Proprietary connectors make this fairly useless12/10/2017 9:23:45 AM

Pros: Love the concept, in theory was exactly what I was looking for

Cons: The unit uses 4 pin molex connectors (just like 4 pin fan connector) instead of the "standard" rgb 4 pin connectors, so I was not able to plug in any of the devices I have.

Overall Review: I suppose with some ingenuity, it would be possible to make adapter cables. ANY OTHER MANUFACTURES OUT THERE, PLEASE TAKE THIS CONCEPT AND BUILD IT WITH STANDARD CONNECTORS! I WOULD BUY THAT PRODUCT IN A MINUTE!

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you very much for buying a SilverStone. The LSB01 comes with two "extend Y cables" that allows you to connect to it using standard RGB 4pin connectors. If you need more of these "extend Y cables" (model: SST-CLP01), please contact us directly at:
Not worth the hassle, no real peformance gain6/23/2011 4:48:50 AM

Pros: Simple way to setup RAID, nice external case for 5 drives.

Cons: Enclosed RocketRAID controller does not recognize the TowerRAID unit. No performance gain over motherboard RAID configurations. In fact, I can only use the RAID over USB3 so it's even slower than other solutions. RAID write / sync errors when using motherboard (NVIDIA) based SATA controller after about 2 hours of read/writes. Tech support stops responding once you have answered all their questions and it still doesn't work.

Overall Review: I contacted tech support via their web site. To my surprise I did receive a response the next day. Unfortunately it looked like a generic response. I responded and I did receive a second response asking to test using the Windows drivers. I performed the tests and responded twice have not heard back. Here is an excerpt of the last 2 emails I sent support: I see "RocketRAID 622 SATA Controller" under "Storage Controllers" in device manager. Double clicking on the controller shows "This device is working properly". The version shows up as High point dated 6/15/2010 To recap: Windows can see the TR5UT-BP drive array when using a USB 3.0 connection. Windows can see the TR5UT-BP drive array when using the motherboard Nvidia SATA controller Windows can see a SATA drive attached to the RocketRAID 622 controller when using a ThermalTake eSATA docking station. Windows CAN NOT see the TR5UT-BP drive array when using TR5UT-BP with included RocketRAID 622 adapter

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Manufacturer Response:
Thank you for purchasing our product. From your description, it look likes that TR5UT-BP does not see only on the bundled card. It could due to the driver, or the webGUI does not pass via the drives. Please make sure to use Legacy mode driver in order to see the unit correctly. For the performance, if you are using eSATA, you should get ~180MB/s. USB 3.0 without turbo mode is ~150MB/s, and with turbo mode in Windows, it is ~200MB/s. If you are compare to internal RAID, your internal RAID may be faster, because it is directly connect to the local port. If you looking for such models, please use TR4X+B with direct connections. For onboard SATA port, please make sure the driver is up to date. We do not stop response until we close the case. Please check if the e-mail go to spam folder. Please contact our technical support at or 1-800-980-1988 for further questions.
Great phone1/2/2009 9:01:57 AM

Pros: Just about everything on this phone is great. WiFi, 3G, GPS, great looking color display, full QWERTY keyboard, very small form factor (only slightly larger than the Razr V3 it replaced!), Symbian OS, MicroSD expansion slot, and the ability to tether the phone to PC using either bluetooth or USB.

Cons: 2.5mm headphone jack so an adapter is needed to utilize standard headphones/ear buds. Mini USB connector that doesn't charge phone. Camera quality is so-so. None of these issues are major, just slight annoyances.

Overall Review: For my first smartphone I don't think I could found a better phone. This phone has performed flawlessly on voice, data, music, video and gps. Need to tether using USB cable to get full 3G speeds on PC, bluetooth doesn't have the bandwidth that 3G does. Have had some trouble finding games that run on the phone.

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Not so noisy1/23/2007 12:09:12 PM

Pros: Great little unit, looks great in the case and keeps the drives cool. I see a solid 10 C degree drop in temp while running on high. The case also quiets the drive.

Cons: I have had some issues with the fans squeaking or making other irritating noises. I found that applying a little pressure with a screw driver to adjust the fan while it is spinning can eliminate the noises. Once while replacing the drive I dropped the case and it really messed up the fan. When I powered on the unit it made an extremely loud noise. I was able to take the fan apart and put it back together, and it was once again very quiet. These units are not removeable, so it does require some effort when it is time to replace the drive. It would be nice to see this cooling design in a removeable tray.

Overall Review: I have been running two of these in my file server for over 2 1/2 years and they work great. I finally had one of the 250GB drives start to fail after 20,000+ hours of spin time (bad blocks). I checked with the mfg of the drive and the published MTBF for that drive was 20,000 hours. I believe these coolers help get the most life out of the hard drives.

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