Worst rebate, mediocre drive.12/15/2017 5:51:19 PM

Pros: It can read medias.

Cons: You will need slow the speed in order to burn any cd or dvds with it. You're better off forking more in order to get a drive that works for you.

Overall Review: ASUS is so horrible even their own (contract) employees fumbles on your rebate. This is a lesson learn for me take my advice and look away from any ASUS product with rebates or not. They will likely suck that rebate one way or the other away from you. ASUS if you're reading this, I have contacted your customer service and I was advice to email proof by taking an image of the box with the serial/upc had already been cutoff which I did but boy I was still turned down even though your staff had fumbled my rebate.

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AC66U Open Box5/7/2013 5:07:47 PM

Pros: I like the fact that it had: * Guest Zones on 2.4ghz/5ghz. * VPN server capability so I could access the network drives remotely. * Traffic Manager * Traffic Monitor so I could measure how much data and how fast everything is running. * TX power adjustment - I could boost my 2.4ghz and 5ghz if needed. * 2 USB ports - I have plugged in my 500gb and I was impressed on how this router could handle FTP and Bittorrent. * AiCloud - I like the fact that I could manage my files through my iPhone.

Cons: * Router could not handle real HD streaming. (internal and external network) * Lags on XBOX & PS3 Games streaming even after the router had been updated to firmware ver. (even after Port forwarding and QOS had been set properly) * It Heats up the moment you have multiple items turned on and increasing the power gain on the wifi. (VPN server, QOS, Guest Zone, USB application)

Overall Review: Comparing this router to an old Dlink DGL-4500 and my old router could handle the traffic better than the AC66U when it comes to HD or Gaming. Using this router made me think about my older Linksys Speedbooster router which it had similar issues when handing traffic. Though this router is good but only if you intend to to browse, check email, and download files. But for Gaming enthusiast or people who like to watch HD content I wouldn't recommend this router what so ever.

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