Why Buy This VS ‘The Silent Back Box from Sweden’5/20/2013 10:05:06 AM

Pros: Read the description, it will tell you a lot, I’m only going to mention the things I liked that were not highlighted in the description. I believe a case is one of the things in PC building that we builders obsess over for a bit too long. So I’m going to try and be as detailed as possible so I can help you decide if you want this case. Enjoy! --This thing looks so sexy! -- It has a solid blue line light that looks so Tron-modern compared to little blue power indicator led. --It is not that big for a full ATX board. --It has a hotswap bay, which I love for doing back ups. --The rubber grommets are pretty tough, none of them tore while I was forcing cables through. --Lots of tie down places for cable management. --The hard drive bays have foam to help keep them quite. --Lots of removable easy clean filters. --The power button has a snap pop feel which I really like. --Did I mention how sexy this looks? I was going to get ‘The silent black box from Sweden’ case (I can’t mention competitors names/products or this review will be taken down), but this was cheaper and IMO it looks better than ‘The silent black box from Sweden’ (but unlike the windowed model of ‘The silent black box from Sweden’ the window model of the Urban S31 does not come with sound dampening foam).

Cons: --It does not have enough screws to mount both front and both top fans. The front and top both use a special type of m3 x 28mm screw, the case comes with 12, you need 16 for all four fans. There are 4 installed on the pre-installed fan, and 8 extra. The manual even mentions that this only comes with 8 extra. I’m really let down by this, it would only make sense to have the full amount (just 4 more!) of this special screws available. To get around that, I installed each of the 4 fans with only 3 screws :( --The side panels are a bit thin/floppy :( --The front door only open to an 85 degree angle, I have to slightly force it if I want to use my disk drive. Once you go about 95 degrees, the door pops off (or I guess it could break?) --THE FILTERS ARE TERRIBLE. The filter have a little too much firm plastic framing/support that it actually blocks air flow. The front intake filter especially. I actually don’t use the front filter, having the front door shut plus the filter cuts down on my airflow BY AT LEAST HALF IMO. Since I can’t upload a photo, I’ll try to illustrate it. Imagine you have a ladder (this is the filters frame/support), you can spread a mesh over the ladder (the filter screen) and air can pass between the ladder steps with ease. Now cover between every other step with a panel of wood(more filter support/frame), that covers up half of the mesh and now you have half as much air flow :( --The side panels don’t slide in as perfectly as I want, but then again this is a good price for the case I got.

Overall Review: I got this over the ‘The silent black box from Sweden’ case (I can’t mention competitor’s names/products or this review will be taken down). I got what I paid for, but I’m still very happy over all. If you want sound damping foam, get the non-windowed version of this case, or DYI with sound damping foam from Newegg. That is what I did and I’m very pleased! If you are worried about sound, I hate to say this but with any, I REALLY MEAN ‘ANY’ CASE, you need a fan controller, be it software or BIOS with the motherboard fan headers, or hardware like an actually fan controller built/added to the case. If the fans are on high, no matter what case, you’re going to hear the fans. A good case will only help minimize sounds like mechanical hard drives, and fan squealing, but high power air flow noise cannot be muted unless…there is no air flow :( FINAL THOUGHTS: It was a tough choice between this and ‘The silent black box from Sweden’ case. I choose the Urban S31 for these exact points. --Cheaper --One more 3.5 front panel --A built in Hotswap bay --The front face/door is still minimal but still has enough style to be sexy --The blue line power led is sexier than a simple blue back lit power button. ‘The silent black box from Sweden’ case and this are not of the same caliber (if you’re looking for that look, into the higher models of the Urban S series), but for the price and the items mentioned in the final thoughts, this was a fantastic substitute!

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