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Simple install, works great in Node202

SILVERSTONE SST-AR11 92mm Dual ball bearing CPU Cooler
SILVERSTONE SST-AR11 92mm Dual ball bearing CPU Cooler

Pros: Great cooling, super low profile for small, console-style mITX cases.

Cons: Stock fan is very noisy

Overall Review: This cooler is great and fits perfectly in my Fractal Design Node 202. I have an LGA 1151 Mini ITX board and a 2690k and temps are well under control even under full load. One issue was that the stock low-profile fan is very noisy under load. I opted to replace it with a noctua 92mm 25mm tall fan and it fits with a few mm to spare. Now its almost completely silent and dropped the temps a bit further. If you have the extra headroom a 25mm height fan is a massive upgrade to this cooler.

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Sent used 500GB drives instead of new 5TB drives.

Where to start. Shipping took an age and a day, once it shipped though it arrived promptly. And then the fun began. I ordered two 5TB seagate drives. Billed as new. Recieved 2 500GB seagate drives, one manufactured in 2012 and one in 2014. The 2012 one had an expired factory warranty and the 2014 one (according to seagate's support site) was originally sold as a OEM/component drive and I should contact the original seller for warranty info. Which to me mean "it has no warranty". My issue is simple. I bought "new" drives but was shipped old, likely used, drives with 1/10th the capacity as I ordered. At no point during the process was I contacted to communicate that this was going to happen. I'm very disappointed with this seller and am kicking myself that I didn't read their reviews sooner. Newegg needs to weed out bad sellers like this as this sort of dishonesty is completely unprofessional and reflects poorly on Newegg. I asked for a full refund so we'll see where that goes. What the hell do I even do with a measly 500GB drive these days, much less two. Especially when I'm looking for 10x that much storage...

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