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Great case at an amazing price8/29/2015 11:50:58 AM

Pros: 1. This case has the features of a high-end case with a very reasonable price (see other thoughts). 2. The case is very roomy. I worked in almost all parts of the case without issue despite the large meat paws I call hands. 3. The included case fans are silent. 4. Fractal is very, very good at simple, sleek designs. If that floats your boat, then it's hard to find a better case. 5. The dust filters are accessible and easy to clean 6. The exposed motherboard backplate is a great idea. I wish more cases did this.

Cons: 1. My front panel jacks were reversed! I figured this out pretty quickly, but it is a frustrating to have an otherwise perfect case marred by such a simple error. I read online that you can swap the two; however, that doesn't appear to be the case. You can get to the panel jacks, but you'll find that they are directly soldered to a PCB. Without resoldering, the only thing that's removable is the audio wire, which doesn't help you. 2. Only the front and back portions of the case have dust filters. They also only included 1 intake fan and 1 output fan. The combination of the two means that difference in pressure inside the case and outside the case will hover around 0. As a result, dust will naturally find its way into the case through any openings. They either should have included more dust filters or they should have included a second intake fan to cause the internals of the case to have positive pressure to help prevent dust build up. Also, the fans used in this case are $15 retail. I wish they had just bundled an extra fan with the case and increased the price of the case by the wholesale cost of the fan. 3. Nitpick: My front filter wasn't in place. Had I not noticed it then there exists the possibility that dust would have gotten into the case. 4. Nitpick: I would have appreciated another few millimeters of space between the motherboard tray and the side panel. My main motherboard power connector was think enough that it alone was wide enough to make it difficult to put the side panel back on.

Overall Review: Surprisingly, several other retailers beat Newegg's price by up to 20%. The lower price increases value/cost ratio to a point where this case is hard to beat.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello Brett, We're sorry to hear that the audio ports on your Define S are reversed. Included with all of our cases there is a red piece of paper that has the contact information to our Technical Support Team. If you have lost that piece of paper you can contact us by submitting a ticket at: You can also call our toll free number : 855-446-3722 Our office hours are Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm CT. Please contact our Tech Support Team and they should be able to assist you and get your audio ports switched back to their intended positions. Best Regards, Fractal Design Support
Works with PC12/12/2014 1:17:04 PM

Pros: Works with PC too! (See Other thoughts) Pretty good sound. It's a bit too base heavy by default; however, the built in EQ solves that pretty quickly. I've used this with a few different chat programs, and people have told me that the mic was crystal clear The mic is super easy to adjust and "feels good" The headset is about the right weight, maaaaaaybe a tad bit heavy The headband and ear muffs are some of the most comfortable I've ever had on a headset.

Cons: None

Overall Review: In order for the headphones to work with PC, you'll need an audio card with digital optical out. In order for the mic to work you'll need to have a bluetooth adapter with bluetooth 2.0 + EDR support. Anything that's bluetooth 3.0 or higher should work. After that, it's just a matter of adding the bluetooth device and telling windows to use that for recording and audio output. Turtle Beach actually has a small, informal guide on their website. I couldn't get dynamic chat boost to work. I assume this is my fault for using it on PC instead of a console, so I can't hold it against the manufacturer. I wish they had a stand for the headset that also acted as a wireless charger. I have a similar device for my tablet, and it's pretty spiffy.

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Okay8/16/2014 11:41:31 AM

Pros: 1. Pretty! 2. Lots of settings 3. Pleasing colors

Cons: 1. The sticky backside is worthless 2. I have mine stuck on using super glue and adhesive Velcro 3. The cut sections need to be wider. If you're not extremely careful when cutting the strips you'll damage the connectors and break all or some of the color channels.

Overall Review: You'll almost certainly want to buy some of the other products from HitLights that actually make these usable. For example, I bought some of the connects that allow you to cut the strips up and then reconnect them so you can have them at right angles. I'm not sure why they didn't just include a few in with these and put the price up 5 dollars.

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Super pleased8/16/2014 11:36:48 AM

Pros: 1. Sharp 2. Light 3. Handles well 4. Pleasing to use. I actually enjoy using them. I wouldn't have called shenanigans had someone told me this before using them.

Cons: You do have to be careful with the knifes since they are a bit more fragile than traditional stainless steel knives. I've broken the tip off of one of mine by dropping it several feet. That being said, I haven't experienced any of the problems talked about other ceramic knives. All in all, I feel like these are pretty sturdy, and definitely deserve 5 stars.

Overall Review: I have larger hands so I wish the handles were a big bigger; however, it's probably the perfect size for most people.

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Solid product8/16/2014 11:33:27 AM

Pros: 1. fast - far outperforms my other 3 SDDs 2. I think this is a pretty reasonable price point for the size and speed 3. Stable

Cons: See Other thoughts

Overall Review: This is arguably expensive, but you're also getting half a TB of SSD storage that's super fast. With that in mind, I think the price is completely understandable.

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Surprisingly Good8/16/2014 11:29:52 AM

Pros: 1. Feels sturdy 2. Looks good 3. Feels good, even after long sessions 4. Sounds good 5. Mic is excellent 6. Not expensive

Cons: See Other thoughts

Overall Review: The inline volume and mute thing is weird. It's kinda big, and it's also shaped very strangely. These are arguably both good things. This means you can easily find it and orient yourself to the buttons without looking or without light. That being said, it does look funny.

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Defective10/30/2013 4:35:55 PM

Pros: * Choice of two comfortable grips * Super spinny wheel is fun, but I'm not sure how useful it really is. * The optional software is better than Logitech's older stuff, but it's still not great. * The onboard memory was a big seller for me, and it proved to be worthwhile. * The mouse is precise, but that's not a big surprise

Cons: *Clicking with the mouse wheel is easier than with the G7, but still not as easy as a cheapie $10 mouse from your local store. * Mouse is defective. I actually got the tech support guy on the phone to admit it as well. If you do a search for "logitech g9 connection issue" or something similar you'll see that it's common enough for people to create videos and walkthroughs of how to do manual repairs. The wire connecting to the base of the mouse isn't connected very well and shorts out with little to no stress. This causes the mouse to lose connection constantly while in use. My mouse stopped working after about a month and half of use. Logitech RMA'd it, but they downgraded me to a mouse with roughly half the features that is also $20 cheaper. You could make the argument that I'm getting a new mouse to replace an old one, but I never should have gotten an obviously defective mouse to begin with. Additionally, I found out that they made a mouse with almost exact feature parity with this issue fixed. Instead of replacing my defective version with that mouse (G500S) I'm getting downgraded. This is particularly frustrating given that I originally bought the G9x to move away from the excellent G7 that is known to have defective hardware as well (the wireless connection stops working after about a year or so). This too is a known hardware problem that Logitech has admitted to. All of this together has made me a big frustrated with Logitech. I've been a big fan of Logitech products from mice and keyboards to speakers; however, I can't in good conscious recommend Logitech products anymore.

Overall Review: I honestly couldn't tell much of a difference from the weights. I just put all of mine in and called it a day. I found that the texture of the mousepad made more of a difference than the weights. This wasn't advertised, but I thought I'd point out that I couldn't get it to track on my frosted glass desk

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The only headphones I've ever liked6/24/2013 1:59:31 PM

Pros: * Sounds great * Not too heavy * Looks great * Feels quality

Cons: * A bit expensive

Overall Review: This is the only pair of headphones I've ever owned and not had buyers remorse. I would absolutely recommend shelling out this much money for quality headphones that last.

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Meh6/24/2013 1:57:15 PM

Pros: * Mic seems to be of a reasonable quality

Cons: * Feels like a cheap piece of plastic garbage. Everything feels loose and poorly made. Note that I said "feels"; it appears to be sturdy enough; although, I have no plans on testing it. * A bit expensive for what it is. I only picked it up because of a sweet daily deal * The earpads are shaped like an oval, aren't don't fit my average (I think?) sized ears.

Overall Review: Finding a good headset under $70 without deals appears to be difficult

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I Expected More6/15/2013 6:17:53 PM

Pros: * Great looking case * Good selection of front-panel input that don't look and feel like garbage. * Tasteful (I think the blue LED is an appropriate level of brightness) Front-panel MoBo headers are grouped so they are easy to connect * USB 3.0

Cons: Let the complaints flow * The slimline restriction on the optical disk drive is a massive pain to deal with. I can't fathom what would be bad enough to make each customer deal with the oddities and pain of slimline drives. They have special power connectors, are harder to find, have much less selection, etc. Also worth noting, slimline SATA cables are not the same as MicroSATA cables. * I went with a microATX board, but I don't see how you could fit the optical disk drive in with an ATX board. Another reviewer mentioned that some full ATX boards are short enough to fit them, but I was unable to find any after performing a cursory search. * The optical disk drive mounting brackets needed longer grooves so that you have more leeway when positioning the slimline drive. As it stands now, I couldn't get my optical disk drive flush with the outside of the case unless I used some power tools to fix it manually. * I had a swiss-cheese screw that was laughably bad. I was actually able to drill it out by hand using a cheapie manual screw driver. * I think the case needed an extra inch in every dimension. Even with a microATX board and no video card the thing felt cramped and was a pain to work in. * I had a lot of trouble installing the optional fan. I also had to be careful with how I mounted it; otherwise, I wouldn't be able to mount my mobo. * This thing was a pain in general to work in. I've owned 30 dollar Rosewill cases that were easy to work with. * Not enough space between the left side of the case and the fan. The wires coming out of my PSU and my SSD block a decent amount of airflow * For some reason the HDD MoBo header was grouped with the card reader USB header. This may make sense based on the case layout; however, it doesn't always make sense with MoBo layouts. Thankfully they easy to separate. * The fan molex power connector is an absolute piece of garbage. The pins aren't secured correctly so they move around constantly when trying to insert it into the PSU female connector. This means that if the pints are aligned perfectly the first time then you probably bent the pins or pushed the PSU connector's sockets out of alignment. I don't know why you wouldn't spend the extra buck to get a solid, stable molex connector. * Screws scratch the case pretty easily. Other cases I've paid half as much for haven't had this issue. For example, the last case I had was anodized aluminum, and couldn't be harder to scratch. * The top of my case is bowed slightly. The case was actually packed reasonably well, so I'm not sure who's fault this is.

Overall Review: I ended up rating this with 4 eggs instead of 3 because I know that a week from now I'll be happy with it even though I had a lot of hassle during the initial set up. The set up, while a bit more of a pain than it should have been, is a one time pain. For $160, I expected the case to be extremely easy to work in and of pretty high quality. I found the case to be lacking in both areas. It does look nice, which was the main determining factor when I was purchasing a case, so I'll probably be happy with it in the end.

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Decent cooler6/15/2013 5:54:47 PM

Pros: * Not stupidly large * Does what it's supposed to do

Cons: * The fan is noticeable. This may be fine if you know you'll be playing music or video games. I ended up replacing mine with a Noctua 140 MM fan *The fan should have been 140 MM and I argue that they either should have included no fan or gone ahead and included a fan worth having. I'm not a fan of paying for the included cheapo sleeved bearing fan when for a few extra dollars I could have gotten a silent fan that I would actually use * The instructions are terrible. Also, they appear to be incorrect. I had to use the Intel bracket with my AMD FM2 mobo.

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Excellent6/15/2013 5:46:23 PM

Pros: * Mostly modular * Fanless * Feels quality * Nice to work with This is definitely the best power supply I've ever worked with.

Cons: None

Overall Review: This is minor, but the power supply isn't completely modular. The 24 pin MOBO, 4/8 pin CPU, and the GPU power cords are all attached and can't be removed. It would have been nice if the GPU power cord was modular as well. That being said, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone; it is extremely obvious if you look at the pictures.

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Some Assembly Required5/21/2013 6:37:46 PM

Pros: * Ventilation for your back * Not heavy * A littler cheaper than some of the other chairs with its features

Cons: * The tilt adjustment is insufficient. Even at the lowest setting I yo-yo back and forth a little when trying to lean back. I weight 170 pounds. * This thing was an absolute nightmare to put together. All of the screws come already in the chair. Normally this would mean just a little wasted time unscrewing them; however, I spent a hour taking out 3 screws. All three were obviously screw ed in with a power drill at an angle. One of the screws took 40 minutes. * My box looked like an absolute mess when I got it. This is partly UPS's fault; however, I also noticed that the chair had more or less no packing. The parts are just stuffed into a box. * The lever for the pneumatic lift feels flimsy and cheap. This sort of this normally doesn't bother me, and I generally ignore comments pointing this out. In this instance it bothered me enough to mention it. This may just have something to do with the fact that I was angry at the amount of time it took to assemble the chair.

Overall Review: Not worth buying. There are several chairs on Newegg, and there isn't anything that sets this one substantially apart. I personally chose this char because of a daily deal that made it 20 or 30 dollars cheaper with free shipping.

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Frustrating3/30/2013 2:24:15 PM

Pros: Worked great for the first year Reasonably priced when I first bought it on sale

Cons: Started randomly disconnecting all users from all devices after about a year. The problem is definitely the router. We've tried out the router with different setups, computers, operating systems, devices, etc. The error log doesn't list anything, and I've tried all suggestions here and on several other websites. After two months of fiddling with this thing, I'm giving up and buying a new, hopefully better, router.

Overall Review: It's certainly possible that the issue is my fault; however, it does seem fishy the the problem didn't surface until after a year. As far as we know nothing else has changed to might have caused the issue.

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