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They don't last12/12/2016 1:46:07 PM

Pros: This should be a good company

Cons: Battery Don't last that long.

Overall Review: After few times of charging the battery no longer charge to full charge.

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CHARGING DOES NOT WORK11/20/2015 6:48:06 AM



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Missing HDMI Cable1/20/2014 11:51:30 AM

Pros: Works Good. A lot of Channels, Streaming Your Own Movies, Pictures, Music Using Plex

Cons: It's not supporting all Formats For Streaming. Some channels are useless but that is up to user. Some you have pay and some there is a monthly Charge.

Overall Review: I purchased this unit for Netflix that I can use on my second TV. But I found it a very good for Streaming My movie collection from my computer using PLEX. The only thing is that I had to change format to MKV. It will not Play ISO, DVD folders and few other formats. But it plays very good HD MKV files. I used a Wire and Wireless WI-FI with out any problem. Other problem was that I did not get a HDMI cable that means I have to buy it. And that is EXTRA $$$$.

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Keeps Locking up8/19/2013 5:26:39 AM

Pros: Small, Wi-Fi, USB 3

Cons: 500GB only, Locks up a lot

Overall Review: This Hard drive keeps locking up a lot. When I turn it on two lights come on green but I have no Wi-Fi or USB 3 connection. At this stage you can't even turn it off. I have to play with power button for long time before it will turn of. There is a pin hole reset button but it's not working. The Idea is good but Hardware wise is bad.

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6 MONTH WARrANTY ONLY7/3/2013 9:31:22 AM

Pros: It Works


Overall Review: It was my mistake, I did not looked at Refurbished sign. I just looked at the price. Maybe is good for the price and maybe will last longer time. For few $ more you could get brand new with better Warranty. Plus I don't by a Refurbished product because you never know what was wrong with it when went back to be Refurbished.

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GReat Monitor1/11/2013 4:25:27 AM

Pros: Great Color, 1080, Good Size. No problem with playing games, great for Pictures and their colors when you need to Edit them.

Cons: The control buttons are located on the stand deep inside. They are hard to see and impassible to see at dark room. I had to use a flash light. Plus is hard to get to them. I have some stuff on front of the monitor so I have to move it.

Overall Review: But Buttons you should just adjust once so they are no problem for me and rating still at 5, I love the Picture but the Only thing is that on first start up I had a 1/2 in. boarder around the screen but that was because the Video card software scaling was on - 10% set for some reason. I changed it to 0 and all is OK. I do recommend this Monitor to do anything including playing games......

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OK10/31/2012 9:39:50 AM

Pros: Price, Better then Other Windows A lot Improvements.

Cons: No Start Menu, No going straight to Desktop But it can be fix with free Utilities........... There is some other stuff missing but for regular user it will never know.............

Overall Review: I was using the Preview Version then, Upgrade Win 8 Pro. The worst part that they removed the Start Menu and no boot to desktop But this is no problem there are few Utilities that can fix the problem. I'm using Classic Shell that is Free and works great. IT puts a Start Menu Back and You can Boot straight to Desktop. Plus few other things. So windows 8 is good and there are some complains that some programs don't work (Older Programs like Office 2003-NOW IS 2012) but that is with every window Upgrade. And some came from Apple users which I don't Count. So Give a good try and then complain.

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USB 3.0 Problem10/11/2012 10:22:40 AM

Pros: Got one for $99 so the price, 4 - 2tb bays, USB 3.0, eSATA.

Cons: USB 3.0 Problem - Disconnects and reconnects on USB 3.0 No Problem with USB 2.0 On power failure the Unit turns Off and You have to turn back your self even if the computer will start again.

Overall Review: Gave 5 Stars Because. I could run this one with Internal USB 3.0 Card Uspeed Superspeed USB 3.0 PCI-E Express Card # AK-68UPPCIE-4SU and using 3FT. Cord Only. I try to use 6Ft. or Extension and it would drop signal. I could not use this with the Computer USB 3.0 with the latest drivers or Other type of Cards. But by putting this AK-68UPPCIE-4SU I have no Problem and it's running day and night without drop out. I hate this Power On when unit looses the USB signal it automatic shots off. They you have to press power on to start the unit. So if there is a power failure then unit would be go off and will be off until you start it again.

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Works Good10/4/2012 8:47:25 AM

Pros: Works good and good speed. Easy to Overclock it on good motherboard.

Cons: None

Overall Review: None

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They Work10/4/2012 8:45:41 AM

Pros: Price, Speed

Cons: None

Overall Review: They Work good the only thing is for how long

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It Works10/4/2012 8:44:12 AM

Pros: Price, Can be used for CPU

Cons: None

Overall Review: It's hard to find a replacement fan that can be used for CPU. Most of them have a 3 wires or Four Wires but for Power Supply.

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Good but could be better10/4/2012 8:40:47 AM

Pros: Good Price For 750W, Use Only wires that you need.

Cons: Good for Mid Tower but I have a Full Tower Case. Wires could be a little longer. Running them behind the panel (motherboard) worked on few wires Only. 8-pin EPS12V Connector for mother board was too short and 20+4-Pin Main Connector almost did not made it. And wires going to DVD Drives did not made it behind the panel. Had to run it on front.

Overall Review: So far I have no problem with this power supply it just how long will last. The only problem was running wires behind the panel did not worked for me a 100% with Full tower case (N82E16811108376) so it's not looking very clean inside.

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It could be better10/4/2012 8:28:19 AM

Pros: Price, A lot of Room, Fans are quite, Good Ventilation.

Cons: Not so good looking, Bottom Dust Tray will not come out After Putting the Power Supply. I had to Brake Two Tabs so I can slide under the Power Supply. Installing a Blu-Ray/DVD Drives You Have To remove front Panel. If you don't do it careful you will brake holding tabs. Blu-Ray/DVD Drives sit too far In the case. They could made better calculation for mounting Brackets so you could bring the drives closer to the front. Front Fan will not reach Mother board, Wires too short. I had to use Adapter and hook up to regular power supply, so it's at full speed. A Front Sound wires could be a little bit longer they just reached it. They could put another Fan on top is just couple bugs for them. I ordered two new once from Newegg because there was no yellow ones and I want them look the same (with Blue LED's) # N82E16835200049

Overall Review: Other then that I had no problems mounting the mother board. and drives and wire all together. For now 4 stars because of the Blu-Ray/DVD drives mountings other wise I would give them 5 Stars

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Keeps Loosing Connection6/14/2012 4:20:26 AM

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Keeps Loosing Connection. Any thing what I do like copy files, Burning DVD from Ext. HD and so on the device keeps reconnecting which crashes what ever I'm Doing. Change Back to original cable (3ft) and no problem. Connected back with this cable and problem started again.

Overall Review: The only thing that I order this cable is that I need one that is longer then 3ft. Returning back is not worth it because it will cost me as much as the cable it self...............

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you. We do provide a one year warranty from the date of purchase on your product, so feel free to get that exchanged for a brand new unit. Please contact Best Regards, Vantec
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Resetting it self3/26/2012 4:49:00 PM

Pros: None

Cons: Resetting it self. It happen to two modems.

Overall Review: The first one I was with Comcast fo two hours trying to put on the line but the modem was keeping resetting it self every 20-50 seconds. Exchange the modem and the second one was doing the same thing but with 1minuet to 5 minuets. will look for something else......

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Almost a year2/25/2011 4:41:11 AM

Pros: Work good and burn most of the media. Windows 7-64

Cons: Less then a year.

Overall Review: The drive worked good until death.

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Works Like it should10/8/2010 6:03:28 AM

Pros: N network, Price, Speed, No problem for what I purchased for.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I purchased this unit for for Argosy HV335T Mobile Video HDD Media Player and it works like it should no problem with the unit or connection.

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Good Drive10/8/2010 5:59:28 AM

Pros: Good Price at the time of my purchased. Good Size, Quite, Working Good.

Cons: None at this time

Overall Review: It is a drive as long keeps working the way it is now it is a good drive.

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Great Flash Drive.10/8/2010 5:56:17 AM

Pros: Size, Price, Speed

Cons: It should be formatted to NTFS from Start.

Overall Review: This drive is great. It is very fast I was getting a 19meg/s Write speed After my friend saw it he order it next day.

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Good Player10/8/2010 5:50:55 AM

Pros: Price, Plays most of the files, Good sound and Video. By installing a Hard drive you can use as portable Hard Drive Unit.

Cons: No LED to show if the unit is on or off. (The LED shows only Standby mode and it has to be turn on or off by Hand and not by remote) Using theirs latest Beta Upgrade. Does not play all the files like FLV. I have some FLV files that the player can't play but it will play same extension on some other files. Very poor Music Player. Only displays a File name and is not reading a File Tags so You can't see who is the artist or Album or what song it is, if your file name does not show this.

Overall Review: I purchased this unit because of the ability of using it as an external Hard drive. I put inside a 1 TB hard drive so I can put my Pictures and Home Videos on it as a backup. Plus I use it as my Music Player and I can put some movies and Clips to watch them on my TV. I'm using this unit with my computer over wire network. The Wi-Fi adapter that I purchased I don't use it even so it is a N network on it. Is still slow to transfer files over the network and like any other players with this type of adapters would not handle a HD Video (1080P). (It will play lower HD video like 720 or 480 and DVD's) So if you can see the LED would be nice to have so you can see if the unit is off or not when using with network. Some times I have to switch on the TV just to see it if is On or Off. Not a big deal to some of you, if you just using it to watch Video on TV. and not using this unit as a External Hard Drive like Me. Other then That it is a good unit and it could be better.

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Keeps Running9/13/2010 1:24:13 PM

Pros: Price, Quite 1T

Cons: None

Overall Review: Keeps running. I have computer on all the time with Picture screen-saver running all the time when to in use. Running Windows 7 Ultimate

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Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Best Thing For VoIP5/13/2010 7:51:39 AM

Pros: Good Looking, No More Bills, Works Great, Sound is Good.

Cons: Default Setting for Upstream on the box should be set to 0 and not what they have 375.

Overall Review: When I purchased this thing there was problem with voice on it. Every one was telling me that they can't hear me good I'm breaking up. From web I found out that Changing setting inside the box from 375 Upstream to 0 fixed that problem. Other then that there is no problem with it. Sound is good plus has good futures and no more monthly bills. I will recommended it to every one.

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One Of The Best Ones3/22/2010 1:13:29 PM

Pros: Printable, Price, Reliable.

Cons: None

Overall Review: So far I never had Problem with those DVD's. There could be couple coasters but because of other issues.

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It works9/24/2009 5:48:53 AM

Pros: It Works Just like it should

Cons: None

Overall Review: IT seems as a good drive.

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Is just the Ink9/24/2009 5:47:38 AM

Pros: Is the cheapest side to get the INK.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Good Price.

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