Great simple design.5/8/2021 9:18:26 AM

Pros: Slim and compact.

Cons: Not for the basic user. No covers for the pins so if you dont have something in all 7 slots you need to figure out a way to protect the others slots. Like most things with this type of board there is nothing actually holing things to the board when they are plugged in so you need to watch out for that.

Overall Review: Overall if you know what you are doing then this thing is great. Wouldn't recommend for a regular person but someone who is confident and know what they are doing then sure.

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Great board!5/8/2021 9:13:42 AM

Pros: Too many to list. You saw the posting lol.

Cons: The Ram slots are kinda close to the CPU but that's only a con if you want massive coolers.

Overall Review: I love this board and would definitely suggest it to others.

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Love this case!5/8/2021 9:10:09 AM

Pros: Tons of space and mod options. Powder coating is superb! Plenty of space for all water cooling options. All the easy remove panels are GREAT. Love that it has a side mount option for the GPU. Absolutely love this case

Cons: I have a full ATX sized board in there and the power cable space is a little tight but easily managed. Runs a little warm with the stock 4 fans but nothing terrible. Feels a little too open without water cooling in it. No reset button. The control box for the fans has a really bright white led on it. Some hot spots coming through the led rail on the top where there are holes.

Overall Review: I would totally recommend this case to anyone for any build. Its a great beautiful case! Tons of space and looks amazing. It will take a lot for me to change cases at this point. Great mid range case.

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Trash5/8/2021 9:09:05 AM

Pros: Might cool your case....

Cons: The leds were not ARGB like the original post I saw said they was. The fans never got above 800 RPM no matter what I set them to. The leds got so hot I think they actually added heat to the case. 2 of the fans came dead and since the company isnt on Newegg anymore I cant do anything about it.

Overall Review: wont ever buy from them again. It took forever to get to me and they wasnt even worth the hype at all. Hot waste of time.

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as fast as advertized.5/8/2021 9:04:56 AM

Overall Review: Great 2.5.

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Love it!5/8/2021 9:03:42 AM

Pros: Im using this with an LGA1200 socket and most everything came with the equipment attached that I needed to use. Pump can be mounted sideways. Came with all the hardware for different install scenarios. The NZXT CAM program makes it super easy to use the LCD screen for many different display options. I got mine on sale lol. Has been keeping my CPU on average 10 degree cooler than the oversized cooler I had on it before. Quite!

Cons: The tubes are a little hard to deal with. Rad side is hard mounted so you have to work around the twisting of the tubes when you rotate the CPU side of the unit. Its a little bit wide so it hit my RAM with I tried mounting it normally but since it lets you mount it sideways its not really a con. Just wanted to mention it.

Overall Review: Love this rad. The display is amazing. If I could have two I would HAHA.

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Great board4/5/2021 3:22:31 PM

Pros: Compatible with gen 10 and 11 intel! Tons of connections.

Cons: The main M.2 PCIEx gen 4 is only operable if you have 11 gen intel chip. Only 3 fan headers.

Overall Review: Its a pretty basic board but great for the price and its 10 and 11 gen compatible so thats huge for me. I have terrible luck with motherboards and this one got me too. Worked great about 10 days and then I started getting blue screens. Thought maybe drivers for graphics cards do to the error messages and then maybe Windows drivers. One morning it wouldn't send signal at all out the GPU so I hooked up the outputs directly to the motherboard and nothing would post. I don't hold it against the board at all. I just have a way of getting a hold of bad or faulty boards lol. Totally worth the money and would buy another if they were in stock at the time.

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Cheap but awesome3/28/2021 10:21:02 AM

Pros: Bright leds. Moves tons of air. 2 power options.

Cons: Bright leds lol.

Overall Review: I feel like these will end up being the next "stripper heals" fans but they are great now. Work great and do their job just fine.

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Upgraded a lot of things with this at the same time3/28/2021 10:13:47 AM

Pros: Not all big and flashy if your not into all that RGB. Went in like a dream. Advertised as 2400 and that is what it is running at. Great value.

Cons: No heat sinks on them. Its just a sticker.

Overall Review: Came in super fast and happy with the product.

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Pretty good9/20/2020 1:43:49 AM

Overall Review: would recommend

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