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CS GO and Photoshop King!12/29/2013 12:41:26 PM

Pros: This mouse blows away my MX Revolution. This mouse has assignable profiles which are stored internally on the mouse. That means that you can use the great precision, macros and button controls for a game like CS GO while having a completely separate profile and macros for programs like Photoshop. *Extremely Precise * Glides smooth *Removable weights *Great feel *Blue LED can be powered On or Off One more thing. There area two buttons that adjust DPI up and down. You can use the mouse management software to define the DPI settings. If you are like most users who use only 1 DPI setting, these 2 buttons can be changed to a macro, single button assignment or do nothing. This is especially useful in a game such as CS Go, where they can be assigned to switch to a grenade, use button, primary weapon, etc. The same is true foe the "Sniper" button. With differing profiles that can be saved to the mouse, you can literally have a different button assignment for every program or game! I personally couldn't ask for more. If you are using this mouse for FPS or even Photoshop, this mouse will work perfectly.

Cons: None

Overall Review: You need to make sure this mouse is setup properly within windows and your games. *Windows mouse settings (Pointer speed should be reset to normal (6th tick)) *Windows mouse settings (enhance pointer precision should be shut off) * inside the game Mouse acceleration should be shut off. without these changes any high DPI mouse will have inconsistent mouse recognition. These changes should be made regardless if you buy this mouse or a different high DPI mouse.

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What a Difference! HTPC12/29/2013 12:23:48 PM

Pros: I started a new build withan FX-8370 and the Corsair x3 cooler with 8 GB of Gskill Sniper Ram. When I first built this computer I decided to run it all on the Biostart TA-970. For a multitude of reasons, I realized this board was not for me. My main desire for a board was to run my computer quietly, this was something the TA=970 couldn't do. Fortunately the Asus does this with flying colors! This board has every option I could ever ask for. I can monitor the fans and cooling inside the OS. I can even change the speed at which they operate. So when I am using this as my HTPC I can put my fans on silent (including the CPU fan). Yet when I want high performance for my intense games, I can put them on turbo mode for maximum cooling. You can even user define the fan speed based off the internal temperature! How great is that!?! This board even has UEFI Bios which allows you to easily install the OS on a 3TB+ HDD. If you have not ever used UEFi Bios, they really make a big difference when making changes to your system. One last this that I really enjoy. As stated before, I use this as an HTPC, so it stays on most of the time. This means I need to make sure that my computer is on when I need it to (so I can record shows or even access my drives). Before this computer I had to keep my computer on all the time in order to make sure this would happen. And if I were to leave town and the power go out, boy was I in trouble. Now? Asus has advanced Power menu in the UEFI that allows me to set a time every morning for the computer to come on. You can also define what the computer does if it were to unexpectedly shut off (IE power goes out). Now when the power goes out, I have defined it to automatically return to the last state. No more missing recordings for me! If you have an FX processor and are looking for a board that can do everything, this is it. It honestly has all the tools I could ever want on int and more. I can't imagine anyone being unhappy with this board (especially with the reasonable price tag).

Cons: I would rather the color scheme be black and red. But seriously, that is nitpicking.

Overall Review: If you are thinking about it, stop! Just buy it!

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Great Value case with Awesome Cable Managerment12/6/2013 12:48:46 AM

Pros: I bought this case on a Black Friday deal. Honestly, I did not expect much from it for the price. I was pleasantly surprised! I was able to fita Biostar TA970 Board in it, with an FX-8320 chip with the Hyper TX3 CPU Cooler. All of it fit easily. In fact I was able to fit a dual card HD6670, Sybya USB 3.0 expansion card, TV tuner. a Kingwin ABT850mm 2 HDDs and a Bluray drive. Oh yeah, and two more case fans (Cooler Master Sickle Flow). You would think that this case would be crammed. It wasn't. In fact it was the cleanest case I have ever had. This is due to the great cable Management offered. Cables can be run on the back side of the case, through openings, that way they will not impede the airflow. Furthermore, if you do not have a modular power supply, Raidmax had left a sizable gap next behind the 3.5" bays. This gap is out of site from the window and the fans. It ends up being an excellent place to store those unused power cables. I wish I could who you a picture, but since I can't let me just tell you , that with all the options to hide cables, your computer will not lack the desired airflow.

Cons: The Metal isn't the strongest, but you should know that if you are buying this case. If you aren't really moving it, it shouldn't matter. If you are moving it, it will be light.

Overall Review: It is surprisingly well thought out case. For the price, you would be hard pressed to find anything better. I would definitely recommend. P.S. If you have the Biostar TA970, this case fits it perfectly!

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Bad Board12/6/2013 12:35:31 AM

Pros: Is a really sharp looking Board. In fact, I have a clear cutout side on my Raidmax Altas, and it looks great! Additionally all the ports were in good locations allowing great cable management with the Raidmax Altas (highly recommend this case if you are buying this board). It fit and ran my FX-8320 and Hyper TX3 Cooler just fine. Although, I should mention if you are running the TX3 cooler, install your ram first. If not, you will be taking the cooler back off, just to install it. It will not fit under it. On second though, it might if you don't have a heat spreader on top of the ram like my G-Skill Sniper does.

Cons: No USB 3 Header (I new this going in). Of course you could pair this with the Syba SY-PEX20140 to get a fron USB 3.o port. My particular Board would only read my G-skill Sniper 1866 Ram and 1600 speed. Every time I tried to set it at 1866 in the Bios, the computer would not start. I eventually gave up, realizing that this budget board was not going to be able to do this. Secondly, Biostar states on their website that this comes with the T-Overclocker Utility. It does not. Not only does it not come on the CD, but it isn't even available for download on their site. This was a main reason for buying this, as it allowed easy fan control via the OS. The board seemingly worked for me, but I may have got a defective board. I ran it for about a day, with the ram problems, then it started to say I was missing the Biostar Remote 2 Utility. Somehow, from a clean install, in less than a day, it could not read the program. The drive tested fine, so I know this was cause from something else. I am an experienced builder, but this board was a hassle from the day I bought it. I ended up having to RMA. it really is a shame to. I loved the color scheme and the supposed value it offered. Unfortunately I did not trust it enough to get another one.

Overall Review: If you want an ATX for cheap, it probably is a good board. Just fully test it out, to make sure this will work for you. For the price it is hard to beat. Unfortunately mine did not work correctly. I ended up replacing it with a ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 . I only hope this board does not give me as much trouble as the Biostar TA970.

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Manufacturer Response:
Biostar apologizes for your case. The T-Overclocker utility does not come with this motherboard, the feature has been removed from Biostar specification site. Overclocking and smart fan function can still be done through Bios of motherboard. Again we apologize.
Label flash works great!6/3/2011 11:08:09 AM

Pros: Label flash works great. This was the first time I tried it and I was very pleased with the results.

Cons: One of the DVD's failed on me. Although it was when I was creating my system recovery discs, so it could easily have been an issue with the program

Overall Review: For theprice you can't argue with the product.

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Works perfect and fast!6/3/2011 11:04:34 AM

Pros: Wireless N - 300mbs Good Range Upgraded Firmware Fast After I first set up my router I updated the firmware. Make sure you do this! After updating the firmware and setting the router up, I couldn't be happier. This replaced an old Linksys WRT54G which was in good working condition, but I wanted something that could send out a wireless N signal, for my new notebook. After reading the reviews I decided to purchase it. The set-up was easy as was the firmware upgrade. After set-up I was instantly getting my wireless N signal. This was a vast improvement over my Linksys. It buffers television shows with no problem, even in HD. I have a home network where I have a desktop computer with all of my digital copies of my DVD's and my HD recordings from Media center on it. I can stream any of this media without any lag and in full HD quality.

Cons: Resets after every change If you are like me and want to change advanced settings, be prepared for it to take a while. After every setting change the router will reset itself. This takes approximately an extra 20 seconds for every change. On the bright side after you have it properly configured, you will not have to make any changes.

Overall Review: For the price point I don't think you'll find a better router.

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Overall Satisfied!5/27/2011 1:08:22 PM

Pros: Fast 3D up-conversion from DVD Stylish Above Average Sound When I first ordered this CPU, it came with a broken key. Newegg sent me a replacement and I have been very happy since. The Computer is very fast. It runs all my programs fast and multiple programs at once. The Blu-ray player works very well. I did have to calibrate the screen. Out of the box dark scenes are very pixilated. Once I calibrated the screen, it was beautiful! The 3D conversion on DVD's is pretty cool. Also of all the games I have in 3D, I have not been disappointed. If you like 3d then this is the laptop to get! The sound is above average for a laptop. It comes with realtek HD audio manager which can vastly improve the audio. It includes an equalizer, DSP's and even dolby enhancements. Once you find some settings that you are happy with you can keep them set.

Cons: The Computer only upgrades DVD's to 3d. It will not upgrade Blu-ray's to 3d. Now it is my understanding it will play 3d Blu-ray's if you have them. I unfortunately do not have any, so I have left this untested. As noted above quality control is something to worry about. My first laptop came with a broken key. Also you might need to make some calibration settings to the screen and audio to get the performance you desire. On a positive note, you can calibrate it to meet your needs/desires.

Overall Review: I am usually very hard to please with purchases. Let me say I have not had any buyers remorse with this one!

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Works Great4/18/2009 8:54:53 AM

Pros: It reads any card Ihave put in it and it works on the 3 major operating systems. I was worried because the company did not state that it worked with Vista, but it does so do not be afraid.

Cons: The USB cable is really short, so you may want to use one you have laying around.

Overall Review: I have been using this nonstop and have had no performance issues. It reads every card every time.

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Exaclty as described4/18/2009 8:52:04 AM

Pros: I bought this to install an OEM 1 TB HD and I will tell you I was very pleased. It works well, stays in place with the metal locks and has been very durable for me.

Cons: It is pink, so if you have an open window you may not care for the color. Also if you have a full ATX case they may be short going from the very bottom to the top.

Overall Review: It is exactly how it is described. If you need a mid sized cable and do not want to spend a lot, then this is the cable to buy.

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Great Drive4/18/2009 8:48:25 AM

Pros: The drive is extremely fast and doesn't make sound! I used this particular drive as a slave to back up information, but after seeing the performance I have decided I am going to buy another one and put it in a raid configuration.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Stop looking already and buy this drive. You will not be sorry!

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Works Perfectly2/8/2009 4:32:42 PM

Pros: It picks up a better signal than any of my other wireless card. The utility that it uses is very easy to use.

Cons: None that I have noticed

Overall Review: For the price you can't go any other way.

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