great solid case1/27/2021 8:36:49 AM

Pros: Easy to assemble and identify where parts need to go. booted on first attempt whane turned on

Cons: nothing

Overall Review: would absolutely recommend this case

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Best Monitor I have ever owned4/9/2020 10:39:08 AM

Overall Review: If you need or want another monitor this one one you should look, great picture great price

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Handy addition12/24/2019 11:03:38 AM

Pros: Works as advertised with little knowledge needed to set up.

Cons: None

Overall Review: good product for those who want easy access to additional USB ports

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valuable Customer, Much appreciate for choosing ORICO as your preference, this is Maite from ORICO Customer Care Team. Thanks for your kindly feedback, truly sorry for all the inconvenience to you. We are so sorry about the delay on the shipping way due to the peak season. Could you please tell us if we can do something for you? My email is, We will try our best to solve this problem Sincerely hope if you can give us a chance to fix the problem. Hope to hear from you soon, thanks. Best Regards
dead on arrival1/17/2018 10:55:16 AM

Pros: so far none

Cons: tried two different power supplies no power to the board from either. The board lights come on but cpu fan,power supply fan, no any other fans will work including video card fan. looks like a new board and rma this one

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Customer: Thank you for your feedback. We apologize to you for difficulty with your BIOSTAR product. Please contact us at as soon as possible; we are always here to help you to solve the issue
Ethernet problems12/1/2013 8:33:57 AM

Pros: Fast board easy install

Cons: all works except the Ethernet does not work most of the time. It worked fine for the first week, then if shut down or in the sleep mode it will not work after restarting.

Overall Review: I have built two identical systems with this board, the first works great this one will not connect to the internet except with wifi which I do not want to use

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you for posting your review. I am sorry that you are having issues with the motherboard. If I may, I would like to help. If you have not tried already, please install the latest Ethernet drivers for your motherboard. Below, I have included the link to said drivers. Should you need any assistance with the driver install, please let me know. Your reference number for this case is 3208523.!downloads/c1wax Regards, Mark ASUS Customer Loyalty
Great Router11/1/2010 6:15:11 AM

Pros: This is the first D-Link Router I have purchased. Bought it to replace my Linksys WRT54G N that I have had for too many years to remember as it was dropping connection daily. This router was easy to install, skip the CD and manually configure, took me ten minutes from start to finish to set up. It has not dropped the connection in a week and is immeasurably faster than my former router. I have Verizon DSL and it started working immediately. Great buy for $71 and no shipping costs

Cons: None

Overall Review: I had replaced the modem Verizon recommended thinking it was the problem, looks like it was the old router. Very pleased with this purchase

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Great DSL Modem2/1/2010 11:55:22 AM

Pros: This is an easy hookup if you set up a separate connection on your computer, at least for me. Plug it directly into the Phone jack enter your ISP info and you will be connected. I had the ATT Motorola modem which would drop the connection twice a week. Then I had to disconnect all, including the router, shut down computer and reconnect all then the modem would again be connected. The Zoom has never lost the connection in two weeks and is much faster than the Motorola

Cons: None once I realized a new connection on the network was needed.

Overall Review: This is cheaper and is better than the Motorola

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Great Scanner for the price2/11/2007 7:44:31 AM

Pros: This is very fast and easy to use. Scanned images clear in both black and white and color. To date I have not had a paper jam, maybe just lucky

Cons: This is small but it takes a little time to figure out the software, but once you do it is simple

Overall Review: This is the best scanner I have had, others were a Visioneer (junk) and an HP4500. This is so far superior to the HP scanner there is no comparison speed wise, image wish and software wise. To date I have had no problems with paper jams and have scanned up to 50pages at a time. The HP is average at best and not worth your money, this one is.

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11/12/2005 2:28:47 PM

Comments: I bought two of these boards, one for abuild for a friend and one for me. The friend build went perfect not one problem. Mine installed fine and worked for two days. Then for no reason went dead. I have switched everything just to be sure. When I use all of the parts in another board they work. This last board does not even power up anymore. 50-50 is not good enough to buy again. Back to EPOX

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