Elite product4/26/2011 11:30:30 PM

Pros: This got a 5 Star for the complete and satisfying performance of this SSD. I am currently using with ASUS M4A87TD motherboard, along side a AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition Callisto 3.2GHz with 3 total cores (unlocks to a x4 B55). Newegg won't show me as a verified owner due to the fact I bought this from a local Computer Retail store (Gotta support the little guys!). I was very surprised to find that this particular SSD lists different read/write speeds than I have. I used AJA system test and the results were great: Read = 203 MB/s, Write = 67 MB/s. Intel must have sent out a majority of defective drives because this thing ain't lying! I have Mac OS x 10.67 along side Windows 7 Pro 64 bit, I still have 6.79 GBs left with Microsoft Office 2010 installed. The write speed for both averages around 58 MB/s.

Cons: This SSD is not supplied with a Sata 6.0 cable. Also, I own a 10 Gigabit NIC card that, after speaking to IBM, is not compatible with this SSD as of yet. Their Tech support engineers are going to write me Bug/Patch though! Will update this after they get it to me.

Overall Review: This is the SSD to own if 1) You are tight on your budget 2) Just starting to look into SSD 3) Want to run multiple OS' without latency 4) Are a vivid gamer that can't waste $400 on Intel's gamer SSD 5) Have VMware (vSphere 4.0 for me), or directly connect to different Computers/Servers alot. I truly cannot say enough that would justify the humble satisfaction I have for this, if you are EVEN thinking about buying this, DO IT!

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Great MB4/17/2011 12:31:07 AM

Pros: I gave this a 5 star review for the ease of use. This mother board is great and has great features. For overclockers, this is a great MB to start with, it has its own core unlocker switch physically installed, and a reset BIOs button. Overall, this is a fast MB that will complement the best AMD processor you can buy.

Cons: On this motherboard, the Jumpers are NOT labeled so be careful while setting up any LED casing lights as I learned the hard way which one was my power button jumper.

Overall Review: Great Motherboard, only has One Sata 6.0 cord included, and two USB 3.0 slots. Remember, the DDR clock default settings are 9,9,9,27. The auto overclock feature will also keep these settings no matter how many times you run it.

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A fine value drive4/17/2011 12:09:09 AM

Pros: Using Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit.... Ubuntu 11.04, Windows 7 boots in 12 seconds to login screen, Ubuntu is in 8 seconds. Also have Iceweasle which with previous 500 GB Western Digital Black Caviar was useless, not with this SSD. Playing COD MW2, Gears of War 2, Starcraft 2, Civilization V, and Oblivion with ATI Radeon 5770 on maxed out, SSD performs flawlessly. The best thing that this SSD offers is the increase of overall performance that you will experience. The read speed that I got is around 250 MB/s rather than 200 like advertised, Wirte is around 75 MB/s which is the real surprising perk! I guess Intel advertises differently for diversity.

Cons: Owned for around 9 months and have yet to experience any issues as of yet. Will update this review if and when I do.

Overall Review: Using an AMD Phenom II X2 555 Black Edition Callisto 3.2GHz, performs exceptionally well with this and is a nice complement to this SSD. Between internal drive transfer rate to my Samsung 200 GB drive, it gets around 65 MB/s with is super super nice. Also, the hottest I have ever seen this SSD get to is around 36 degrees Celsius. If you are looking to spend around $500 - $700 for a complete build, this is your new OS drive!

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Great Keyboard - Good Mouse11/4/2010 10:45:27 PM

Pros: Very easy to use. I saw other people were having problems syncing to the Computer with the keyboard. Not the case here. Plug and play for Most keys. Specialty keys such as Volume, Internet and Email need to be uploaded with files first. Mouse is good for the price.

Cons: The roller on the Mouse is very inconsistent. When trying to go up or down it can be somewhat unresponsive, though over all is a quality mouse.

Overall Review: I bought this to get up to date on my keyboard and would have payed 40.00 for this keyboard alone. The mouse was an added bonus for the price and as always it's too good to be true. If you really want this keyboard buy it, it's worth the money!

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Naughty Bear7/27/2010 9:19:03 PM

Pros: A very fun, interesting game with some"Manhunt" style kills. Not a game recommended for kids! Has a child like game feel to it though it is rated for TEEN.

Cons: Somewhat psychotic storyline. Every time I play it I think of the Colorado Murders.

Overall Review: Don't underestimate the fun side of this game, you will be going to work or school the next day wishing those bears were still your friends. Most of the character names come from the hit show "Care Bears". Overall - I did like it but rent it first to see if you do too.

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