Slow and buggy12/7/2014 12:13:13 PM

Pros: Cheap

Cons: Doesn't come out of sleep properly. I have to disable/re-enable the device (WIndows 8.1). It occasionally won't connect at all, and I either have to disable/re-enable or restart my computer entirely. I often get "Error code 43". The manufacturer offered no help aside from suggesting the latest drivers, which I already have. When it does connect to my AC network, the speed fluctuates from 50-75 Mbps. Other devices on the network have no problems getting speeds above 150 Mbps.

Overall Review: The cost of this device is low enough that it's too much of a hassle to return it. I'll avoid Intel cards in the future and live with this one until I find a suitable replacement.

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Slow writes12/7/2014 12:09:46 PM

Pros: Good price for such a large capacity. A small form factor that doesn't block adjacent USB ports. The read speeds are great, it sustains 80+ MB/s without too much trouble.

Cons: This drive writes S-L-O-W. I often don't get more than 5 MB/s out of a sustained write (one big file). Furthermore, in the process of writing, it gets very hot as well. I fear it will shorten the life of the drive.

Overall Review: This drive is decent if you want to store a lot of data and you don't need to write quickly. I knew that this would likely be the case when the vendor failed to give any specs on read/write. I will definitely not buy drives from Patriot (or others) again if they don't give read/write speeds.

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Great product1/15/2013 1:29:12 PM

Pros: This product has exceeded my expectations. It is a perfect solution to getting another display to carry around with you so you can have dual displays with your laptop.

Cons: It could be a thinner. It seems the shape of the casing wastes a lot of space. Also, it could come with a cover like the Lenovo version does.

Overall Review: Keep in mind how this device works. It utilizes the CPU to drive the display. If you're running on an older machine, or a netbook, you may not get the results you are after.

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Great... while it works11/24/2009 9:12:46 AM

Pros: Very compact drive, nice price, very sleek looking.

Cons: Comes with TERRIBLE pre-installed software (you can remove it, but you have to use the software to do it...) I've owned this device for about 2 months, and it was working fine until this morning it stopped working out of the blue. It suffered no damage or anything out of the usual, but it just stopped working.

Overall Review: I thought I'd give IOCELL a try, and I'm glad i did it with something that only cost me $10 before trying it with something more expensive. I won't buy again. Also, I am not interested in a "We are deeply sorry" response from their customer service rep that scours Newegg for bad reviews. If you want a better review, offer a free replacement, or make a longer lasting product.

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My HTPC Case9/22/2009 12:26:25 PM

Pros: I decided to use this case for my HTPC / File server. It was the most reasonably priced case with a PSU and more than 4 internal drive bays. This thing runs a 65W CPU, 4 HD's, a Bluray Drive, and a Radeon 9600 GSO without any trouble. If you want to use this case for something bigger though, you probably should get the one without a built in PSU and get one separately.

Cons: Certain parts of the construction seem a little weak (like the internal drive bays) but that's to be expected. The PSU cables aren't quite long enough to reach some things, and I had to use splitters to power all my drivers and graphics card. Then again, this is a cheap PSU that was included with the case so you can't expect too much (but it still does the job)

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2 Cores of goodness9/22/2009 12:20:59 PM

Pros: I used this in my HTPC and it has worked great. I have not O.C'ed this little guy but haven't felt the need to yet. I was surprised buy the stock cooler, I've heard terrible things about the ones provided with Intel chips so I've always bought an aftermarket. To save money on this build I decided to use the stock cooler and see how it did. It is very low profile and keeps the PC idling at 32° C.

Cons: Took a little fiddling with the stock cooler to get it on the mobo securely, but this is typical for all stock coolers or coolers that use the silly plastic turn pegs.

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Works fine, but be wary of heatsink9/22/2009 12:15:41 PM

Pros: This memory seems to work fine. Was accepted by my mobo at full speed no problem. haven't done any O.C'ing.

Cons: Had to knock off an egg and write a review so people would know. The heat sinks are too long! I managed to get it into the slots, but the heat sinks are TOUCHING the plastic slots on the motherboard. I eventually got it to snap in to place, but was worried it wasn't going to fit.

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Great for HTPC9/22/2009 12:07:22 PM

Pros: The heatsink / fan on this card are very sturdy. The card performs well and has good support in Linux. I had to RMA this cards competitor because of its poor HDMI Audio support in Linux. The sound device is not onboard this card, it uses an SPDIF passthrough, but since most mobo's come with a built in soundcard, or you can pick up a cheap one for $15, this card is well worth it.

Cons: Had to use a power connector, not really a con, but I was hoping to avoid this since my HTPC is on a limited PSU.

Overall Review: At first I couldn't get the sound working because my mobo has a 3 pin SPDIF out connector instead of a 4 pin like the second end supplied on the cable supplied with this card. After looking at it, I realized that I could just use the 4 pin end (lining up the wire colors properly) on the graphics card, and the 2 pin on the motherboard (avoiding the 5v VCC pin! THIS WILL KILL YOUR CARD IF YOU CONNECT IT WRONG! Read the mobo specs for the pinout).

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Works?9/14/2009 3:05:10 PM

Pros: The physical form factor of this card is awesome. No power needed, it can use 2 external slots in a narrow form factor case or you can attach the full sized bracket and put it in one slot in a regular case. The video seemed to work well but I didn't test this extensively

Cons: I bought this card to make an HTPC with Ubuntu. However, it appears that the video on this card is supported by linux, but NOT the audio. Only up to the R600 audio chipset is supported, and this one is an R7xx. If it weren't for the title saying this card supports audio, I would give this thing 5 stars.I talked to support and they say they might change the title

Overall Review: If i were building a slim case machine or even just getting this card for gaming I probably would have been very happy and easily given this thing 5 stars.

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Great Product8/13/2009 10:24:48 PM

Pros: Just got this after fast shipping from newegg. It does everything it says it will. Shows pictures with great clarity, interface is smooth and snappy. LOTS of settings. Set a time for it to turn on, and turn off. Make it into a clock (that shows pictures) Or a calendar (that shows pictures) or just show picture. I didn't see it in the specs (maybe I wasn't looking close enough) but this thing can also accept a USB device in addition to the card reader and internal memory. You can copy pictures from one device to another, or just plain delete them. It also has glass in front of the LCD so I believe you could safely clean it with a regular glass cleaner.

Cons: The only gripe I have thus far is that the file manipulation can be a bit unwieldy. There's no way to select a bunch of files and copy / delete them. File manipulation is better done on the computer, but it's hardly a con since thing is only meant to show pictures. Also, price... why do things have to cost money? ;)

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Great Media Great Price8/13/2009 10:11:08 PM

Pros: Tested one, and it burned 48x no problems. 48x because that's my drive's limit. Ridata products always work well for me.

Cons: None

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Does the job, fragile though4/21/2009 4:13:13 PM

Pros: I originally bought this device because my laptop's internal card was being flaky. This one connected and stayed connected for a week with no problems. Great performance

Cons: At the end of the week, the card broke. It is very fragile in terms of external cards. It is a bulky-thin walled plastic case with plenty of room for the card to move around inside. As mentioned, this card went into a laptop which is prone to getting bumped around, and occasionally tweaked a little bit. At the 5 day mark I could feel the USB connector getting loose and I could feel the board moving inside. I tried to be careful but at the 7 day mark it was dead for good. I opened it up and a few of the connections from the USB connector to the board had come loose.

Overall Review: I thought about giving three stars due to the fragility of the product. But I left it at 4 because it worked great while it lasted. In the past i've had good luck with Rosewill products (and will continue to buy), but it seems that they cheaped out on the design of the case. I've had other usb devices that break the port of the laptop they're in from getting dropped and the usb device still worked. Seeing as this is a USB wireless card, I can only imagine a lot of people use them for laptops. In the future, perhaps Rosewill will make their mobile products a little more sturdy (and compact!).

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Slooooow3/28/2008 12:49:05 PM

Pros: High capacity, low price, sleek & slim design.

Cons: This thing is the slowest thumb drive i've ever owned. I'm even testing it right now and it's taken 30 mins so far and shows 90 remaining for copying 70mb. Also, cap doesn't have a good way of attaching, i'm sure it'll get lost.

Overall Review: Maybe i just got a bad one, but i won't be buying one from Patriot again. Makes me happy that I've stayed away from their RAM as well.

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Get it9/12/2007 5:15:08 PM

Pros: This monitor came with ZERO dead pixels, was easy to install, and is very well priced! It produces a nice clear picture with insane brightness! When I plugged it in next to my laptop's LCD screen I had to check the brightness on it to make sure it was all the way up... and it was.

Cons: That i didn't buy it sooner. And the comments about slight light bleeding in from the top is correct but not noticeable except for certain circumstances.

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