of course no quad-SLI11/14/2011 11:34:00 AM

Pros: Single-card SLI, and all the benefits that come with it, including of course performance.

Cons: Price. It is reasonable, essentially the price of two single-560ti cards, plus slightly more for the single-card convenience. On the plus side, the price is equivalent to the GTX 580, and the GTX 560 ti 2win outperforms it. But, it is still probably beyond the budget range of many.

Overall Review: As I understand it, only the GTX 480 and GTX 580 are capable of Quad-SLI (as of this writing). And so of course, a dual-560ti setup which is already SLI will not have the capability of pairing with another of its kind. It should certainly not be downrated because it can't do something it was never intended to do. (1 egg because it can't go 8-way SLI, or 16-way? Makes just as much sense.)

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Awesome! but may not last...5/26/2011 10:08:05 AM

Pros: Excellent quality mouse right out of the box. Would definitely buy again if the longevity issues are addressed.

Cons: My RAT-7 has been awesome and top-notch... until now. It seems the many complaints that it received about longevity may be true. Lately I went back to some heavy-click gaming which really put some stress on my mouse. And lo and behold, it started to exhibit several classic signs of stress wear. The problem is that it is only about 3 months old. A top-end gaming mouse (US$99 MSRP) should not show signs of wear at 3 months with only moderate use, or even heavy use. The most obvious issue is the left button. It now shows signs of extreme switch bounce. For those unfamiliar, this is when a single click will sometimes produce multiple clicks. The bounce that I'm seeing is almost certainly due to switch wear because it is most prevalent with "soft clicks", i.e. when I don't purposefully click with average pressure. And also because it only started happening a few days ago, with no changes to drivers, etc. The bounce is even reproducible in their own calibration tool.

Overall Review: There's also the very well-known issue about its sensitivity. Put plainly, it may be too good! Anybody who keeps their speaker volume turned up, especially with a good subwoofer, will see mouse drift every time some serious bass is played. It's kind of a double-edged sword. It's a sign that the laser is indeed ridiculously precise. But it is also detrimental to gameplay if the drivers don't "dampen" such erratic motion from the tiniest environmental effects (i.e. killer music playing in the background, or loud explosions). Everything else about the mouse (so far) is really top-notch. The weight is a bit heavier than some other lightweight gaming mice (even with all weights off), but it's still light, and that's coming from someone who likes very light mice. There have been some concerns about its sturdiness, but I've found it impressively solid. The poor, high-wear switches, though, are a serious problem that do not belong on a US$99 mouse.

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