Still trucking along after 4 years.2/13/2016 12:31:06 PM

Pros: - Simple setup - Portable - migrated to new computer with no extra setup.

Cons: - could use more vibration dampening. I set mine on top of a dense foam mat.

Overall Review: Like the title says, this thing has been running 24/7 for the past four years with no problems. Two years into it I switched from an AMD E-350 based server to an intel NUC i-5 server. No reformatting or raid rebuilding required; It doesn't even need the Cineraid software after the initial build unless you want to monitor it. I'm only using the E-Sata connection so I cannot comment on the performance of the USB 3 mode. The performance of the RAID seems adequate for a home based network storage server. Max performance is about 80 MB/s over a gigabit connection. I also don't know how well the hot swapping and RAID rebuilding works since I haven't lost a drive yet. I may update the review when I cross that bridge.

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Nice case5/13/2009 6:38:51 AM

Pros: Roomier inside than antec aria or shuttle. Very light if you use all onboard motherboard components. Removeable motherboard tray Integrated mobo standoffs USB and audio wiring uses standard connecter instead of annoying individual wires.

Cons: very thin aluminum construction - mobo tray can bend easily power supply fan a bit louder than I would expect HDD temp probe didn't worlk

Overall Review: Cons aside, once this thing was put together it was plenty sturdy and the handle was adequate for carring the case around (no swinging). If I was building this for myself I probably would replace the power supply. It's not terribly loud, but I could hear it over an antec 900 (4 fans on low) with a thermaltake power supply.

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Awesome tuner.2/8/2009 11:18:10 AM

Pros: Probably the biggest thing is the ability to pull unencrypted digital cable (QAM) in vista media center. Very nice HD picture in Media Center. Dual tuner means you can record and watch live at the same time or you can split the tuners between two computers on the network so each can watch seperately. Can't do that with a dedicated Card. Not having a tuner card in the HTPC reduces heat.

Cons: A bit expensive, but worth it.

Overall Review: In my ignorance, I assumed Windows Media Center edition was the same as Windows Media Center 2005 edition. The former does not recognize HDhomerun so make sure you know which version of MCE you have. Switching to Vista fixed everything and the vista clear qam problem is no longer a problem with this device. enjoy.

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Nice Little processor2/8/2009 11:05:29 AM

Pros: Speedy, dual core, and runs cool even in a cramped Antec Aria case. CPU scores a 5 in Vista CPU rating.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Works great driving an HD stream from HDHomerun device in Vista Media Center.

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Awesome cooler for ATI 48507/7/2008 10:00:38 PM

Pros: Awesome cooling even in passive mode. Lowered a VisionTek 4850 from 79c Idle/90c load to 43c idle/60c load. That's serious. Gonna strap a 140mm yate loon to see how much cooler it goes.

Cons: HUGE - not really a con if you have the case for it. Fins can be sharp. Be careful.

Overall Review: Voltage heat sink is too long for the 4850. I ended up using zalman ram sinks (the blue ones). There are 4 screws that let you adjust the plate position. The 4850 requires the alternate position for clearance. Pretty simple, though.

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