Wanted to give 4 starts but apparently you cant change it after a mistaken click.9/14/2021 1:21:35 PM

Pros: Fast

Cons: Gets pretty warm. Heats up to ~70-80c under load even with a good heatsink.

Overall Review: It's a great drive. I get the full advertised speed with gen4 pcie plugged into an Intel 11600k

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It's a CPU.9/12/2021 6:26:24 PM

Pros: GREAT value for per-core performance. Runs cool. Great overclocking head-room. Now hiccups whatsoever.

Cons: Not much of an unboxing experience.

Overall Review: If your looking for a fast, reliable CPU for gaming for a good value. Look no further.

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Love the idea, but not perfect9/10/2021 9:07:35 AM

Overall Review: First glaring issue is the lack of cooler support. I needed a single rad cooler to support this and their are VERY rare. The coolers this mount supports are very old and dated. Second issue I had was not enough cooling support for the VRM's and RAM chips. My thermal imager clocks the RAM chips under load at 105-108c. This mount doesn't even include thermal pads for them. Everything else about it I love. Easy install. Cools the main chip quite well.

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Failed9/2/2019 12:07:56 PM

Pros: Worked well when it worked

Cons: Failed after a year or so of use.

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Perfect.9/2/2019 12:06:35 PM

Pros: Works like RAM.

Cons: A little pricey.

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Best keyboard I have ever used.9/2/2019 12:05:49 PM

Pros: Battery life is insane, and a breeze to type on.

Cons: None.

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Good unit.9/2/2019 12:04:14 PM

Pros: It's quick and works well

Cons: For some reason theres a spot on the board for an external led connector but no resistor or pins were soldered on. I had to do this myself to get it working as it's as necessity for the application I'm using it for. Also, this thing is much too expensive for what it is.

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Ownership: more than 1 year
It's usable.9/2/2019 12:01:27 PM

Pros: It's black. It still works after almost a year of use.

Cons: Part of the metal backplate was bent, along with the screw holes not being tapped properly, made installation of this unit much harder and more time consuming than it should have been. The unit is also much louder than the one that was in it.

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