"it just works"2/12/2019 2:00:00 PM

Pros: 3840x1600 killer card. Even in games that are not well optimized at all, this card still delivers acceptable performance. Mainly got this card to review it and for cities skylines with heavy mods. My vega 64 LQ was able to play 3840x1600 + 150% Super Sampling, Granted it was lower fps around 26 it looked good and was 100% playable. (26fps was at its worse zoom level) Gpuz reported 13GB vram usage and it did have some slight hiccups while moving at times not too bad tho. With this card i can run +200% SS and get 40fps (at the same worse scaling zoom) and have zero hiccup or stutters its just silky smooth now. This is with a city of 170k people and all tiles unlocked 500+ assets with extra shaders and lighting effects mods. Atlas is now playable on ultra settings at 3840x1600. Atlas is basically ark with new skin, and the fps is not good at that resolution, 1440p would be much better, but i can play it with resolution scale back a little bit and all is well mid 30's and feels very nice. Pretty certain that game is a worst case scenario.(by a landslide lol) All in all i would say this card is about 30% faster than my vega64LQ running at 1750-1800mhz core and 1050hbm. So not huge but 16gb is nice for mods and 1TB/s aint too bad either :)

Cons: This card should have been a liquid cooler at 750$ usd, they should have made a slightly slower card at 700$ with the same cooler. That way you would have more overclocking headroom and it would have been received by the media better. And really only would have been about 3% slower. And the liquid would have make it a down right 2080 killer on average.

Overall Review: Putting a cheap water block on this card should get temps down by a good 35c on a custom loop, should easy do 2000mhz possibly 2050-2100. Do wish they would have optimized it more for games sure. But it is what is. and its good enough for AMD until they can get out of debt. No clue how loud it gets as my pc is a nuclear reactor with a 7980xe @5.0ghz. And i can safely say my other fans are much louder lol. I am happy with the card as i wanted the extra vram and it works well for my resolution.

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APEX the pinnacle of overclocking board!3/4/2018 8:32:40 AM

Pros: It works (sort of) overclocking is easy bios has a lot of options and has good fan control even if it is a bit clunky. Have my i9 7980XE @ 4.8ghz on all 18cores. With no delid and only h100i for cooling. 32GB 4000mhz 16,16,16, feels really really good.

Cons: USB ports are flaky. they all seem to work well with keyboards and mice, but not so good with my capture cards. infact only one port will work with them. The type A port next to the usb c port is the only port that has proper signal. Allowing my capture cards to work proper! The other ports seem to work OK for the most part but i have had some USB flash drives get corrupted when using other ports! I have tested with no overclock and the board seems to be have the same.

Overall Review: I have had issues with other recent intel boards as well with usb ports. how ever so far the 2 amd systems i have seem to work great on all usb ports. I do not know how many others are having issues but i know of at least 2 others that have capture card issues on there intel based systems. \o/ My old x79 intel system works great as well all usb ports work with capture cards. sooo for what its worth there you go i shared my experience.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Chris, Thank you for taking your time in writing this review, we value your feedback. It is unfortunate that you are having issues with your USB ports. Is your BIOS up to date? Also, have you tried updating your USB drivers? Let me know if this helps. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact me at cl-justin@asus.com, or to speak to an ASUS live support agent 24/7 at http://bit.ly/AsusLiveChat. I'm here to assist our customers with our products and dedicated in bringing a resolution to all issues that they may come across. Your case for reference is N180374981 Thanks for choosing ASUS Regards, Justin ASUS Customer Loyalty
Easy to buy knowing WD reliability on there consumer drives!11/30/2016 11:42:28 PM

Pros: s/n is marked on back of drive so you can locate bad drive off storage manager! They look really nice on your desk as a paper weight.

Cons: 1 of 6 DOA second one never worked proper (no errors) and died 2 weeks later, 3rd disk would not show fault but could not be used in array without missing files (unable to copy) files were usable just not copyable. Finally 3 years later it showed errors and can now find the bad drive. All drives worked fine on there own so was hard to tell what drive was bad.

Overall Review: I should have just sent them all back right away i paid 400$ each and really have not been able to make proper use of them. Shame this drive is the first out of many (32) or so drives that never had a issue other than being old and small :) I guess stick to the normal black drives, even the green drives have been ok to me.

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Dont buy if you liked your RAT77/4/2013 1:33:27 PM

Pros: Look cool, Has a ton of promise over the RAT7 I own.

Cons: Zero quality. First two I got had major scroll wheel drag, Third one drag was tolerable and now only a few months of casual use less than 4 hrs/day. The scroll wheel will now scroll up at random on its own or even when your scrolling down... Combine with the left and right click buttons going out for everyone (as did my rat7) in less than a year. Its just not worth owning.

Overall Review: Hard to believe i still have my old ps/2 mouse i used to play StarCraft Broodwar on and it still works fine.... used that mouse every day all day for 3 years all the clicks still work..... Simply put madcats is selling a mouse that is about 15$ in actual value and charging you over 100$ Shame on you madcats good luck to you tho i'm sure your company will continue to grow and prosper lol.

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DOA1/13/2013 10:37:53 AM

Pros: DOA

Cons: cant remember the last time i got a DOA motherboard, let alone a 600$ motherboard Oh that's right never haha! jokes on me!

Overall Review: Package was received in perfect condition tested on multiple power supplies. tested out of case on table with only CPU installed. Hit power button only to have it blink on and imminently power off then back on and so on. This indicate board is DOA from electro static discharge or was defective from mfg. I would think Asrock would test a $600 board before shipping. With that said maybe they should start using a antistatic bag like 99% of all the other motherboards come in....(idk just thought it was odd that this one has no antistatic bag.) I am no expert but have built enough computers in the last 14 years to know how to handle a mother board.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear AsRock Customer We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Please trouble shooting the mainboard for below steps with known good components; Remove the mainboard from inside computer to outside. Place the mainboard on empty mainboard box Clear the CMOS Check the mainboard’s CPU socket pins should not be bent Reseat the CPU with heatsink fan as well if socket pins are normal Test with 1 memory module Video card with 6+6 power (if applied) Power supply with connecting 24 pins + 8 or 4 pins ATX power to the mainboard Plug the computer case’s power switch to mainboard's front panel power header and try again If you have any technical questions please contact us at http://www.asrock.com/support/tsd.asp. We can assist you shortly. Thank you AsRock SUPPORT Tech Support Email: user@asrockamerica.com
Dead8/9/2012 12:55:21 PM

Pros: all 3 chips worked when i installed. runs stable on my x58 1600 9,9,9,27 t2

Cons: one died after very little run time they all have active cooling and were set to 1.65v

Overall Review: never had a memory chip die on me ever. even with extreme voltage chips would degrade but never just up and die so i guess i just got a bad one.

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$150?11/17/2011 8:44:37 AM

Pros: only had 2 fall doa out of 6 drives. fast. cheap $50 on sale, normally $65

Cons: $150!!! What the %$@# NEWEGG.... this make me a very sad egg i will be shopping elsewere today.

Overall Review: I dont understand what makes big companys think they have the right to charge what ever they like for products there is no reason to increase prices like this.

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Pros: Sturdy construction every thing looks to be good quality feels pretty good (until you slide the cages in and out metal on metal rough feeling). Overall really a nice piece for the money.

Cons: They dont work bought 2 both had same issue internal connector is well not position correctly and there is no adjustment so i got 2 idential paper weights only way would be to mod the case so the back sits a bit deeper for the sata ports to connect fully i looked at doing this but honestly looks like alot of work to make function properly. I wish i would have known this is a issue be for i purchased and buying 2 both acting the exact same on all 4 of the bays either the C300 SSD's i have are not made to the same size or the ICY DOCK is not made correctly. worst part is its so close it looks like it will work but drives will drop randomly took along time to figure out why i was always having issues...

Overall Review: I disassembled the fan & sata assembly and just use the dock for a holding station for my 4 SSD's they are very much NOT "HOT SWAPPABLE" now but at least my drives work great now. Really a pain there has to be something better out there w/e i got it to function and wont be buying them again.

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meh9/26/2011 1:07:18 AM

Pros: looks good, maybe a little above average for the 250$ price range that i got these two for.

Cons: both have one "dead" pixel both have a bright red dot. This day that is completely unacceptable in my honest opinion I'm sure they have hardware in place to scan for dead pixels why not make good use of it.

Overall Review: For 250 bucks I picked up a couple for the rents. Low pixel pitch to help my parents to see with out squinting quite as much really good picture maybe a little cheap feeling for a "400$" monitor but for price i payed its OK.

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ya..7/13/2011 11:50:30 AM

Pros: plays games as good as a single580. hit 904,1808,1100mem for a few min under chilled water b4 one of the vrm's poped... its better than my 3 280's well maybe... depends on the game basically more vmem makes them better next time around i will be either getting ati 2gb or the 3gb version of 580.

Cons: Advertised as a overclocker video card and is so easly blown up that any voltage adjustment can and will blow your vrm's i bought 2 of these and both are now dead first one died underwater @ 1.00v and second one died under .9375v oh and melted the board filled the room with smoke and will likely not be able to get replaced via asus.

Overall Review: asked asus tech support if they could exchange for a 6990 they will not nor will they let me talk to any who could. but i know other companies that would exchange for equal value products. the only reason i would even ask is because this card is sold and marketed as a over volt / clock friendly card witch it is not. I would not recommend overclocking this card as it will not clock very high even under water (38c under load) with out voltage, and the card will lockup at even the slightest thought of showing a artifact lol.

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3/3/2011 2:43:01 AM

Pros: looks like a great gaming pad for my new RAT

Cons: new item, out of stock, no reviews... found it cheaper else were. oh + free shipping...

Overall Review: how many of these did they get in 5? lol just sayin would have thought if they had a real shipment someone would have comment on there purchase. $6 for a flat envelope shipping charge. thx newegg i love shopping else were... no not really.

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2 thumbs up!11/30/2008 1:31:34 PM

Pros: they all worked! ordered 4 all work and are compleatly perfect! at full speed they are a little loud not terribly but if you want a silent case you need to slow them down a bit i run them at about 50% and you cant hear them. they move a good amount of air and the motors are silent!

Cons: none!

Overall Review: low power draw so you dont have to worrie about burning out your fan controler :)

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Awsome!11/30/2008 1:27:31 PM

Pros: 0 dead pixels yay :) 2560x1600 great color great response time (very very little ghosting if any!) has a usb hub in it! stand is solid height adjustment is primiative but works well 1200$ a bit high but not really for the great quality of the product

Cons: it warms your face lol if you can call that a con lol only one thing that is truly bad and its not the monitors fault! running a desktop with 4billion pixels take a massive amout of processing power! ie watching movies on hulu or any other flash player content! running a corei7 965 @ 4.2GHz takes care of that fine. games... well i have 3 280gtx o/c'ed 729/1458/1242 only trouble is with this kind of resolution you need more than 1gb of video memory for AA so depending on the game you wont beable to run max setting and get smooth game play even if your geting good FPS i'm sorry it just aint happining.

Overall Review: maybe 2009 they will have more memory on the GPU's and i can run crysis at very high @ 2560x1600 untill then i'll have to live with 1900x1200 max setting (no AA, 2x is do able but not needed 4xAA starts to give small chops due to the 1GB memory buffer :( ) @ 60-80 FPS XD most other games play great 2560x1600 as long as you dont go over 4xAA depending on the game i hope this review helped :) That being said you will absolutly love this monitor!

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Works Good!11/30/2008 1:15:29 PM

Pros: it can handle my system! yay :D Comes with a printed test sheet showing what your PS did! wish all companys would take the time to do such!

Cons: its noisy! :( not teribly loud just have to turn up the speakers a bit if your looking for a quiet system then you wont like this PS.

Overall Review: worth every penny! Customer service is real people that are into computers! that speak english! zomg! I actualy got excited to talk to them.... any who i cant remmber when i talk to a company that felt so close to home.

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Great Product!11/30/2008 1:11:23 PM

Pros: I own 3 all of them O/C very well 758/1512/1260 on air as long as its cold in your house :P 729/1458/1250 on air 100% stable under full load as long as i keep the fan's set to 100% only con is thats kinda loud so i put them on water :P

Cons: none

Overall Review: you need at the very least a 1200w ps for 3 of these i have seen 1038w at the wall!!!! thats over 1200w DC i used a pc power and cooling 1200 comes with a spec sheet showing what it can run! trust me dont fail your self on a quality ps when running this kind of a system!

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Keep Dreaming!11/30/2008 1:06:16 PM

Pros: Second PS works and its quiet

Cons: First one was very noisy under load Will not power 280GTX in tri sli!

Overall Review: this PS seems to have issues with load balancing! It has 2 40a rails you must use both rails to even use one 280gtx card! i tryed this on both PS they would post about 30% of the time the other 70% failed VGA test! computer still loads windows but no video! kicker is i called Corsaid before i bought this PS with questioning its ability to run such a system with only a 1000w ps they asured me it would do fine! I ordered a pc power and cooling 1200w (comes with a tested spec sheet and tells you what it can do! unlike the corsair ps which i'm not sure was ever tested at all....) with my new system up i have seen it pull 1038w from the wall... witch at 80% efficency is over 1200w!!!! so no this PS will not power 3 280gtx in tri sli STABLEY! period. quality of the PS seems good modular cables seem to fit well over all not a bad PS just dont expect it to power 280's very well ie no vga posting and computer shutting down with 2 280's in sli.... with out O/Cing anything! i hope this helps...

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Manufacturer Response:
Mixing of the rails is not suggested and the proper rail distribution is on our website and in the manual. If you continue to have issues, please contact Technical Support. TS: 888-222-4346
External Link(s):
Corsair Support Forums
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Works Good11/30/2008 12:55:20 PM

Pros: O/C's very well. Tons of tweeking options Fan speed controls w/ duty control 3 optional temp probes w/ 3 optional fan w/ duty control LCD poster show's you what is happening during the POST

Cons: PCIE slot placement?? not made for normal ATX cases with new video cards in tri-sli!!! unless you buy water coolers for them or a specail case! No North Bridge fan..... 400$ you would have thought they could have had a optional 8$ fan.... No Floppy disk cable! Note: If your must put the floppy connector at the very bottom back corner of the MoBo the least you could do is include a floppy cable that will reach a full tower!!! thx ASUS ( i know its minor but i shouldent have to seach one down when they include other cables in the box and i'm pretty sure most enthusiasts still use the floppy drive for loading raid disks!

Overall Review: All said and done its a great Motherboard you will not be disapointed! system spec: pc power & cooling 1200w i7965 @ 4.2GHz on water 1.5v 3x 2gig crucial pc8500 @ 1744 9,9,9,24 T1 1.65v pasive cooling ie case flow :P 3x BFG 280gtx @ 729/1458/1242 DD water blocks 2 250GB WD Raid 0 vista ultimate x64

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Great CPU11/30/2008 12:40:14 PM

Pros: Unlocked multi Unlocked ram multi 5 settings vs 2 on the 920/940 run's cool and stable boxed HSF works very nice has 2 settings quite and performance. quite is silent performace is not very loud stock HSF can handle 3.75GHz with out high temps under load

Cons: would have hoped for more cache with the EE $ but i guess having the unlocked multi's makes it worth it, if you want to be able to fine tune your system.

Overall Review: make sure you have a heck of a good ps when o/c'ing this thing pulls alot of wattage! 300+ Running mine at 4.2 @ 1.5v on water load temps never over 65c. 100% stable. 4.4 is do able but i dont feel comfortable with higher temps will post at 4.56GHz!

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Great Memory11/30/2008 12:29:34 PM

Pros: Very stable, super o/c potential Fair Price Runs Cool

Cons: none

Overall Review: corei7 965 @ 4.2 (watercooled 1.5v) asus rampage2extreem mobo pc8500 mem @ 1744MHz tri channel 9,9,9,24 T1 (1.65v passive cooling) 100% rock solid (will post 2100mhz!) Wouldent thow my money away on expensive DDR3 not worth it imo. pc power & cooling 1200w 3 BFG 280gtx tri sli DD water blocks o/c 729/1458/1242

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P965 o/c10/11/2006 2:17:53 AM

Pros: Has eveything i could dream of, tons of voltage options memory 1.8v-2.45,cpu 1.1v-1.7,FSB 1.2v-1.45,NB 1.25v-1.65v,SB 1.5v-1.8,ICH 1.057V-1.215,Lots of chipset options for memory and cpu fine tune adj. Decided to take the 965 over the 975x as many were having trouble with the 975 and core2duo's. Stock HSF runs about 65c full load, this board likes to bump v core when you raise fsb you can manuly set vcore. 3.333ghz E6700 333fsb mem is running 999 5,4,4,12 Ballistix pc8000. Will post and load windows @ 3.8 with slower memory speeds needs a water cooler on the NB to make stable hopeing to run at 3.7-3.8

Cons: if you o/c too far you need to cut power to board and then it will reset with out restting bios and lossing your settings. not a big deal just dont make too big of adjustments :) onboard sound is ok. to most its plenty fine but if your a sound addict you will most likly be happer with a add in card.

Overall Review: NB has a heat pipe seems to work good altho i dont know that it works so good when laying down or upside down :S oh allmost forgot this thing screems 13.895 super pi's, @ 3.6 pulled a Doom3 timedemo demo1 329.6fps on my Nvidia 7800gt (all settings minimum for cpu testing) OVERALL cpu mobo great combo havent been this happy with a mother board in ages! (had approx 12-14 mobo's in the last 3 years)

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