Excellent VoIP Phone1/12/2011 11:07:48 AM

Pros: Easy to configure. Speakerphone is excellent! SPA5XX series are known for speakerphone performance. PoE works flawlessly. The phone just works as you would expect!

Cons: Making configuration changes requires phone to reboot. You can how ever make several changes spanning multiple screens and apply the changes after you are done which will reboot the phone. This also effects the ethernet port used for connectivity for other devices like your computer if you are using the ethernet port on the phone.

Overall Review: Previous user complained that phone did not come with power adapter. This is common place for PoE devices. Power adapter for this phone is listed under LinkSys here. You are looking for the PA100-NA if you do not have a PoE source.

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Very happy customer.11/15/2009 8:48:26 AM

Pros: XMP made setting up this RAM extremely fast. The fan really helps keep the RAM cool and even with the bad reviews on no instructions on how to install the fan its really a no brainer. Once you mount the brackets to the fan it simply slides over the edgers of the ram. Fits loose which is perfectly fine as it does not move in my upright tower case what so ever.

Cons: No instructions for the fan but like I said in the pros it really is no big deal. Just something that Corsair might consider adding or even NewEgg could write up a quick sheet and include it with the product.

Overall Review: I was not sure if this was the right ram to get with my system as I reviewed every piece of my new system but I am extremely happy with the purchase. Everyone complaining about the fan had me at most a little concerned but it turned out to be nothing.

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