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Big, Cheap, Slow

Kingston 128GB DataTraveler G4 USB 3.0 Flash Drive (DTIG4/128GB)
Kingston 128GB DataTraveler G4 USB 3.0 Flash Drive (DTIG4/128GB)

Pros: Large capacity and I got it on super-sale, so that's a plus. Overall, drives of this size for <= $30 is worthwhile, even despite the cons, and I think that using this as a basic solution for convenient mobile storage (especially at its sale price) is rewarding enough.

Cons: Depending on its usage, it can be really slow. I used it for a portable Windows build in attempts to overcome some Linux software issues and man, it's barely usable for that purpose (even in USB3 slots). Also, when attempting to install/configure/load a Windows VHD. this thing runs hot. Like, hot hot. I've run large-scale workstations with 15.5K SAS drives and have never had one run as hot as this flash drive runs. Pretty crazy to think about, actually. It's bulky, but that's to be expected at this size. The plastic casing feels cheap; this is what I expected but it may be a con to others.

Overall Review: Overall, I'm the type of person to attempt reasonable solutions to tech needs as frugally as possible, and rather than re-invest in yet another SSD plus a better laptop than I currently have to get a Windows VM to play nicely with my Linux build, I decided to attempt to make this cheap flash drive work with my cheap laptop as a solution. For me, the attempt was unsuccessful and now I'm left looking for something better. I'm giving this product 4 stars because it's not the product's fault that my expectation of it (in conjunction with the environment I gave it) led to my expectations going unmet. Indeed, this product is ridiculously cheap, comes with an absurd amount of flash storage, and functions just fine as a USB data storage solution. For those who are attempting to use it for a portable Windows solution, I would suggest seeking out a flash drive which has better advertised read/write speeds, even if it's not one of the "certified Microsoft" drives. Even so, it's a great flash drive, and I consider myself lucky that "failing" to achieve my original intended outcome led to something as fortunate as having a solid backup drive for big file hauls, etc. We should all be so lucky.

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Pros and cons

Lenovo Laptop Intel Core i5 5th Gen 5200U (2.20GHz) 6GB Memory 500GB HDD Intel HD Graphics 5500 15.6" Windows 8.1 G50-80 (80E501U3US)
Lenovo Laptop Intel Core i5 5th Gen 5200U (2.20GHz) 6GB Memory 500GB HDD Intel HD Graphics 5500 15.6" Windows 8.1 G50-80 (80E501U3US)

Pros: The price, for one. I got this for $389 from Newegg and for the price, it's pretty solid. Very upgradable and requires very little work to do so. I was able to put 16gigs DDR3 + a Samsung SSD in this thing out of the box and it took about two minutes. The upgraded version runs Linux Mint blazingly fast, and even before upgrade, my one-time bootup of Win10 wasn't _terribly_ slow. Graphics ability is good. Even though it isn't a dedicated card, HD5500 doesn't slow down even a little on playback, etc. Very decent. Comes with a DVD drive, which is a rarity these days. Screen brightness is okay compared to my (2010-era) laptop. It's tremendously light. It's not an ultrabook, obviously, so the lightness is because of cheaply-made plastic yuckyness (see cons below). Even so, it's light.

Cons: There are tons of cons about this machine that started rearing their heads once it was no longer returnable. I typically ignore "usual cons" (screen resolution, slow HDD...) on machines that are this cheap but these are "beyond low-quality". The biggest problem is the extremely flimsy, low-quality case. I expected super-flimsy for the price and even I was surprised at how cheap it felt. That alone would have been fine, but a few months later, the internal plastic that holds the screen mount screws into place broke off completely. Picture this: There was no way to put the two back case screws in because of the break, so every time I opened/closed the screen, the back of the case would separate so that the guts of the machine were exposed. After taking it apart and inspecting, I realized I had to buy a new bottom case cover + wristpad. Got 'em used on a popular online auction site for ~$50 and after totally rebuilding the thing + spending $40, got it back to functioning fine. Then, the flimsy membrane keyboard broke; a key fell out randomly. Another trip to the auction site, another $20 and it works fine. It was a cheap fix that took a bit of time, and if you're not hardware savvy, it may have been a bummer. I didn't mind too much. Now, it's starting shocking me whenever I lift it by the front right of the case (earphone jack area). I'd say that I get a small electric jolt ~50% of the time I lift it there. I'm not too thrilled about that. The trackpad randomly stops working and it only starts working again when I stop using it and (seriously...) blow on it, so it's as if there's dust there but there's not. Also, since I changed the palm rest, this is an entirely new trackpad and still, the problem persists. I'm assuming it's some sort of electrical issue. Other small things: * Randomly runs hot, even when idling * Doesn't behave well with Linux hibernate functionality. * Wifi is about 50% slower than that of a ~700 Acer. To be expected, I guess, and given that Lenovo blacklists nearly every Wifi card on the market, not one that's worth fixing for me personally. FWIW: It's still very capable. I get ~50Mbps (on connections where the Acer gets ~110-120), so quickness is still there. * The key layout is weird. The F4 key closes the open screen and the F6 key locks your trackpad so if you do dev work and use F5 to refresh a lot (like I do), it'll drive you mad. I ended up having to use xmodmap to completely unprogram both F4 and F6. * Speakers are moderately loud but have almost no bass. * A full battery charge lasts ~90 minutes on full brightness, doing average tasks. I've squeaked ~4 hours out if it's super-dim but don't expect more than that.

Overall Review: I've mentioned this before in other reviews but: I tend to prefer solutions that are cheap. For me, buying a machine + maxing out its upgrades for < $550 was important, so for people like me (for whom the performance + price point outweigh the inevitable mishaps and lost time for fixes later), I'd recommend it. Knowing what I know now, I'd likely have spent $100ish more to get a better-made machine with approximately the same performance. All in all: It's a capable machine at a good price. I'd have given it 4 eggs if not for the electric shock, but I can't it good conscience give 80% to a machine that could ostensibly kill a person on a pacemaker, etc.

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To say that this was the worst experience of my life would be crediting this seller more than they deserve

I've often seen customers say they'd give 0 eggs if possible but I've never had the urge to say that myself. Now is just such a time. I'm writing this review on 10/19. I bought an item on 9/11. At no point over the last 5 weeks have I experienced anything besides dishonesty and incompetence from this company. The run-down: * I purchased on 9/11 and paid $30 extra for one-day shipping. * On 9/11, I got an email saying the item I purchased was unavailable and asking me how to proceed. I requested a refund and was told (on 9/11) "Your request for a refund has been approved and will be scheduled today." * Having been unable to purchase my desired item, I went elsewhere and purchased (also on 9/11). * On 9/15, I received tracking information from THIS SELLER for the item I'd ordered. I emailed saying that I no longer wanted/needed the item and that I'd been assured a full refund. The seller said, "The order in newegg was not cancelled we fill all our orders." * I called customer service on 9/15 to inquire about the complete idiocy of the situation. I was told that I had two options: Keep the item I no longer needed or return the item and pay a 20% restocking fee + return shipping/return insurance. They said there was nothing I could do before the item arrived. * The item arrived on 9/19, despite paying $30 for one-day shipping _and_ despite canceling my order. The item itself seemed to be of questionable quality: The sunglasses creaked a lot when the arms were folded open/closed, and in general, they were of much lesser quality than the equivalent item I purchased directly from the manufacturer (Ray Ban). At this point, I opened a Newegg complaint because I refused to be out $50+ to return an item I never should have received. * Between the dates of 9/20 and 9/29, Newegg and I exchanged ~20 emails with OpticsFast. After threatening to open a PayPal claim to ensure I got a full refund, OpticsFast customer service agreed to let me RMA the item for a full refund _minus_ the price of return shipping. * I sent the item back to OpticsFast on 9/29 with shipping confirmation. The item arrived at the seller's address on 10/4. * On 10/6, I contacted OpticsFast to find out the status of my return. I was told first by their customer service rep (Becky S, in case you ever have to deal with the person) that I may have sent it to the wrong address (despite my having copied/pasted the address Becky herself had given me onto the shipping paperwork); later, I was told that the item was "probably" at the warehouse, that Becky wasn't sure because she hadn't visited the warehouse yet, and that "Once I go there and get the item we will refund." * On 10/9, I contacted Newegg with the fact that no refund had been issued and included all this data. Newegg tried to make email contact with the seller on 10/14, 10/18, and 10/19 without success. * On 10/19, Newegg called the seller on my behalf. I'm not sure precisely what they were told - only that the Newegg supervisor said "ok there was n/a," as told to me by the Newegg rep - but it appears that Newegg itself is finally going to issue me a refund, somewhere between the dates of 10/24 and 10/26. To summarize: if you're in the market for sunglasses, I would encourage you to go elsewhere. By the time my money is retuned to me, it will have taken approximately 40 days, constant reaching out by both Newegg and me, and an overall level of stress and frustration that's completely idiotic, even by the most relaxed standards. To say that I've never had such an experience would be a total understatement, and the fact that this entity can consider themselves a business is absolutely absurd. tl;dr: 0/10. Would not recommend. Users who like this company also like: The Holocaust, dead babies, kicking newborn puppies and kittens, and barbed wire backdoor penetration.

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