Great for ZFS6/25/2020 8:35:17 PM

Pros: Works LSI Logic controllers just work better than anything else on the market. Perform great, and work reliably.

Cons: - Can run a little hot. Make sure it has plenty of airflow - Unclear how you are supposed to use the top two ports in a half height system. (Luckily it was going in my 4U full height case) - Sometimes can be a little tricky to flash the firmware.

Overall Review: The above two sections say it all.

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Surprisingly good for the price6/27/2016 7:26:05 PM

Pros: - Good build quality - Sturdy - Roomy for Micro-ATX - Screwless fan mounting clip was a nice touch

Cons: - Odd drive mounting locations - Odd rear bracket retaining clip for PCIe expansion slots requires removing individual screws, then removing another screw and swiveling a door. - Included LED fan is VERY bright.

Overall Review: Perfect for a low cost system. Don't get me wrong. This is not by any means a high end case, but if you add up what you get you'll be amazed at how little you paid for it. This is why it gets 4 stars. Amazing bang for the buck.

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I'm surprised it has lasted this long...6/23/2016 8:03:06 PM

Pros: - Just keeps on going - cheap

Cons: - Slow for an SSD

Overall Review: I've had this SSD since 2011. First it served as the boot drive on a linux server for a couple of years. For the last few years it has been the boot drive in my Ubuntu Linux based HTPC with Kodi. Every other OCZ SSD I have ever owned (OCZ Agility, 128GB, OCZ Agility 2 128GB, OCZ Vertex 3 256GB, OCZ Vertex 4 256GB) has died within two years of purchase (I don't know why I kept going back) Would I guy it again? Probably not. This thing is likely some sort of statistical anomaly, and I fully expect it to go any minute (no way an OCZ drive - any OCZ drive - has actually lasted more than 5 years), but heck, this one has been a regular old faithful.

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Sleep States are broken6/18/2016 3:23:51 PM

Pros: It powers up and works just fine. <br><br>Surprisingly compact for a Micro-ATX board. Its only a TINY bit larger than a Mini-ITX board.<br><br>CPU fan auto speed control seems pretty good and configurable.

Cons: - Board does not have a USB3 header for case USB3 ports. Instead it only has two USB 2.0 headers.<br>- No fan control for case fans in BIOS.<br>- Board requires 4 pin ATX 12v power in order to boot, even on low power 35W "T" series chips which shouldn't really need it. The biggest problem is sleep states. If you care about the system going to sleep and saving power, don't get this board. If you leave ACPI settings on auto in BIOS, initiating suspend instead triggers a hibernate, which can not be woken via USB If you manually configure it, the best you can seem to get is an S1 state (not the typical S3 state, commonly referred to as "sleep") and in the S1 suspend state, the system actually uses MORE power than when left on, and idle.

Overall Review: Yellow color is an interesting choice. The RAM I had laying around for this build was red, which gives my build a little bit of a McDonalds look, but I guess that isn't the end of the world.<br><br>Overall I'm happy, it's a decent motherboard for a rather low cost. I liked this board at first, but I was forced to come back and edit my review and lower the eggs to two. For my purposes this board is useless if it can not enter a proper S3 sleep state. I probably will not buy Biostar again. All the other motherboards in the house from other brands enter S3 sleep state just fine.

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Manufacturer Response:
Sorry, Biostar motherboards that are version 7.x or 8.x does not support S3 function. In a price competitive market, S3 is removed to reduce the cost of the motherboard. If S3 is important for you, I may recommend that you find Biostar motherboards that have versions 1.x to 6.x. Thank You.
Decent cooling effectiveness for the price6/4/2016 9:51:47 PM

Pros: Cools well for a low price.

Cons: - Mounting ring, and handle use lots of space. Despite relatively small size of cooler compared to other tower style heatsinks, be aware that tall ram in close slots may be a problem, as can some board connectors (like 4 pin power) on some boards - Fan mount direction is fixed. You can't take the fan off and move it to the other side of the heatsink. - While fan is overall very quiet, there is a slight "whirring" sound. - While a 120mm fan on a 92mm cooler SOUNDS good, this HSF probably would ahve cooler more effectively with a regular 92mm fan. The funnel shaped fan shroud doesn't appear to be all that effective, resulting in the extra airflow not necessarily making it through the radiator. Still, my CPU is cool and I am happy.

Overall Review: The handle on the side of the HSF was interfering with my RAM, but since the fan can not be moved to the other side of the heatsink, turning the heatsink around resulted in it blowing the wrong way for proper air flow. I wound up taking a pair of pliers to the bent "pins" that hold the mounting brackets on on each side, and putting the one with the handle on the non handle side, and vice versa. The pins broke slightly in the process, but they still seem to be maintaining a good mount.

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I only wish I had a HDD Activity LED1/14/2016 9:54:29 AM

Pros: - Lightning Fast - Boots on my older x79 Motherboard due to having a boot ROM. (most don't)

Cons: - No HDD activity LED with my motherboard - Requires UEFI booting, which can be a REAL pain to convert if you already have a traditional non-UEFI windows install, and don't want to reinstall from scratch

Overall Review: I'm very very happy with the drive. It gets 5 eggs because of how it performs. I ALMOST took an egg off for how difficult it was to get working with my existing windows install, but I didn't because in the end, this goes for ALL PCIe and M.2 drives. There are many steps (google them, not allowed to link here) but the key is, install the latest Intel drivers for this SSD BEFORE installing the drive, while still booted off your old drive. Then do a fresh install of windows onto the new drive to create the EFI partitions, etc. (be sure to boot the install media in UEFI mode) After this, delete the main partition on the new drive, and replace by copying the partition over from your old drive (and expanding it to fill the empty space, if needed). It will still fail to boot, but now try an automated boot repair. This might work. If it doesn't, follow a guide to edit the EFI partition manually from a windows install disc booted in rescue mode. Finally you will have successfully converted an old school MBR style booted drive to a UEFI boot. Took a lot of trial and error for me to figure this out, during which I tore out some hairm but once done it is amazing. Only downside now is that there is no HD led activity from the motherboard. I found this annoying at first, as I am used to peeking at the LED to see if it is doing anything, but I've gotten used to it, and it doesn't bother me anymore. It DOES have it's own LED to make up for this, but it is located on the back of the drive at the bottom of the PCIe bracket, so it is impossible to see from the front during use. Would have been nice if Intel had provided a HD LED header, so I could connect the wire from my case to the SSD instead of the motherboard, and get LED activity, but no such luck. If this bothers you a lot, and you are good with a soldering iron you might be able to manually tap in to the connections where the on board LED is, but personally I find manual PCB soldering nearly impossible, and the risks of wrecking something too great, so I have never bothered.

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Seems great, but I can't use it7/20/2015 5:44:06 PM

Pros: -The build quality is exceptionally high -Panels have very nice sound deadening material -Tons of interior space for the size of the case -looks like cable routing would be excellent and easy to keep neat. -Plenty of fan mount and radiator space

Cons: No external 5.25" bays (though you probably knew that, if you are looking at this case.) Turns out my motherboard I am transplanting from a different case is a CEB form factor rather than ATX form factor. I bought it so long ago I didn't remember, and didn't think to check. This case supports ATX motherboard. While very spacious, in order to aid cable routing there is a ridge that pokes up beyond where normal ATX motherboards would end. This ridge interferes with the CEB form factor which is about an inch longer than a typical ATX motherboard.

Overall Review: Computer building veteran made a beginner mistake, and forgot to check one part of the size compatibility of the parts. Now I have a case I don't know what to do with. It really does look like a fantastic case, and I am very disappointed I won't be able to use it.

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7/18/2015 5:00:19 PM

Pros: 4.5 Toruble free years, with fantastic performance thus far, overclocked an i7-3930k to 5Ghz rock solid.

Cons: Some plastic parts not aging well. I am not rough with my hardware, but have found that the plastic is becoming brittle with age. Have broken two clips thus far, one on a RAM slot, and one on a PCIe slot. Both still work though!, I am keeping a close eye on if components start popping out.

Overall Review: I know that traditionally long term reliability (4+ years) has not been a major concern with enthusiast components, as they get swapped out more often anyway, but with the low rate of performance increases in CPU's these days (I have a CPU launched in late 2011, and see no reason to upgrade yet) some things, like how plastic parts age may need to be taken into consideration.

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Junk7/15/2015 11:28:57 AM

Pros: Looks very promising. Exactly what I wanted for my HTPC, in that it is small, has a keyboard and mouse control.

Cons: CONSTANT connectivity problems Runs through batteries at an alarmingly high rate Very fragile case. Cracked falling off coffee table onto hardwood floor.

Overall Review: Would not buy again, which is a pity, as the competitive options are either much larger and bulkier, or very very expensive. I have replaced this with a Logitech K400, which works perfectly, but is HUGE by comparison.

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Great power consumption, reliable, cool quiet.7/15/2015 11:24:36 AM

Pros: Quiet, cool and no problems at all. Platinum efficiency rating is great, especially for my server which runs 24/7

Cons: None thus far

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
Decent cheap cable tester7/15/2015 11:22:46 AM

Pros: It does a basic continuity test of ethernet cables, and it works. It comes with a nice little case. It has saved me lots of time in trouble shooting.

Cons: The on off switch never worked on mine, but luckily it seems stuck in the on position, so I just take the battery out when not using it. Too cheap to bother trying to return it or claim warranty.

Overall Review: keep in mind, this is NOT one of those fancy frequency/interference type cable testers. Those are very expensive. All this does is test if each wire is connected to the right lead on the other side of the cable.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Its a free game7/15/2015 11:18:51 AM

Pros: It's free.

Cons: It's not my kind of game. Have neither installed nor fired it up. I hear it is very buggy.

Overall Review: My point for writing this review is just to express that I would rather have the hardware cheaper, than indirectly pay for a game I never would have bought if not included for free. It's a $60 game. Next time can I please have my video card $60 cheaper, and let me choose my own game? :p (yes, yes, I know, Nvidia likely paid nowhere near retail for the privilege of giving this game out free, but still)

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980ti is fantastic, and ACX2.0+ is great7/15/2015 11:05:54 AM

Pros: - Quiet with normal fan profile, even at load. - By merely upping power limit, mine boosts to 1379Mhz, with no overclocking - Runs cool - If desired, spinning up the fans can make for even more cooling (at 100% they do get loud though, but that is expected) - Backplate included! - Looks great in my case (subjective)

Cons: None I can think of. Wish it had a higher max power rating, to enable easier overclocking, but that is a 980ti thing, not an EVGA thing.

Overall Review: I was really struck by how good two of these look in my case. I'm not usually a fan of case LED's, but the lit up logo on top looks great!

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Review Update 15 Months Later3/23/2015 4:57:48 PM

Pros: Stable board. Everything just works, both with Richland (and after BIOS flash) Kaveri CPU's, even now 15 months later.

Cons: No real ones. I would have preferred a BIOS option to disable WiFi and Bluetooth as I don't use them, but that is a small gripe. I don't see the need for WiFi on something that isn't going to move around, as wired Ethernet is so overwhelmingly superior. For the price I would have preferred to see them use higher quality Intel wired Ethernet chips, and anything non-Realtek for the sound, and instead just ditch the wireless, but that's just me.

Overall Review: I was shocked to find that this little board got so many bad reviews seeing that I have had nothing but good experiences with it, so I decided to write an updated review 15 months later. I can only assume that most of the issues reported here are user error. This board has been serving as my HTPC with daily use since 2013 with not as much as a hickup. It has been one of my better purchases over the years. Back when I originally got mine, it was before the Kaveri launch, so it did not have the BIOS to run Kaveri, but once Kaveri launched, I picked one up, flashed the BIOS and swapped it in. I assume that current boards are shipping with a Kaveri supporting bios.

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Cheap and White7/14/2014 11:19:55 AM

Pros: - Can't beat the price. - White case

Cons: - Case materials is very thin, and bends easily, especially around the expansion slots. - Case design makes install (and especially removal) of low profile expansion cards particularly difficult (exacerbating bending problem) - Expansion slot screw hole threads strip alarmingly easily. - The little fan and power supply are louder than I would like -Case is bigger than you'd think from looking at the pictures

Overall Review: OK, maybe two eggs is a little bit unfair, after all you get what you pay for, and I paid next to nothing for this case. All that being said, I think I'd spend a little more if I had to do it again. I bought this case for a cheap project for my parents house (which needed to be white) which fell through, and then I was stuck with it. Right now it is in my bedroom behind my little bedroom TV equipped with other leftover surplus hardware and serving as a mini bedroom HTPC. All the expansion slot covers are gone, and the one expansion card that is in there was loose until I tightened it with a zip tie, due to holes being stripped. I guess to sum it up, it can be very tempting looking at that price tag, but if it is going to see any real use, other than install once, close up and never modify again, I would probably just spend a little more...

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Nice compact case, great for HTPC12/11/2013 8:18:27 AM

Pros: Stylish, good price, and loads of space for a small mini-ITX case. 120mm fan in front, and what looks like enough space to mount a 120mm sealed water cooler!

Cons: Power and HD LED's are bright enough to blind you, if you use this as an HTPC to watch movies in a darkened room. They were so bright I could not focus on the TV. I had to take the front cover off and put 4 layers of window tint in there to make them output a reasonable amount of light. Requires a small form factor (SFX?) PSU. The only one available on Newegg is a 600+watt unit. Silverstone also ships these with 300 and 450 watt units pre-installed. If you buy one of these, or purchase the PSU separately part of the price advantage goes out the window.

Overall Review: Would be nice if they used lower light LED's Also, any case that uses a slim optical drive bay really should include a slim SATA adapter, which this one does not.

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These drives are the best for mass storage.10/16/2012 4:12:01 AM

Pros: Reliable, power efficient, and huge.

Cons: Work perfectly, unless you didn't do your research and try to use them on a system that doesn't support GPT. ON traditional systems 2GB is the max.

Overall Review: Too many bad reviews from people who don't understand how drives work, and aren't aware of the 2TB limits on their computers. These drives are great. I have two of these, 3 of the 2TB variety and one of the 1TB variety. No DOA's, no malfunctions, no problems ever.

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Disables IOMMU Support System Wide9/29/2012 1:02:20 PM

Pros: It works (I guess)

Cons: When plugged into a PCIe slot on my Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 motherboard, the system is no longer recognized as having IOMMU support by the OS, regardless of BIOS settings. I need IOMMU on this build, and as such, this card is useless to me.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear customer, By installing this card, IOMMU should not be disabled. What happened is not usual, please contact SYBA technical support team for futher help. Our technical support team is available to help 9am-5pm M-F. Feel free to contact us during those business hours at We are more than happy to provide all of our customers with a prompt exchange whenever a product becomes defective. SYBA offers an on-line RMA form, the user can easily fill out the form and submit it for a quick RMA return and exchange. It is SYBA's policy to answer all customer inquiries within 24 hours (M-F) Thank you for purchasing one of our products, and for leaving us your valuable feedback. We value all positive and negative feedback. Regards, SYBA CST 10082012
No PMP in Linux9/22/2012 5:09:35 PM

Pros: It seems to work well in windows.

Cons: No PMP under linux.

Overall Review: I got this card expressly for its PMP support under Linux, and I can't get it working no matter what I do.

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Man is this thing fast!7/31/2012 8:42:22 AM

Pros: Lightning fast. Fastest SSD I have ever used. Once firmware is updated to latest rev, faster than pretty much anything out there!

Cons: Older firmware has read speed issues. If you get one and are disappointed in the speed, update your firmware! (actually, updating your firmware is a good idea either way) Also, could be considered a little pricy.

Overall Review: Got this to replace my first gen OCZ Agility 120Gb. Windows Experience Index drive speed has gone from 6.8 with the old Agility to 7.9 (current Windows 7 max number)) I didn't think I'd notice a speed difference going from an SSD to an SSD, but this thingloads programs faster even than my old Agility, and that thing was amazingly fast compared to a traditional platter hard drive.

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7 Months Later: Update6/9/2012 11:31:51 AM

Pros: Still a great motherboard, and BIOS updates have addressed all of my original issues. (Guess that's the downside of being an early adopter)

Cons: The only con that remains, is one that I didn't notice at first. The board does not have a dedicated eSATA port on the back, so instead they include a sata to eSata adapter slot. It works well, but with one small exception. It does not seem to support proper hotplugging of eSATA devices, even with AHCI turned on.

Overall Review: Still a great board, would buy again. Too bad about the lack of eSATA hot plug support.

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I got a bad card.2/4/2012 3:37:21 PM

Pros: Great paperweight

Cons: DVI output results in blue "snow" like distortion and flashing blue lines up and down screen. Heatsink seems not attached properly to card or something. Idle temperatures are surprisingly high and fans loud, and it can't even pass stress testing at stock clocks without crashing.

Overall Review: Newegg has impeccable service as possible, and this is going back under RMA. This is the last straw for Gigabyte though. I'm never buying anything made by them again. I've had bad experiences with everything of theirs I've ever bought. (motherboards and video cards)

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Nice Touches all Around1/9/2012 8:59:25 AM

Pros: Stands out with its red coloring. Inside is painted just like outside. Everything is red. Good amount of space to work with. The fans keep things cool, and are pretty quiet. Cable routing options are plentiful helping keep it nice and neat. Included a thumb twister to assist in removing motherboard standoffs. Very nice touch!

Cons: 1.) Check inside the case before building. I had a bunch of loose screws kicking around that could have shorted something. 2.) In some places it looks like style won out over function. Example: The grill on the top to let hot air out is angled resulting in half the second fan slot in the top being partially blocked. It looks neat, but probably prevents some airflow. 3.) Front drive door can be tricky to open until you learn that you have to put pressure exactly on the little triangle 4.) The rubber protectors in the cable routing holes are a nice touch, but they come off awfully easily when pushing cables through. Would be nice if they were secured better. 5.) The front intake fan is positioned behind the bottom drive bay which is riveted in place (instead of the top one which is removable). This means you can't attach a Corsair H50/ or the like sealed water cooling unit to it, if you want to put it on the intake side.

Overall Review: While I filled up the cons section, they are minor complaints. Overall I am very happy with the case. The red styling is not what I would have chosen for myself, but this was a system built for my stepson, and he seems to love it.

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Modular PSU (Sortof)1/9/2012 8:53:57 AM

Pros: Seems to perform well, and be a solid PSU Modular (Sortof)

Cons: While modular, some connectors are hardwired to the PSU, including the 24pin motherboard connector and the 12v motherboard ATX connector. This in and of itself wouldn't be an issue, but there is also a third wire I don't know what it is for (not familliar with the plug) which is not modular, so despite getting a modular PSU, I have a loose unused wire taking up space in the case. Also, does not appear to have enough slots on the modular PSU for more than one video card. If you intend to go CFX or SLI, you may need to rely on 4 pin molex adapters.

Overall Review: Overall I'm happy with it. It's a lot of PSU for the money.

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Decent Ram1/9/2012 8:49:23 AM

Pros: Works just fine. No issues at all.

Cons: None yet.

Overall Review: Love corsair, as I know they are a company that stands behind their products.

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