Still kicking after 10 years8/9/2018 2:09:51 PM

Pros: Splurged for these in a home build back in 2008; used them for five years or so before dismantling that device. Then they sat in storage until yesterday where I threw them into an older second tier Dell Inspiron 530 tower and they're doing great in it, maxing out its 8GB capacity. Corsair, built to last apparently. I've continued to use Corsair memory, cases, coolers, etc. over the ensuing years and found them all to be very high quality.

Cons: n/a

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Excellent Samsung monitor, esp. for the price.5/12/2014 11:11:28 AM

Pros: Thin, light, very small bezel, great brightness, default color temp done very well, good contrast. PLS panel vs. TFT at this price point.

Cons: None so far. Maybe some might not like the connectivity options of just 2 HDMI and VGA input.

Overall Review: I've had a variety of generations of Samsung monitors alternating between them and Dell. This latest from Samsung is an excellent 27" model that is so thin and light with such a small bezel that compared to its immediate predecessors looks like it's actually smaller even though it was a couple inches larger diagonally. I had been trying to use a recent 32” Samsung LED TV as a monitor but ultimately that was a bit tough on the eyes with the 1080P resolution that close on a monitor/TV that large. So I hunted around and when I saw these new monitors from Samsung at the incredible intro price of 279 I wanted to jump on it, the pricing seems to alternate every few months between the 279 and 329. These are Samsung’s PLS panel tech, their take on IPS so the color reproduction and viewing angles are much better than the cheaper TFTs. The screen is matte though the bezel is a bit glossy. I was very pleased w/ the default color temperature and saturation, it was not too ‘cool’ as some prior ones had been and additionally there were no dead pixels, woo hoo. I’ve got the brightness still set to 100 although I’ve seen some folks have turned that down. So far no noticeably bad ghosting when gaming. I do classic arcade/computer emulation with MAME and MESS and vertical arcade games will have pillarboxes on the sides and these are nice and black. In a darkened room there is a slight backlight bleed but nothing too onerous; it’s not an OLED. Overall, very pleased and would highly recommend it esp. at the 279 price point. I have just ordered a second one.

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Great upgrade over older MoCA network9/25/2013 10:44:12 AM

Pros: Speed, range. Internal card, one less thing hanging off HTPC (vs. USB adapter dongle). Has the magnetic base extension you can attach the antennas to if necessary. Supposed to fix the AC66's incompatibility w/ Z87 boards, I'm putting it in an older box so unsure if it does indeed remedy it.

Cons: None so far

Overall Review: Felt 802.11 ac was ready to try so I upgraded my HTPC's MoCA 10/100 network (Actiontecs) which had been working fine for three years. Paired this NIC w/ the Netgear 6300 ac router. I do incremental backups of a 1TB dataset nightly; the MoCA connection typically topped out near 88Mb/s getting close to the limit of the 10/100 interface. When I connected up this NIC to the new 5Ghz ac network the network properties in Win8 x64 Pro said it was connecting at 750Mb/s which is tremendous for my house/wall setup. Transfer speeds for my dataset are now in the 45MB/s range or 375Mb/s.. so roughly four times the MoCA speed. Very, very, cool. Playing multiple live HD streams from Windows Media Center (usually about 12Mb/s) no hiccups at all. No issues w/ Netflix over the w ire too. WAN downloads don't come anywhere near saturating as I just have Comcast's 20/10. Retiring my old MoCA network for this ac and not looking back, highly recommended.

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Compact, great offline storage solution9/12/2013 10:45:40 AM

Pros: Compact form factor, great offline storage solution, and I like the red color. :) Suits me fine on a USB2 connection incrementally backing up overnight while I sleep.

Cons: Though ostensibly designed to sit next to a laptop I would have liked a longer USB cord so it can be used w/ desktop systems like the older USB2 1TB models of the Toshiba externals.

Overall Review: My dataset (videos, movies, music, docs) just went past 1TB so I had to upgrade from a prior Toshiba 1TB external. I use this for offsite storage, taking it to work w/ me everyday, I have a robocopy script that backs up nightly to this drive and others so the 5400RPM is not as big an issue.

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Working well on an old stock C2D e64003/15/2013 3:49:19 PM

Pros: Cheap, very decent quality for the price. The red is pleasant to look at, laugh. Cools an e6400 at stock 2.13Ghz w/out incident at 34C (my HTPC machine).

Cons: None at this point.

Overall Review: Replaced a prior Rosewill cheapo (RCX-Z90-AL) that got clogged and also broke one of its plastic retention legs. This new one is working well; cleaned off the CPU w/ denatured alcohol and just used the included thermal paste. Stock e6400 C2D @ 2.13Ghz and around 34C while recording shows. Does the job just fine.

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Excellent LED Edge lit panel!9/25/2012 7:47:18 PM

Pros: Been after this for a while, it's the best non-3D Samsung at this size. I love the overall thinness, and the bezel fades into nothingness giving the impression of an even larger panel. It looks very arty. I've had this for a month cranking through my blu-ray collection and it's very sharp and bright. No blurring on fast movement, just the slightest of edge bleed in the corners in a pure black room. I'm a fan of Samsung monitors and LED TVs, have had four so far and no problems. Oh, it's also very light to physically move around, one person could heft it but use two just in case. ;)

Cons: Online apps appear quite rudimentary and is a near universal knock on this generation of Samsungs. I looked at them briefly. I'm hooked up to a Win7 MCE so I don't need any of them.

Overall Review: Very pleased so far, would recommend it and/or buy again; didn't see any of the issues the 1 star review noted.

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