12/31/2013 5:06:53 PM

Pros: -great use of touchscreen technology -light and compact it fits well in my pull-string sports bag -dropped it a couple times (not too bad) and it's still kickin -no useless ports. Not that it has every type of port, but they put the right ones in. Very glad it has a vga on it so I can connect to the tv. -have had not problem with any games I play (this is not a gaming system, but it plays league of legends w/o a hitch). You can even use the touch screen to game effectively with a few modifications to the key bindings. -I use this for work while traveling and the keyboard is great (not cramped at all) -good battery life, but careful about apps running in the background or it'll be dead in no time -well designed mouse pad except that with windows 8.1 if I don't restart it every couple days the 2-finger mouse scrolling function doesn't work. After the restart and update it works fine again. -bottom line: I would 100% recommend this to anyone. It's the whole package. Very well designed.

Cons: -sad that there's no dvd burner, but it's thinner and lighter as a result -battery indicator is somewhat inaccurate/unpredictable, just assume you're going to get 4-5 hours out of it (sometimes it says you'll get 8) depending on usage

Overall Review: This laptop is a great platform for Windows 8. Being a mouse and keyboard windows user since the 95 days, I'm not too comfortable going full tablet with windows 8, but the touchscreen makes it very comfortable to navigate after a couple days of feeling mentally impaired as I waived my hands around on the screen. Upgrade to windows 8.1 on this thing. You can thank me later. -the most I'd pay for it is $600... I got it for $450 on Black Friday and for THAT price I consider it more than a steal

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