3/28/2009 11:49:18 PM

Pros: None. DOA.

Cons: DOA, tested in multiple computers. No luck. Even flashed BIOS as a last ditch. (Not that I expected that to do much.)

Overall Review: Not to be churlish, but I've built/worked on literally thousands (maybe even tens of thousands now that I think of it...) of machines and Seagate has an impressively low drive failure rate, but I order one for myself and I get a DOA? Come on, just cause it isn't an enterprise equipment doesn't mean you can poke me in the eye. Let's hope for everyone's sake it was bad luck at work here, but I can't help but feel like I'm being insulted for my loyalty when I select products for customer use.

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High Performance7/30/2008 11:19:43 PM

Pros: Ok first of all, anyone who notices that the cas of this RAM is 5 instead of 4 and pitches a fit ought to do A LOT more reading about RAM. This will not bottleneck a system, period. There are many, many papers out there if you are so inclined. Achieved 1150mhz 24hrs memtest stable without voltage or playing with timing. I believe that is what you call impressive. You can also tighten up the timing quite a bit without any issues, so the CAS 5 should not worry you at all.

Cons: No heatspreaders, not that it's a big deal really. (Unless you want to overvolt like mad and go crazy for those last few mhz... But then you should be buying the dominator stuff anyways...) CAS 5 stock, but you can change that very easily. (It's just a stock timing after all...)

Overall Review: Corsair holds multiple overclocking world records with their XMS series RAM, they have made a name off of superior products and this is most certainly one of them. Do your research and you will buy either Corsair or Bu***lo Fire***x every time if you are in to high performance and compatibility.

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A and C Panels2/27/2008 10:19:55 PM

Pros: 22", no dead pixels. Bezel looks nice. Is decent to look at.

Cons: Beware: Before you buy research 226bw c panel. The results may surprise you. They certain surprised, and after my purchase, enraged me. Samsung does NOT make the lcd in this monitor except in the case of the S panel (which seems to only have ever made it into the hands of reviewers.)

Overall Review: Samsung sent the higher quality S-panels to reviewers and shipped customers only A and C panels. Both are inferior in ALL aspects to the S panel. Golden sample. Bah. On the up side if you're not picky it is a decent panel, just don't expect "Incredible" because you WILL be disappointed.

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Hitachi quality8/12/2007 12:39:05 AM

Pros: Typical Hitachi quality. I do data recovery at (company name removed) and Hitachi's drives have the lowest failure rate of any manufacturer.

Cons: None

Overall Review: This drive is OEM, and is presented as such on this page. OEM means it comes without cables or hardware. If you have questions about what you are ordering, or do not understand any of the terms used you should ask someone knowledgeable, or do research on your own. Again, OEM means a bare drive without hardware or cables. Period.

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Update4/21/2007 2:08:43 PM

Pros: Full load of 44c with scythe at 3.2ghz with two instances of cpu burn in with error checking disabled. Prime 95 (two instances) stable 24 hours 38 mins confirmed, but I stopped there. (42c in two instances of prime 95.) I can't really speak for stock operation because it only installed windows and linux at stock, after that I went on a mission to see how far it would go.

Cons: Many motherboard manufacturers do not support the Brisbane core. Check revision dates of available Bios downloads. I believe quite honestly all of the negative reviews can be attributed to this. Only other thing I can say is that I would really like 1mb per core. But for this price I think I can be happy anyways :)

Overall Review: Make sure you have the capability/knowledge to flash your Bios. You will probably need to do it. At time of posting (4/21/07) biostar did not have a suitable Bios available, leading to many headaches. Asus, being very proactive issued a bios update on the day of the Brisbane's release. Nice.

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Trouble, but worth it.4/15/2007 3:33:25 AM

Pros: Hit 2.7 effortlessly, has more headroom, board is limiting me. Runs very cool (older M/Bs misreport temperatures) But I do have a scythe hanging off of it.

Cons: Almost all M/Bs require a BIOS flash currently (4/15/07) Most manufactures say they support it but they do not. I had to use a beta BIOS (GULP! Scary stuff...)

Overall Review: I know my board is holding me back right now. My memory (XMS2) finally gave up the ghost at 1160, meaning about 2.72 ish. My board doesn't let me play with the memory. Lame.

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Over Clocking4/15/2007 3:24:51 AM

Pros: On stock voltage and timings hit ddr 1100 easily with stability, unfortunately my board (Asus M2N-SLI) lacks options to play with timings but I bet it could hit ddr 1250.

Cons: None that were the memory's fault.

Overall Review: Buy a board that gives you options.

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Great sound, no conflicts.4/17/2006 8:53:45 PM

Pros: No issues, just forgot to disable onboard (my bad, not card's) Drivers on disk were good. No pops or clicks. Slight hiss at EXTREMELY high volumes (95% - 100%), but if you use those your speakers will explode. Get's painfully loud. Just how it should be. Clears GFX card cooler's airflow path. Good reproduction, with a good set of headphones you can hear the frets in Stairway To Heaven (Yes they are there, nobody hears them unless they actually have good ears.)

Cons: None, the only one I can think of is that I didn't buy it sooner. OK The midrange doesn't feel as crisp as it could be, but that's me nitpicking. (I'm used to an Audigy.)

Overall Review: Buy it, great gamer's card, decent Audiophile card.

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4/10/2006 7:46:21 PM

Pros: I'm having trouble thinking of any. Can't hear processor noise.

Cons: Bought because my onboard Audio is horrible. This isn't much better. Maybe the optical out it good, I don't know. No pops, just a nice little hissing to drive you mad.

Overall Review: Don't bother buying it. Improvement over even the worst onboard ausio is small

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Barton, hands down? LOL.3/28/2006 10:20:17 PM

Pros: 2.4 ghz stable. No over volting. At 2.0 in all benchmarks I ran it defeated an a64 3200+. (How I don't know, the specs say it should be beaten by 7 - 10% based off cache and arch.. but it won.. weird.) The only exclusion is memory bandwidth. Single channel versus dual, but in the real world benchs that's a 10% diff, not a 100%. Ask gamers. My buddy has a mobile barton at 2.48 ghz. It gets creamed by this proc. And he had to deal with the ocassional BSOD. Also at my lan party it took down a 3.4 northwood. While running cooler at full load than the northwood did at idle with this case open. (49c for the northwood at idle and 69 at full load. My sempy, 30c idle 40c full load.) At full tilt this proc is incredible. i can't stress enough that this thing hands out tail whooppings.

Cons: The people who bash the sempron. Don't hate because I am running a 300mhz reference clock at 3x HTT and a 2/3 memclock. People will refuse to recognize that they were beaten by a sempron. At stock speed this proc is underwhelming.

Overall Review: Those numbers were on stock cooling for me, and aftermarket for the northwood. I changed up for looks mostly. Grr, barton could beat it... sure post your benchs against mine sometime... LOL.

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Great board, horrible utils.3/28/2006 10:03:51 PM

Pros: Overall great board, stable to reference clocks in excess of 300mhz. Mounted a ZALMAN 92mm HSF without any modification to the cooler. I honestly believe that most problems people are having are user error.

Cons: The utilities crash the computer. They are worthless, do not use them. The automated overclock wanted to feed my sempron (stock volt 1.4) 1.8... Good thing I'm not a newb.

Overall Review: Great board, uniquely taiwanese (charge up your game? V-TEC V-12 automate overclock, gimme a break.)

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Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
These are included w/zalman vga coolers.3/28/2006 9:53:00 PM

Pros: Cools ram, goes on without fuss.

Cons: Thermal tape is stickier than any substance known to man, you have been warned.

Overall Review: Clean your ram first, that's the problem other people are having.

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Heavy? No...3/28/2006 9:48:25 PM

Pros: See other thoughts for weight info. LED's are subtle, not blinding. Easier to mount than a stock hsf. (Yes really.) Dropped full load from 42c to 35c on my oc'd 2800+ Sempy. The limiting factor now is ambient temp, not the cooler. Those temps are with a particularly harsh tinker core on FAH. (Don't worry, I only run OC'd on WU's that I copied for benching.) Also those temps are on first run, I have not cycled them yet. So after the cycle I'm expecting 33c or so at full load in a 72f environment. Fits perfect on my BIOSTAR Tforce, so check it against your board.

Cons: You'll have to remove your MB to put on the ZALMAN retainer, the stock one will not work, it is mounted too deep. Not a big deal for me, but worthy of note. I had a small clearance issue, I was mounting ram heatspreaders, I just mounted the closest one about 2 mm lower, and the stagger looks good with this proc.

Overall Review: Weight is 438 grams. AMD recommends coolers no larger than 450. This is a conservative spec, I mean just look at all the guys running coolers weighing in at over 700 grams with no problems.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
One more thing...3/28/2006 9:38:03 PM

Pros: A lot of cards don't have ram cooling stock, this does. Make sure to clean everything with iso alcohol.

Cons: Have to position ram sinks right the first time.

Overall Review: One is about 1/2 degree off, no one else notices at my LAN parties, but it sits in the back of my head.

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Verified Owner
Ownership: 1 day to 1 week
Oh My Goodness.3/28/2006 9:35:51 PM

Pros: The cooling capability of this device is awesome. my x800 had a top temp of 63c before, now hits 51c. Also now it does not sound like a hair dryer! Haven't cycled the silver 5 so expect a 1 - 3 c drop for op temps in the 40s! And that's with a sound card almost flush against it! You do not remove the shim. This is awesome, I mean really someone should have thought of that before. Reduces risk of cracking the core by 99%. Only uses two mounting holes, unlike the silencer. Will fit non-reference design boards. (Like my x800 powercolor.

Cons: Instructions say one washer, but on my card I needed two. Without the extra washer this would not mount properly. Could put a nexbie in a world of hurt.

Overall Review: The silencer (5, rev 3) would not fit my powercolor x800. This however will fit most any card ever. Oh yeah, says no Nvidia PCIX cards, that means PCIX not PCIe, saw a comment about that, he got confused, wanted to clarify for everyone.

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All hardware included.3/28/2006 5:05:18 PM

Pros: Works better than no name fans, and quieter to, dropped thermals. Hardware is included, just check the packaging. I can't believe some people didn't find it.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: If you can't find the hardware you must be blind, there is a reason that one of the rectangles near the fans (top one I think, can remember) is heavier, it contains the hardware. Please, don't post reviews unless you use the product and have a brain.

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Quietest 80's that move any air!3/28/2006 5:00:01 PM

Pros: Replaced some cruddy dynex 80mm fans (I know, buy good stuff.) and cut my Computer's noise production in half, or maybe lower. Also since these flow really well I dropped 2c off my cpu temp at full load.

Cons: Knowing that these are 80mm fans they are noisier than a 120mm with the same airflow, but the difference at this cfm is not worth mentioning.

Overall Review: Really wasn't expecting any improvement in temps, but I'll take it. (Yes I tested right, same ambient condit, all that jazz. Same testing software for full load, jeez.)

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Common sense3/15/2006 5:33:05 PM

Pros: Cheap as dirt

Cons: Cheap as dirt

Overall Review: I used it for a low end board and it worked fine, but who in their right mind mold slap a rough 5 buck passive heatsink on a NF4? Noob cake.

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Requires powered bus.3/15/2006 4:48:42 PM

Pros: Cheap as dirt, works as advertised

Cons: 128M gets cramped but for X bucks :P

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Contrary3/11/2006 3:55:33 AM

Pros: Fan does not rev up like other reviews say.

Cons: Voltage accuracy is only decent.

Overall Review: Wonder if those people have any case fans? Sounds like user error to me.

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Aight....3/11/2006 3:55:25 AM

Pros: Provides decent power, vcore fluctuations of 0.025 are common though.

Cons: vcore fluctuations of 0.025v Need I say more, although they always stay below rated (1.425 = 1.398 to 1.423) So crashes, not pops, I'll take crashes over pops any day.

Overall Review: For the price I'm being really hard on the poor thing... But I'm a jerk like that.

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63c full load3/11/2006 3:54:50 AM

Pros: Fast, cheap, plays BF2.

Cons: Yeah artic silencer will not work on this card..... Powercolor did not follow reference placement of chips or mounting holes. Got to the gpu and looked at it.... HmMmmm that's not going to work well...

Overall Review: Mount a Zalman. Also is rather quiet. not silent but not annoying. (Like my buddies 1900 xtx's hahaha, no clearance between cards = fear crashes HAHAHA, had to use atitool to spool fans earlier, and boy are they LOUD! My fan at 100% is like his at 10%) LOLOLOLOL

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Almost perfect!3/11/2006 3:54:41 AM

Pros: Rocks 300+ on the fsb! Automatically adjusts the htt multi to help noob clockers! Pair it with the 2800+ sempy to beat up on a 3400+ Newcastle! 0.0 !

Cons: May be another part but something in my system WILL NOT take to the 2/3 dram divisor.... 0.o..... weird. Aggravating too, otherwise that would be a 2.4, not a 2.3.... grrr... Well 1/2 works at 2.45 so pbhhht... Oh yeah, more importantly shows freq, not divisors for memclock, noob mistake..... Included utilities are poor. Use clockgen and speed fan. Plays OK with linux, except for sound/onboard lan. Biggest issue... Onboard sound is utterly horrible! (I tried diff ref clocks just for throughness) It is horrible... just plain crud. Buy a $xx sound card, save yourself some pain. DO NOT use the automate overclock unless you like feeding your processor 1.8v! I poked around out of curiosity and found that it wanted to feed my 1.4v sempy 1.8!

Overall Review: CPUz #78086 Not for noobs. Read up, then buy, you will enjoy nipping at you friend's 939's with a 754 cheapie. To all aspiring Oc'ers, remember, increasing bus frequency DOES NOT help performance or stability. Don't listen to the manual on that one. I read that and almost died laughing.

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Do not listen to nubs.3/11/2006 3:27:21 AM

Pros: Absolutely quick in stock form. With me goofing around, well 2.3ghz CPUz validation #78086. Nuff said. Used the board this was comboed with (Tforce 754)

Cons: What? Why is this here, it can eat my friend's 3500+ Venice! Ok ok ok.... I experienced stability issues trying to run the 2/3 divisor, not sure if it is the IMC or the board, or even the ram. Thought I'd mention that I hit 2.5 stable at 1/2 though so... 0.o (1 hour super pi till i wanted to play)

Overall Review: I posted earlier unable to hit 2.0, always failing out at near 240 ref clk. Ummm yeah, noob mistake, dram divisor, D'oh! Oh yeah, core v, yeah watch that, my PSU is fine, but my biostar is weird. Checked with multimeter. Weird.....

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Update3/5/2006 12:16:26 PM

Pros: Alirght, before I posted with no success at hitting 2.0ghz, regardless of voltage, HTT, etc. I found the stumbling block, it's not this proc! at my highest stable setting I get 26 - 28c idle, and 36c load when running cpu burn in with error checking disabled (for more heat) at 1.9 ghz. This is with stock cooling

Cons: The board that is in the -10 dollar bundle cannot run ram async with proc. It's a biostar though. So my ram gets unstable past 240 mhz fsb (keep in mind that 754 is 200mhz quad sampled to 800)

Overall Review: Runs great, but I'm caught up in an arms race with my buddy so it is being chucked (read given to parents to replace their 2500.) in favor of a 3400 newcastle (non semp) But before that I'm going to get some higher rated ram to hit those stupid numbers I crave.

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