Love it!1/10/2011 7:14:13 AM

Pros: NICE looking unit. Set up was very easy. If you set it up right you will only have 2 cables coming out of the unit. Looks great mounted on the wall.

Cons: Not the highest speed processor. Do not use for resource hungry applications. The blue ring light is annoying if you are putting the system in Stand By mode. It can be disabled.

Overall Review: Wi-Fi is decent....N-Band and internal bluetooth would have been nice. I mounted mine in the vertical rather then horizontal fashion. Took some "engineering" to balance it out so it wouldn't come off the mounts.

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Not a bad board1/10/2011 7:09:04 AM

Pros: Easy to install. Will support 16GB of memory. GREAT graphics and resolution. HDMI worked with no hassles.

Cons: Had issues with the DVI/VGA connectors. I thought the board was bad when I was installing it because my monitor had a really distorted picture of the bios load screen and I could only see 50% of the windows install screen. My board shipped with outdated software that wouldnd load with Windows 7 64bit.

Overall Review: SATA cables that ship with the unit are JUNK! Spend the money for better cables.

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Over all, good unit for the money.1/10/2011 6:56:42 AM

Pros: Great looking case. Plenty of drive space. LOTS of connections on the front space. The BluRay cover plate on the front is a nice touch.

Cons: Pain to get the CD Drive to work with the opening/button. It specifies and "external" 5.25 drive unit. Good luck finding one. I had to rig it with some weatherstrip to get the button to work right, but not a big deal. You may lose the use of some of your SATA connections on the MB. Depends on the board layout.

Overall Review: Make sure you get a ATX power supply. mini/micro ATX supplys wont work.

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