Works Great7/22/2021 5:28:25 PM

Overall Review: Won in the Raffle early on. I was really excited as I needed for a build that was just needing a GPU and this was perfect. Priced right and all by itself. OC software was really easy to use and runs every game, albeit with a few adjustments, very very well. For the price and availability I would buy it again.

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Monster Card Monster Performance7/22/2021 5:21:59 PM

Pros: Looks Great Out of box Performance Outstanding Support in the Box

Cons: Price - only con that I can think of

Overall Review: Ok I am not super well versed in all aspects but I get the general idea on all these graphic cards. I was wanting to upgrade to either a rtx 3090 or the 6900xt. Finally this was available on Newegg with 199 off so I went ahead and did it. First off it is a monster but once unpackaged it looks great and this version came with a support. It was very easy to install and thank the lord I had purchased an 850 power supply previously for this build not realizing once I upgraded I would need 3 PCie power plugs lol. Now it does say 1000w is what they say but it works fine on my 850w. Downloaded Adrenalin software and I was ready to game. So far it laughs at everything I have thrown at it. I generally play first person shooters so just saying. Overall I really like this card and hop AMD continues with the advancements they claim and tease us with. Oh out of the box close to 2600mhz in performance mode. Have not tried in quiet mode so I cannot say anything about that.

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