Good netbook with a major problem.9/26/2011 5:05:44 PM

Pros: This netbook has plenty of hard drive space, processing power, and memory for anything you would need netbook for. The netbook runs very smooth even while playing video media files. This is a tiny little powerhouse that far exceeds any netbooks I have owned in the past. The webcam and microphone quality is exceptional. The keyboard is also nicest I have used on any laptop computer.

Cons: I have no problems at all with this netbook EXCEPT, and it is a big EXCEPT, that the touchpad is horribly broken. This is not an RMA issue but a manufacture design defect. The touchpad is meant to recognize finger movements, directional scrolling, multifinger zoom/rotate/scrolling which it does, SOMETIMES. The touchpad because if its defect gets stuck in either Mode A: You can use your finger to move the cursor and click OR Mode B: The cursor is inoperable and gets stuck zooming and scrolling. Let me tell you what, this is ANNOYING. You will be doing whatever it is your doing and then the touchpad goes haywire and you cannot reset it in anyway except for a computer reboot. This problem IS FIXIBLE by anyone with some practical skills. Please see other comments for the solution or email me personally at for detailed instructions. *Note, do not have to worry about this is you use an external mouse, simply disable the touchpad.

Overall Review: *This is NOT a driver issue. This happens with regular Windows and multiple versions of Synaptics drivers. *This is NOT a problem singular to any unit but rather a problem plaguing the entire model series. How to fix: You simple need a sharp knife; the more rigid the better as you will need this to pry open a panel on the computer. While the netbook is open, the aesthetic panel that surrounds the touchpad beneath the keyboard, is attached by clips all around the panel's edge. Carefully take your sharp knife and pry up the sides and top edge of the panel. Once they are up, you will have to slid/wiggle the panel up towards the keyboard--This may need some strength. Once the panel is up, there is one wire connecting the touchpad--there is no need to unplug it. Below where the touchpad would be, there is a raised metal prong with a silver/metallic looking pad glued to the metal. Simply remove this pad entirely and slide your panel back into place and snap in the corners.

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Great Bag - Quality9/8/2011 8:48:09 PM

Pros: Very Comfortable and adjustable, plenty of padding. Plenty of little areas to clip things on. Lots of compartments. Very rugged and durable. Cool, modern design. Stands erect when its loaded and the bottom flap is down inside the main compartment. I can fit my headphones, charging brick, and countless other PC peripherals into the bag not problem. Laptop compartment is very cushioned and padded to protect yor computer.

Cons: None for me personally; not everyone may share my same likes.

Overall Review: I have an MSI GX780-011US 17.3" laptop that is 16-7/8" wide. It fit into the bag fine and at first I thought the bag wouldn't zip but I was wrong. It actually zipped without a problem but I would not recommend this bag for anyone who has a laptop that measures GREATER THAN 17" wide. Also, the laptop compartment has a velcro strap to fasten the laptop into place. The strap is quality and is really strong however it will not be long enough for laptops whose width + depth > 18". My laptop's width is 16-7/8" and its depth is 2-1/8" which equals 19"---meaning the strap will not hold my laptop in place. I will also state that even though my laptop cannot be held in place by the strap, its size makes it so that it does not budge in the padded compartment.

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