Disappointed with OCZ for the first time.7/12/2011 2:48:26 AM

Pros: Great paper wieghts.

Cons: None...Unless you plan on installing this in a computer. I purchased this at the Murgas Hamfest off a private vender for $125 used so there's no recourse for me unless someone organizes a class action lawsuit. I don't think dropping the architecture size from 32 to 25 was such a great idea in something you intend to last for more then 10 days. At least at 32 there's a little more meat on the bone. Once you get down to 25nm it doesn't take a whole lot to digitally ruin your day. I'm going to sit this one out on the bench and give them some time to iron out all the bugs before I throw away any more money on another SSD. I still have 2 old school Vertex 60GB SSD's in RAID 0 that run like clock work for well over a year. The problem is cutting the lithography size down and cranking the speed up too far. A good analogy would be attempting to drive your Honda Civic to California full throttle in 1st gear.

Overall Review: It seems as though OCZ has some serious issues regaurding these drives. I never had an issue with any OCZ product before so I jumped on one of these anxious to try out a Sandforce controller based SSD. All was well running in my socket 1366 i7-920 ASRock 24GB OCZ PC12800 machine I assembled mainly from Newegg supplied gear. Unfortunately I purchased this drive at the Murgas Ham Fest July 3rd used so I have no recourse. Needless to say it went brain dead and I'm still in shock. It was truely impressive while it was functioning but 11 days lifespan is pretty dismal. I wish I read these reviews before my purchase. Apparently the vender did prompting to sell me his digital time bomb before it blew up in his PC. I only paid $125 for it but even still this experience leaves me feeling orally violated. I usually wait 6 months to a year before purchasing new technology. Not so much as to save money but to let others dive on the grenades for me. Thanks but no thanks OCZ

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I have to laugh!1/29/2011 3:19:01 AM

Pros: It's $25 bucks! If you don't have a decent head unit this won't help much either but what do you think you are going to get for this price?

Cons: Who's still using CD's??? Those nice scratched up shiney discs that are ruined the first time a drunk chick gets in your Maxima. Install a pico ITX dual core carputer with a 10.4" touchscreen and a 120GB SSD drive like me and your skipping days will be over. Drive the audio out through JL audio amp speakers and sub and you will have something cool. Also doubles as voice activated NAV with a GPS puck, bluetooth handsfree cell and you can teather to your unlimited data phone and download all your MP3's right off the pirate bay. You can take requests from chicks and be playing the tune at 1500 watts a minute or so later. Videos are hot too though it's illegal to watch X videos while driving with her riding the shotgun ya feel me?

Overall Review: Save your $25 bucks around 100 times and install something cool is all I'm saying because you won't be doing much breeding rocking this joint! PEACE!

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Great little box8/4/2010 6:02:05 PM

Pros: Great little mini box. Will work great for streaming and general surfing needs when you don't want to fire up the big stuff.

Cons: The drive actuator needs to be modded to hit the button on most standard drives. I just clipped two 1/2" snips of a zip tie and friction fitted them into the second from the right rectangular hole in the back of the drive tray actuator button. Worked flawlessly.

Overall Review: Don't expect to be breaking any benchmark records but this runs 7 Ultimate smooth as butta with 4GB of DDR2 800 RAM and a 120GB Vertex 2 SSD. The low profile Nvidia 9500 1GB PCI video card really improves the quality of it's video playback. The onboard works but it's definately lame...

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Saved me from a nightmare!7/27/2010 12:22:55 PM

Pros: Shipped overnight, I had a SNAFU with a combo order and Lan from management made good. RAM is RAM basically. You pick the right speed, Density and CAS latency and as long as it works there is not much noticable difference from one brand to the other with the exact same specs.

Cons: I had to order these overnight because a combo mini ITX/RAM system was shipped to me and the RAM was just loose in an envelope. Needless to say horse shoe shaped RAM with chips falling off do not go over well with customers.

Overall Review: After 2 phone calls and a CHAT session I finally had to speak to a manager. They tried to refund $19.99 for the RAM as it was part of a combo deal. I finally reached a manager(Lan) and she was my savior. She had me order these and waived the overnight shipping charge and the $5 difference. I already RMA'ed the damaged RAM for a claim. Once they get that back they are going to credit me the entire difference. Nightmare avoided by the great eventual customer service from Lan and Neweeg. I never had an issue in all my years buying from Newegg, this was the first and it ended well. I'm only out 1 day but that's not bad. I do feel bad for wilding out on a few reps. All the errors were explainable as everything happened real fast and I was dealing with people from all across the US. There is definately some lag in the system but once you talk to a manager they make verything right. If you are in this position save yourself time and the need for medication, ask to speak to a manager 1st

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It's PCI......5/17/2010 2:55:39 AM

Pros: It pumped a little life back into a broke customers P4. Do not expect any blinding frame rates or DirectX 11 compatability. Works great for what she does, she sells at a major auction site(Can't seem to mention FEEBay or it gets filtered...lol). I was surprised how the old system perked up with off board video and a fresh 2GB of RAM. I'm sure she will be hammering that old tank for another 5 years. The price was great and even had a $10 rebate. Not much else you can say Pro about a PCI video Card these days. Neweeg managed to have it on my stoop before the tracking information came in my Email.

Cons: None really. If you have to run an old computer and it has onboard video this will definately help matters.

Overall Review: Installation was touch and go at first but that was more of the computers issues then the cards. When I first received the computer in my shop it was riddled with trash. I had to do a fresh Op Sys install before the drivers would install. After that it was like New Years.....1999...lol

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Ignore any bad reviews of this drive!1/14/2010 7:18:04 AM

Pros: I recieved this drive 14 hours after I placed the order! The delivery was made before I received the tracking information for the package. I have been burning DVD's 8 hours a day at 8X speed since its arrival duplicating my new Application. I did not have a single coaster yet while using cheap Chinese DVD+R's! Ocassionally, though rarely, people get a dud when buying complex mass produced electronics but I am definately not one of them this time. This was installed and burning flawlessly withing 5 minutes of its arrival. I installed it in an external e-SATA 5 1/4 drive case and plan to add more to increase production rate.

Cons: I didn't buy more at the rediculously low price I paid for this one!

Overall Review: If you are looking for a low cost, high quality SATA DVD Burner look no further. If by some chance you do get a dud fear not because the customer service at the EGG is beyond words! Maybe one...EGGcellent! Thanks again, George K. N.E. PA

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Fast and Quiet!12/1/2009 9:14:21 PM

Pros: Between the extra 500RPM over a standard 5400RPM hard drive and the 32MB onboard cache makes a near perfect drive for home media PC's. Much less unwanted noise then a 7200RPM drive's noticable scream. When installed in a media case with rubber isolation mounts this drive runs nearly silent. Though no where near the sustained transfer rate of a 7200RPM drive the transfer rate is more then suficient to stream HD video to multiple displays on a media streaming home network. So far I'm impressed with the drives over all performance.

Cons: Runs a little warm. This is easily remedied with the addition of the twin dual ball bearing fan hard drive coolers. Once the fan speeds are tuned down to around 1500RPM they are nearly silent also. The aluminum housing of the particular cooler units I use also act as an active heatsink. Over all not actually a con, just something you should plan ahead for in your design plan.

Overall Review: I've tried 7200 RPM drives in my custom home media streaming systems and the noise levels were unacceptable during quiet moments in the movies even with the rubber mounts and special noise deadening matting I line my cases with. The 5400RPM drives were to slow to stream HD to multiple monitors . These 5900RPM high capacity drives seem to fill the void between slow and silent and the faster drives that are accompanied by the sound of a light aircraft in serious trouble!

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