Huge, Perfect12/4/2015 9:21:52 PM

Pros: A lot of Space. Removed the front drive bays and the Kraken x61 slid right in. Bought this case because it had a full open bottom and no door covering the front fan area. All that extra space in the bottom fits the radiators for my Dual EVGA 980ti Hybrid's beautifully. Box came undamaged so i suspected the inside was in good shape and i was right. Biggest Pro of all when my wife saw it she was horribly jealous, i think she might be regretting that All In One right about now.

Cons: Fans that come with it work fine but even with a fan controller will either run at Low or High, not really a con for me because i was planning to replace the Blue LED fans anyway. A few pieces of plastic beaded ties rattling around inside the case i assume they were there to keep the wires in place

Overall Review: If you have to have a case that leaves you a lot of options for different parts, or even buying larger parts down the road, then you cant go wrong here. Want to start off with AiOC and work you way to Custom water cooling then this thing has more room than any other case available under $200.

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Logitech Has Gone Cheap11/26/2012 11:42:48 AM

Pros: Light, Adjustable Microphone, Can wear for hours and forget they are there. Longest Corded Headset i have ever owned.

Cons: Cheap and got cheaper. The cord and more importantly the volume control piece on the cord seem to have been made cheaper and cheaper over the last few years. The cord will wear out at the control piece and you will either start getting noise or losing sound.

Overall Review: Have about 4 of these that no longer work right, over the last 10 years i have bought 6-7 of these, the last 3 i purchased were all in a 8 month time frame, and they all had the exact same issue. The cord at the Volume control would start messing up. Attempts to contact Logitech or return the product all ended in failure. The last one i got from Walmart, it lasted 2 weeks and i lost sound in the right ear piece. When i tried to return it i was told that Walmart no longer accepted return on those products and i would have to contact the manufacturer, which got me nowhere, not even a E-mail.

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Nearly Flawless!!!!2/1/2008 3:32:00 PM

Pros: Newegg and UPS got this to me in 3 days. It came Perfect, Nothing Broken, all cables in the box, and no dead Pixels. Already spent a few Minutes PLaying WoW at Max Setting and I cant DEscribe how great it looks even on my sorry old Visiontek Radeon X1300 AGP. If this thing looks this good on my Card and Old System i cant imagine what it would do for you. Also just Finished Watching the New DIe hard on it AWESOME!

Cons: Main Con is that i was gonna run 2 Monitors but my Old monitor looked so Pathetic compared to this one i took it off after about 20 minutes. 1 Pixel went blue while i was watching Live Free or Die Hard, down near the bottom, seems to handle every color except Black though so im not upset over it.

Overall Review: Spent 3 weeks looking at different Monitors and ran across this one. 1920 x 1200 is Huge and at that REsolutions games Look Amazing. I went to AV and EoTS for some PvP and this Monitor took the full punishment of 50 players clashing at the Alliance Bridge in AV in a way my Old one never Could. Ive only had it a Day and im gonna let it run all night with a Ferocious screensaver and check in the morning to see if anymore Pixels goout and ill post here again if there any problems. If i never Post here again BUY THIS THING!!!!!!

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