming the product. There was nothing out of place or wrong with this product. Cools very efficiently over stock. I noticed a 50 Degree F difference over the stock cooler for the AMD 8120. Proper application of Thermal paste and proper installation yielded very satisfying results. Future builders...Know what you are doing before blaming anything other than yourself for lack of knowledge and know-how.

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Mediocre Case5/29/2012 2:40:08 PM

Pros: Small size. Compact part placement.

Cons: Wiring was a chore. Instructions did not include layout for HD audio. Nor did it include working front audio pinouts.

Overall Review: Could have been put together much simpler than it was. Wiring was overly complicated.

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They work!5/29/2012 2:37:19 PM

Pros: Work exactly as intended. Great Range, still getting full signal at over 30 feet.

Cons: None, They work!

Overall Review: I was skeptical about these after reading the reviews of others, but after getting these installed, i could not be happier. The larger antenna picks up a strong signal. Setup was easy, plug in and Windows sees them. simple as that, did not need the CD at all.

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Great buy5/29/2012 2:32:53 PM

Pros: Worked flawlessly. Just reformat and go. No issues so far with this Drive.

Cons: Wasnt lucky enough to get the 300Gb like others? Other than that, none.

Overall Review: Drive works exactly like it should. No issues like others reported, but every drive will not perform the same. I received a 6.0 on this drive by WEI.

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Great Cooler12/21/2011 7:44:23 PM

Pros: Cools like its supposed to. Looks priitty. Quiet with one fan.

Cons: Didnt like to sit still during installation. Even after almost a month of use it still feels slightly *wobbly*? Seemed to be unable to tighten the screws down all the way. Maybe thats just how it sits??

Overall Review: Was too tall for my case, so i had to make a cut-out on my side panel. Dropped idle temps from Stock @ 90*F to around 78*F with this cooler, Even with my propus 620 overclocked to 3.25Ghz. During long gaming sessions i havent seen it reach above 89*F yet.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
Great budget board12/17/2011 7:24:03 PM

Pros: Easy install. Not sure what everybody is complaining about.. Read the directions and everything falls into place like it should. Enough SATA slots for my build. Booted first time. And the overclocking utility in BIOS was easy to manage. Took my 2.6Ghz Propus to 3.25 with just one button.

Cons: Not enough fan jumpers on the board. Had to buy a 4 port fan controller to plug in the rest of the fans on my Tower. Only thing I wouldve changed on the Board personally.

Overall Review: I agree with the other posters who say the O.C. Button on the board itself is kindof useless. There are better and easier options inside BIOS to overclock. And trying to use the BIOS and O.C. button in conjunction just didnt seem to mix well with my setup.

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Nice Keyboard12/17/2011 7:02:32 PM

Pros: Slim Design. Nice feel and sleek look. Keys clack but not as loud as other boards.

Cons: Keys started to fail after a short time. All of a sudden, no intermittent failure.

Overall Review: Great board if you're looking for a "laptop" key feel with a short keystroke. However, I would not recommend this board for long term use.

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Nice RAM6/23/2011 9:29:04 PM

Pros: Runs at rated speed and timings. No need to modify in Bios.

Cons: None

Overall Review: A great addition to the 4gig i previously ordered. Making a total of 8 gig in my system. Ive noticed a slight yet still noticeable increase in responsiveness to my pages and programs opening.

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