Fast & cost-effective storage7/7/2018 10:38:45 PM

Pros: Finally, a 2242 nvme pcie SSD, and at a very reasonable price. It was trivial to install in my Thinkpad T580's WWAN slot (which has space only for 2242) and works very well. WIndows 10 supports HMB (host memory buffer) and Toshiba's SSD utility shows that the maximum host DRAM requested by the drive was granted. So, a success for DRAMless SSDs.

Cons: No complaints at all!

Overall Review: I recommend this drive. I may upgrade to a bigger capacity in the future. It's convenient to have a second drive in a laptop as I can back up important files easily without having to plug in an external drive or mounting a NAS drive.

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Not durable4/12/2018 8:49:36 PM

Pros: Good performance, great amount of storage for the price. Easy to install in my Thinkpad T530.

Cons: It failed after 17 months of frequent use in a laptop -- i.e. powered up and down perhaps 5-8 times a day. As of a week ago it no longer spins up.

Overall Review: I would not recommend this product unless you have infrequent power on/off cycles. Sadly I cannot rely on Seagate laptop drives and will be shifting to all-SSD ASAP.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Thomas, We apologize for the power problems experienced with your FireCuda Gaming drive. We would like the opportunity to talk with you to find an available solution. A support case (#09314069) has been created that will reference your review and our response. Please contact us directly using the following link: Best Regards, Seagate Support
Great performance but reliability is uncertain1/29/2015 11:40:40 PM

Pros: Performs like an SSD. Economical.

Cons: Two drives have failed in 15 months.

Overall Review: I bought one of these in October of 2013 for my thinkpad T530. It is indeed fast, and "learns". Windows 7 boots to the login prompt in 15 seconds, versus the 50 seconds it took do it before it learned what to store in flash. However reliability has been a problem. In mid-2014 the drive no longer passed Lenovo's hardware tests, and Seagate "seatools for windows" tests reported that the "Short DST" (drive self-test) failed. Seagate shipped me a new drive and it was easy to make a clone with discwizard -- although one must chkdsk the windows partition first, as discwizard will not clone a partition with an error (it gives a misleading error message and I had to guess). The replacement drive said "Certified Repaired HDD". The replacement drive started showing errors late January 2015 -- about 5 months after I installed it. Once again seatools said that Short DST failed. I used the web interface to send in an RMA, got the drive in two days, cloned it (with a few "can't read sector" errors), and now I'm up again. I upgraded to firmware SM16. (The first replacement ran SM11 and did not have an available firmware upgrade.) This second RMA is too is a "certified repaired". I hope it doesn't fail.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Thomas, We apologize for the problems experienced with your Laptop Hybrid drives. Certainly it is not typical or expected for these drives to behave this way. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your replacement drive, please contact us directly by phone so we may assist in greater detail. If from the US or Canada, our contact number for support is 800-732-4283. If outside of this region, please try us here under Product Support (choose your region): Best Regards, Seagate Support
fast & capable9/25/2011 10:56:59 PM

Pros: High wireless N speeds Great value for money Outstanding tech support

Cons: Documentation could be improved.

Overall Review: I have two of these in service. One does DHCP & internet; the other performs wireless bridging from a wired network to the one. Basic setup was quite simple with the browser interface. However, the documentation wasn't sufficient to do wireless bridging. Tech support was quick to help: -- you use "wireless repeater" mode *and* enable static routing in NAT. The documentation could be improved here, although I admit wireless bridging is not common. The fastest wireless N speeds are achieved by setting "bandwidth to Auto 20/40MHz" -- not the default due to the WiFi standard. The documentation and browser setup should call attention to this. I copied a 142MB file from a wireless laptop to a wired desktop in 13.5 seconds or 10.5MB/sec = 84Mbps. This is excellent performance, especially in this price range. I definitely can recommend this router; the 4/5 is due to solely to documentation. (You can read a my longer review at A-ma-zon, which does not have a 1,000 word l

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Tech savvy helpful to install9/11/2011 2:04:16 AM

Pros: 3 USB 3.0 ports that work at fairly high speed.

Cons: Requires 5v from molex connector. The instructions imply it's optional, but it's not. Drivers on CD are outdated.

Overall Review: Drivers supplied on CD were out of date, but the (brief) instructions said to visit drivers-download and search for DL-0313102; this was successful. I have a WD "mybook" 3TB USB 3.0 drive; in copying (large) video files from an internal seagate 1.5TB drive to the WD drive, I achieve 45MB/sec transfer rate. In copying the other direction, I achieve 51MB/sec transfer rate. This is fairly good, as copying between two internal hard drives achieves only about 62MB/sec.

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Faster than class 610/16/2008 11:51:23 PM

Pros: An 158MB file copied to the flash card in 17 seconds -- that 's more like 9MB/sec rather than the rated class 6 6MB/sec. So, a good performer. I've filled the card to near capacity with no problems. A prior reviewer says the card doesn't work for his Casio Exilim s500. That's because that 2005-vintage camera doesn't support SDHC -- meaning the max you can put in that camera is a 2GB SD card. I'm amazed how often I see reviewers putting SDHC cards in old devices that do not support them. Be sure your device supports SDHC and you won't be disappointed.

Cons: No small plastic case included -- so there is nothing to protect the card when not in a device.

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Good value for money1/15/2008 12:33:57 AM

Pros: The best price per gigabyte in SDHC.

Cons: Can be rendered inoperable by a non-SDHC-compatible device.

Overall Review: This card works well, is fast, and is excellent value for money. I own several. However, be sure that you use it only with an SDHC-compatible device. I initially used an older Sandisk Multimate SD+ reader that did not have the SDHC logo (newer ones do). The reader seemed to read and write the card fine -- until the 2GB boundary, whereupon the card malfunctioned. Sandisk tech support determined that the card's internal description of its capacities and physical layout had been overwritten with incorrect information. was unable to help with a Windows program that could have restored the card to its factory state. A prior reviewer of this card cited problems with his Kodak z812. I suspect it's the same issue, as the z812 manual does *not* say the camera is SDHC compatible, and Kodak offers as a z812 accessory an SD card of 2GB maximum size. Be certain your device sports the the SDHC logo, and you will avoid grief.

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