Board is picky, but fast10/28/2005 7:39:28 AM

Comments: Let me begin by saying that I am running a rock solid gaming rig using this motherboard. The journey to this point has been much more difficult than should have been necessary. The bios did not support my 3800+ X2 out of the box. I had to perform a dangerous flash to upgrade the bios. DFI recommended I place a single core cpu in to perform the flash, but I think having a spare cpu around is an unreasonable expectation on their part. I crossed my fingers and flashed with the dual core anyway. Having corrected that problem, I went on to discover that the board is very particular about the type/brand/clocks of ram and brand of power supply. Lucky I was trying to build a showy cadillac and had sufficient components, but I had no idea going into the build that it was all necessary. I had to provide additional cooling to the northbridge chipset, because with the stock fan it ran at approximately 50C in a case at 38C ambient. I'd recommend that you read before a purchase so you go in with eyes open. All that said, the board makes a rock solid machine when properly built out, it just takes more love and effort than I'm used to. I love the box, but didn't love the build.

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Solid performer10/28/2005 7:28:12 AM

Comments: This card has been a joy to own. No trouble at all in a month of ownership. Runs cool and quiet in my silent case. I look forward to purchasing another for SLI.

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Excellent supply10/28/2005 7:26:23 AM

Comments: Fantastic unit. Pretty and functional. I am running a DFI Lanparty SLI with a 3800+ X2, a 7800GT, a couple of gigs of kingston 3200 ECC, four sata drives in xp software raid5, and an IDE burner. I had originally planned on 5 drives, but adding the extra drive destabilizes the system (Random crashes). Might be a chipset driver problem, but probably I'm right on the edge of what the supply will do. I'm still very very pleased though, my current config is rock solid and thats a very picky motherboard.

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Excellent10/28/2005 7:20:53 AM

Comments: I bought two of these. They're an excellent value. I recommend them highly.

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