Ok case but..........4/12/2021 7:55:21 AM

Pros: Small and lightColor is niceLED is bright on the front

Cons: The inside isn't actually to be used as a gaming build as they state. There isnt a lot of room to add good parts. Only one fan and was DOA Cheap partsThe case is not sturdy (bends easy)Cant fit a full-size PSUJust enough room for a atx mobo (will have to squeeze the mobo in)No extra risers for the MOBO2 of the 3 front panel USB ports also DOABAD CUSTOMER SERVICE

Overall Review: Ok, so I decided to go with this case as it was for my wife and she doesn't really game but figured that she wanted me to build her a unit. We decided what to put into it and what case she wanted. I measured the inside with the components that were going in it and everything should be good. I was wrong as when the build started I realized the CPU cooler that we picked out (a tower-style) was not going to fit in it without modding the case. I decided to mod the case because i have not so on so many occasions. So I did and the and the tower sit in there fine. They also stated that it will fit a atx board. it does barely with no room for error. IT also did not come with any extra risers and I needed 3 risers to fit the atx. Power Supply Bay is mad small. I was not able to fit a standard PSU in it. Had to again mod the case by cutting out the HDD holders to fit it along with the height was too short as well. With all the extra time and modding of the case, I was able to get everything together or so I thought. When I put on the side panel after some cable management the side panel is not all that deep to fit many wires behind it. Was able to again mod the side panel to make it work. Then i put on the glass siding and again it did not want to go on because of the CPU cooler tower. I double-checked the specs that were listed with my measurements and found out the measurements are not right at all. they are about an inch off the width and about an inch and a half from the height. I also contacted customer support as I also realized 2 of the 3 front panel USB ports are DOA and so was the rear fan (only fan in the case) was DOA. There is no phone support unless you want to call China (International calling) and speak to someone there or sent them an email. It was a joke as they responded to my email like I didn't know what I was doing. After an argument with them over email they then asked for pictures of the damaged items. After I sent them to the company they then turned around and stated that the photos I sent were not originally built with them as they're not their parts. so I went and replaced everything I had to just get everything working on this case.If you want to save a lot of time and hassle DO NOT GET THIS TOWER. It was a waste of money on my end.

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Poor all around. Spend more and get better5/7/2018 5:28:42 PM

Pros: Not much to say. I have had issues since i bought them a year and a half ago.

Cons: My first set showed up DOA. I was able to get them replacement threw GeIL but I had to pay to ship it back to them. A bit later i got the replacement and all seems well. A few months has passed and one stick went dead. Got the stick replaced (again i had to pay to replace it). Now less then a year later both sticks went bad. Contacted support and again i have to pay to return faulty items to them.

Overall Review: Customer support is a joke. You call them up and they tell you to email them instead. Cant speak English all that well either. If your lucky and are able to get a set that is working then congrats. If you want my opinion I would just go and spend 100 more and get a pair of CORSAIR Dominator Platinum chips. I have yet had an issue with them for using them in another build for 2 years now.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Joshua, thank you for purchased GeIL Memory and we really sorry about this issue happen on you. The best we can do is provide new DRAM and will make sure everything will going well. We will improve our customer services in future, however in terms to provide RMA services we need you to provide all information including the phisical DRAM and your shipping information and Email will be the best to avoid wrong information. thank you again for chossing GeIL Memory GeIL Memory