good for niche applications3/1/2013 11:11:06 AM

Pros: good for cooling my first-gen PS3, it's in a cramped media cabinet. quiet, speed-adjustable

Cons: even at the highest speed it doesn't move all that much air

Overall Review: wouldn't use it in a mission-critical application, but good for making sure air is circulating in a media center.

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great for fusion drive3/1/2013 11:09:38 AM

Pros: good match for my Mac Pro, as it fits like any other 3.5" drive. it's not as fast as the newest SATA III drives, but my mac only has SATA II anyway. pairs well with a 7200rpm 2tb HDD for a DIY fusion drive. doesn't show up with TRIM support in OSX, but otherwise seems to work like an OEM fusion drive.

Cons: I don't know how long the warranty coverage is

Overall Review: Great value refurbished; if I was buying new I'd probably get something else. definitely keep backups if you're using this as a primary disk.

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good budget speakers11/2/2011 9:41:49 AM

Pros: Compact, AUX input, decent midrange for the size

Cons: the baffles on the back (the bassXport or whatever buzzword creative uses) don't look very durable; be very careful if you're grabbing the speakers to move them around

Overall Review: If you're willing to spend $50 on a 2.0 system, you're likely looking for something with a small footprint and are willing to give up some bass response. This is pretty much exactly what you get with the T12 - the frequency response won't blow you away at the low or high end, but they're stylish, have decent volume, and do fine for playing music while you work/cook/etc. note that using the AUX input mutes the main input (i.e. you can use one or the other, not both at the same time).

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very good for the price8/1/2010 4:51:07 PM

Pros: crisp, no dead pixels. i built my own monitor stand and use it 90 degrees rotated for reading research papers/PDFs. viewing angles in this orientation are good as long as you have the monitor sitting to the right of your primary display. came with every cable I'd need to hook it up. color calibration/rendition is surprisingly good out of the box.

Cons: it's a TN panel, so there are limitations on the viewing angle. the way I have it arranged (see above), however, makes this a non-issue. status LED is a little bright if you're sleeping in the same room.

Overall Review: haven't tested the speakers, since I don't need them. it's a rebranded Acer monitor, if that matters to anyone.

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had to RMA the first one8/1/2010 4:47:18 PM

Pros: Cheap 1gb 4650 card, with GPU/RAM speeds comparable to more expensive competition. Fan is not audible from where I sit (disclaimer: my computer sits below my desk, in a fairly quiet Antec case).

Cons: First one arrived defective and had to RMA; don't know how this will affect my rebate with MSI (which is the primary reason I chose it over the other brands at the time).

Overall Review: Plays starcraft2 at high detail, drives both my LCD monitors without any complaints.

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quick and easy1/20/2010 3:47:30 AM

Pros: Just grab the latest Intel PROset drivers before you install the card. Connected at gigabit(ish) speeds to my netgear switch without any fuss.

Cons: the bracket's a little fussy when you're installing the card.

Overall Review: i'm using a short (6 foot) Cat6 patch cable, i can't comment on how well it handles longer runs or Cat5e.

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works as advertised1/20/2010 3:45:18 AM

Pros: Small AC adapter, all of the ports are working. As easy as hooking up a Cat6 patch cable to my intel gigabit card and now I'm sailing at gigabit-ish speeds. Your results may vary according to what cabling you're using and the top throughput from your server.

Cons: i didn't read the manual so i didn't realize at first that amber status lights just signify a 100mbps connection; i thought there was some kind of error (green = gigabit).

Overall Review: Removes one bottleneck in my network.

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works with pretty much anything you can plug it into1/26/2009 10:49:13 AM

Pros: Worked with, at least count: three laptops, one desktop, two playstation 3s, and an Xbox 360. has stood up to regular use and abuse. the key layout and size are bog-standard, which means you aren't hunting for the page down or delete button.

Cons: not wireless.

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worked fine... until it died.1/26/2009 10:46:41 AM

Pros: Extremely speedy drive. Easily hit 80-90mB/sec when transferring video files to and from a 1tb 32mb cache HD. i don't have a particularly new or optimized desktop setup, either. Although I hated having to use it (see cons/other thoughts), WD's RMA system is very user-friendly. They sent me a new drive via 2nd-day Fedex, and sell discounted UPS shipping labels (so I could send the dead drive back). Would've given the drive a 1-egg rating if it weren't for the easy RMA process. Doesn't matter how fast the drive is if you can't rely on it, you know?

Cons: Died within a year. Could've been random chance, or something regarding the uptime patterns on my desktop system, but any way you slice it, it still died.

Overall Review: Luckily, Vista seems to read SMART diagnostics from the disk and warned me before the drive failed completely. I was able to back up all of my important data - the drive died on the next reboot.

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keeps my drive cool and running1/26/2009 10:39:08 AM

Pros: USB and eSATA work reliably. high-quality construction; i've taken it apart and switched out more drives than I can count. the cage and all its electronics have held up fine. fan is quiet (and has a power switch) and keeps my drive quite cool.

Cons: LEDs are bright. if you have a noisy drive there's no real noise damping.

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works as advertised1/26/2009 10:37:43 AM

Pros: hasn't corrupted any data, NCQ and all the other SATA II functions work as far as I can tell.

Cons: after you buy one you start wondering if you should've just bought a newer motherboard

Overall Review: considering buying another for my second esata/USB hard drive... but that money can go towards a new motherboard (see above).

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some cards can be finicky1/26/2009 10:36:11 AM

Pros: When it's all set up, it's a high-quality cable that works well for HDTV/home theater/HTPC setups.

Cons: My laptop will sometimes throw fits and refuse to send a signal using this cable. My desktop has no problem. Most likely not an issue with the cable, but one you might want to consider before buying a cable of this length.

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great as a replacement drive1/26/2009 10:35:53 AM

Pros: replaced the drive that died in my laptop. fairly high areal density, combined with a large cache and high RPM make it nearly as responsive as my desktop in most situations.

Cons: after replacing a dead drive your heart skips a beat every time you power up the laptop. not so much an issue with this drive, though.

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won the lottery1/26/2009 10:35:25 AM

Pros: unit arrived with a 32mb cache 1tb drive, as opposed to the 16mb cache units I've read in other reviews. eSATA and USB ports work as advertised.

Cons: the drive will get very hot if you leave it turned on 24/7; there's very little venting. I use it for intermittent backups, though, so it's not so much an issue.

Overall Review: there's really no way to know what individual drive will arrive with your unit, though.

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worked fine with my phone1/26/2009 10:32:56 AM

Pros: Worked fine in my Verizon LG Env2 phone. Included adapter is convenient and easy to pack along with my school stuff.

Cons: If you need to use it in a friend's system it's a tossup as to whether they have a new enough SD reader to accept SDHC cards. I've used this on two SDHC-compatible readers, and it seems to be significantly slower than the cheap 2gb card it replaced.

Overall Review: Can't beat 8gb of cheap storage, though!

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good as long as you know what you're paying for1/26/2009 10:32:37 AM

Pros: 5ghz radio: easily set up 802.11n with the two laptops in our apartment. fairly intuitive HTML menu system (didn't bother with D-link's software). besides the cons listed below, works as expected.

Cons: does not broadcast on 2.4ghz/5ghz simultaneously. you'll have to step up to D-Link's higher-end routers for that. couldn't get it to work with my AT&T Motorola DSL modem. ended up using my previous 802.11g router to connect to the WAN and configured the D-Link to be an 802.11n access point (connected via wired ethernet). 100mbit only; if you have a decent 802.11n adapter and are close enough you can easily saturate a 100mbit connection. for the price though, what can you do?

Overall Review: I bought this knowing that it was a single radio/dual-band router, and planned from the start to keep my existing 802.11g/2.4ghz router. It would've been nice to get the D-Link playing nice with my DSL modem, but since my existing router already does and the D-Link has no problem acting as a simple access point, it's a moot point. This way, our apartment has 2.4ghz/802.11g (for my roommates' consoles and older laptops) and 5ghz/802.11n (for the newer laptops).

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quiet, works as advertised1/26/2009 10:29:54 AM

Pros: networking works as advertised - grabbed a DHCP IP address from my router without any trouble. networked to 4 vista machines (3 via wireless, 1 via wired ethernet), had no trouble setting it up. duplex printing works out of the box - just remember to hit the "properties" button when you're printing to enable it. very quiet (especially compared to my previous laser printer), and starts up fairly quickly.

Cons: no LED screen, but i haven't had any jams or malfunctions yet so I'm not missing it so much.

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does what's advertised1/26/2009 10:29:21 AM

Pros: worked as soon as i plugged it in. compact. AC adapter won't take up more than one plug.

Cons: can't think of any for the price.

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Bigger than you'd think1/26/2009 10:27:15 AM

Pros: USB ports work as advertised.

Cons: it's bigger than you'd think from the pictures - it'll be pretty noticeable if you're planning on leaving it plugged into a wall socket.

Overall Review: the plug can be rotated, you just need to depress the release button (it's right next to the plug) and give it some elbow grease.

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