Replacement for 990FX8/2/2018 5:15:38 PM

Pros: 32 GB memory capacity, very basic replacement for 990FX mobo using DDR3 memory, 6 SATA connectors, Good replacement motherboard for AM3 CPU and DDR3 memory.

Cons: Only supports 3 fans, but you can buy splitter 4 pin EPS rather than 8 pin Sound is basic, only two 3.0 UBS connectors I/O plate is slightly misaligned but can be made to work

Overall Review: My fine 990FX motherboard went down after 5 years. I have 32 GB DDR3 memory. Rather than do a new build and lose the memory, I opted for this meager $80 replacement. It's very mundane compared to the 990FX, but it'll do for 2 or 3 more years.

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Worked for two weeks then started skipping and hesitating. It's defective. I have another one of the exact same model to compare it with, so I know it's not the computer or software.4/2/2016 8:47:45 AM

Pros: Feels good on the hand.

Cons: Stopped working within two weeks.

Overall Review: I would only order products that Newegg ships. This came from China. There's no way will take the time to repackage it and ship it to China back $10, lol. It's a throwaway item.

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5 years and going strong9/30/2015 12:20:55 PM

Pros: I perused my past purchases back to 2006 and found this item that was bought on 9/6/2010, and I didn't provide a review. It's 5 years old and it's working great. I "rented" several from Comcast that died in about 18 months starting in 2001, so I finally bought this one. This works great after all of these years.

Cons: None after 5 years

Overall Review: See pros above. You can't improve on perfect.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: more than 1 year
7 year user6/5/2015 10:26:45 AM

Pros: Kaspersky is one of the best if not the best anti-virus, anti-trojan, and anti-malware internet protectors available. It has lots of options and isn't a hog on resources. It's always upgradable for free to the newest version.

Cons: It's made in Russia. The user interface is not user friendly and the purpose of many of the options is not clear. The anti-banner popup is irritating and not useful since Google and IE have their own anti-banner options which work fine.

Overall Review: The default settings are fine for most users, but if you want Kaspersky to stop blocking certain websites or advertisements, it's difficult if not impossible to navigate. I still think it's the best anti-virus internet protection available. I hope that the source of the program isn't the source of the viruses since it's a Russian product.

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Expands TV to three HDMI inputs5/7/2015 1:25:29 PM

Pros: Simple to use, expands a single HDMI input to three HDMI inputs

Cons: none

Overall Review: One of my TVs has only one HDMI input. With this device, I can hook up my Dish satellite, DVD, and Chromecast. You have to manually switch to the one you want to watch. It works great for me.

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Solid but heavy5/5/2015 5:00:27 AM

Pros: Solid, roomy, updated 3.0 USB ports, front load HDs

Cons: Very heavy

Overall Review: Bought it in 2007 and it's like solid armor, but for me it's too heavy compared to my other computer cases. Obviously, it's stood the test of time. Just beware if you load it up with various devices (which is the purpose of this large case) and clean it regularly, it's a monster to move to a work table. With the newest liquid cooling options, most builders don't need the large cavity for cooling that this case provides. Other than the weight, it's a great case.

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Good case, Two 3.0 USB ports4/17/2015 3:59:43 AM

Pros: Painted inside and out, nice viewing window, sides slip on easily, OK cable management, two fans included, two 3.0 USB connections on front of case, nice power and reset buttons, easy snap out drive bay knock-outs for DVD so you don't cut your knuckles when removing them, screwless drive/DVD mounting

Cons: You may lose option to mount one case fan if you install a liquid cooler like the Corsair H80i or H100i.

Overall Review: This is a nice case. Cable management requires routing cables behind a groove that runs vertically from top to bottom of the case. Even though you cannot use all of the case fan options, if you install a liquid cooler for your CPU, you won't need a lot of case fans. The 20-pin USB 3.0 cable from the front of the case to the mother board has a generous length, but the audio cable is a little tight. All in all, I highly recommend this case over any others in this price range.

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Really 24" diagonal screen4/14/2015 10:49:14 AM

Pros: Price, 3-yr warranty, includes an analog as well as an HDMI cord, slimmer bezel than most 24" monitors, easy set-up.... the screen really is 24" diagonal unlike many 24" monitors which are a half inch shorter (diagonally).

Cons: After running the CD for registration, the drop down menu doesn't have Windows 8 as an option, so this must be an old model. The driver is dated 2009 which is 5 years old! It really doesn't need a driver because Windows recognizes it without any problems, so I didn't load the driver.

Overall Review: There are plenty of choices for excellent 24" monitors and this is as good as any of them. It has a larger viewing screen than most 24" class monitors. Between newer HANNS-G and Philips 24" monitors that I own, this looks better to me using Nvidia 760 video card and Nvidia driver.

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Update 4.5 years of use4/1/2015 4:37:27 PM

Pros: Price, performance, reliability, speed

Cons: none

Overall Review: This is an update 4.5 years after ordering from this router from Newegg. It has performed flawlessly. I prefer to use Cat 6 connectors, but when friends stay with me, the wireless capability is perfect. Now that I have a Smart TV, the wireless capability is really useful. I highly recommend this product even though it's been around 5 years.

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Fantastic4/1/2015 12:38:10 PM

Pros: Absolutely the best bios to date, all the features needed for a great system build. For most gaming purposes, the on-board graphics will suffice

Cons: FM2+ ... it's not AM2+, but it's an great alternative

Overall Review: The onboard graphics will be fine for many gamers, but you can add a decent video card if required. The bios is absolutely the best It's the best bios I've ever encountered to date. I'm not completely sold on the FM2+ CPUs, but you probably get the bast bang for the buck with this series. It's light years ahead of any tablet, phone, or laptops under $1000, so I'm not selling it short. Unless you want an 8-core AMD 8350 or above, this unit will do more than you'll ever need.

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Excellent4/1/2015 12:28:30 PM

Pros: price, dependability, great bios features, USB 3.0 support

Cons: Crossfire support is passe ... who needs two video cards anymore with the nvidia 900 series? If you use 2 - 960s, why not just buy a 980 nivida?

Overall Review: This is my 3rd purchase of this motherboard and it's a great match for the 8-core AMD 8350 CPU or better.

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Great product4/1/2015 12:14:36 PM

Pros: Price, quality, heat spreaders look great in addition to their utility

Cons: none

Overall Review: auto clock on MSI mobo recognizes and sets speeds and voltages perfectly ... not much else to say

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Reliability problem4/1/2015 6:23:03 AM

Pros: Price, excellent customer service

Cons: Low reliability of LG products

Overall Review: Seriously, at the end of the life of DVD/CD players, there isn't much difference in any of them except for reliability. I bought 2, and one failed in 30 days. It's not the first time I've had LG reliability problems. LG paid shipping, and I got a new one very fast, but I'm 10X shy of LG. C'mon LG. Step up and improve your reliability ratings.

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Works great3/31/2015 5:56:05 AM

Pros: As described, you can hook three fans to one 4-pin outlet on your motherboard. The jacket and connectors look great inside the case.

Cons: None

Overall Review: On a new computer build, the mobo only had two-4 pin hookups in addition to the fan for the CPU. The case had four fans, so this solved the problem inexpensively.

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Works great3/31/2015 5:41:12 AM

Pros: Easy to install and remove, somewhat rugged, easy to roll up and store in backseat or trunk, won't mar the paint

Cons: Does not cover windshield wipers

Overall Review: It's great cover to prevent frost on your windshield, but it did more that that. We experienced terrible ice and snow build up on our windshields this past winter. This cover made it easy to remove the ice as well as the snow. Granted, with a lot of snow, you have to use a broom to push the snow off, but it's easy because the snow isn't stuck to the windshield glass. It has loops that fit over your side mirrors without hurting the paint. When rolled up, it takes about the space of two umbrellas. It doesn't cover your wipers, but we simple left them up so they wouldn't be covered in ice.

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Cheaper than upgrading to wireless3/25/2015 10:37:57 AM

Pros: Inexpensive and has active booster. Alternative to buying a wireless unit, Fast shipping.

Cons: It's USB 2.0, but if you have USB 3.0, you have newer equipment and probably have wireless capability also, so it's a moot point.

Overall Review: I had to move my printer and scanner across the house from my computer. I either had to buy a new, all-in-one, wireless printer/scanner or run a USB cable 60 ft. This was a cheaper alternative to buying a new wireless unit. My "old" printer and scanner are great, so this cable saved me a lot of money. To replace my non-wireless scanner and printer with the same quality, I would have to pay at least $150 if not more. I hooked it up to a 3 port hub and it works fine.

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Works great3/13/2015 8:28:59 AM

Pros: Streams Netflix without a problem. Easy to set up. It will access your home WIFI network or 4G through your phone.

Cons: I have to access it through a smart phone or tablet. Not a con, but it's a requirement.

Overall Review: Using the app on my tablet, I stream Netflix on my 8-year-old Samsung plasma TV. The Chrome app turns my TV on and then selects the correct HDMI source from 3 inputs on my TV. If the TV is already on, it automatically switches to the correct HDMI. You select whether you want to use your cell phone WIFI or your home WIFI. Previously, I had hooked up my TV to my computer's graphic card along with RCA hookups for sound with 50' extension HDMI and sound cables. The Chromecast WIFI is so much easier.

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Too small to mount all fans3/8/2015 5:40:37 AM

Pros: Nice paint inside and out, OK cable management, lots of opportunities for fans, opening at bottom of case for exhausting a bottom-mounted power supply. Nice side window that is pushed out leaving more interior space. Room for the largest lengthy video cards. Screwless mounting of drives including SSDs drives.

Cons: 2-USB ports on front, but only 1 is USB 3.0. If you mount the Corsair H100i, 2-fan liquid cooling on the top of the case, you lose the ability to mount a fan a the rear of the case because it overlaps the space for the rear fan. The liquid cooler was a very, very tight fit which is disappointing since the case and cooler are both Corsair products.

Overall Review: Space is adequate unless you install a 2-fan liquid cooler. Cable management is done by passing cables through the back and down a channel to the bottom of the case. It's nothing great, but it does manage the cables along with using a lot of ties. I would recommend the Spec 03 case instead of this one, but this is one decent for the price especially if you're using a stock heatsink/fan instead of a liquid cooler.

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Terrible website/registration2/27/2015 5:04:21 AM

Pros: It's a backup.

Cons: Takes up a lot of space with its horizontal design. Software was not included in the box. Had to go to APC website which was convoluted and nearly impossible to navigate. So-called registration of the product didn't even ask for model number or serial number. It was just a way to get customers on their mailing list.

Overall Review: This is the first APC product I've bought in yrs, and it will be the last. Whoever Schneider Electric is, it seems that they have relegated their UPS to a minor role in their line of electric products that have nothing to do with computers. I'm really disgusted with this purchase.

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Editor's Choice Award - Seriously?12/23/2014 11:15:03 AM

Pros: None

Cons: What is this? It looks like a bed-frame in a horror movie. Anyone who has the knowledge to built a computer wouldn't buy this tubular nightmare except as a joke for a secret-santa party gift.

Overall Review: With only one review, this product is advertised as an "editor's choice award?" Peleuzz. For long time Newegg customers, don't insult our intelligence if a newegg buyer has overstepped her/his abilities and bought too much of this carnival-looking case or whatever it is.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Dr. M, Thank you for your opinion on our D-Frame Mini Black case. In Win have other mini-ITX case models available with a more classic design if you are interested. We would like to hear your suggestions to improve our products, please e-mail us at Best Regards, In-Win Development
OK if you want a tank for a case12/1/2014 12:49:13 PM

Pros: This case is solid and has lots of room.

Cons: it's very heavy, bulky, and has been on the market too long ... it's past it's significance of providing room for water coolers and fans. There are lighter cases that provide plenty of room for cooling and no one uses water cooling any more since liquid cooling is the way to go.

Overall Review: This case is very heavy and bulky. It's passe. I've bought many of them up to 2 years ago. It's a dinosaur. But something that is easier to handle than this 18 wheeler.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year
Update Review11/25/2014 2:43:24 PM

Pros: Price, utility

Cons: After 6 uses, the halogen light burned out.

Overall Review: It's a great product, but the halogen light burned out. It's not a replaceable part, so I got a full refund (new egg credit) NP because I'm a loyal newegg and rosewill customer, but this product has a major problem. Hope Rosewill will solve it.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Valued Customer, Thank you very much for purchasing this unit. We strive to provide the most reliable and highest quality products to our customers. Thanks for the feedback we will pass it along to our QA and Design teams. In the event that you are having troubles please do not hesitate to contact our support team at the number below. Phone: 1- 800-575-9885 Email: Email2: We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care
Works great for me11/25/2014 8:26:47 AM

Pros: Easy to install, great price, fast shipping

Cons: none

Overall Review: I added this to motherboard that didn't have USB 3.0. It works fine and has pin connector for a 3.0 port on the case in your motherboard doesn't have a 3.0 connection.

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Cost/performance not worth it11/9/2014 8:26:33 AM

Pros: Overclocks OK. Price

Cons: It only costs about $20-30 to upgrade to a FX-8350. Penny wise and dolloar foolish. I fell for the combo pricing but I regret it.

Overall Review: For about $20 more, but the FX-8350. This CPU has to be overclocked to perform well. Buy an 8350 and it will perform better without overclocking which lowers the life of a processor.

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Excellent11/7/2014 12:20:29 PM

Pros: Flat design. 3.0 USB. Accepts 3.5" and 2.5" Hard Drives / SSDs

Cons: None

Overall Review: I have 2 vertical docking stations. I liked this one because it's horizontal for a spot where I had a height restriction. What I like about docking stations is that for storage that you don't need to access regularly, you can turn them off and reduce the hard drive wear which leads to failure.

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