Best sound ever!8/23/2021 8:54:00 AM

Pros: Comfortable because of the velour ear pads. I am a gamer and have worn these earphones for 4 hours straight with no discomfort. Makes my 1st person shooter games come alive. Also, I am a Blues fan and my favorite bands are just "alive" now; the soundstage is expansive.

Cons: I bought the 250 ohm model and this meant I had to buy an integrated DAC/amp. I have no problem with this. However, if you don't want to buy a DAC + Amp then purchase either the 32 ohm or the 80 ohm models.

Overall Review: I highly recommend these closed back Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 250 ohm headphones.

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Great Gaming CPU7/10/2021 8:23:59 AM

Pros: I play at 1080p exclusively and this 5600X cpu is outperforming my old 3700X cpu, hands down.

Cons: There are no cons!

Overall Review: I heartily recommend the 5600X both for moderate content creation and for playing 1st person shooters.

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2nd Purchase and a great value12/16/2020 10:17:53 AM

Pros: Timing is OK. I don't notice anything negative on playing Doom Eternal or playing any of the five titles of the Fallout series. On using Microsoft Office there is no perceptible difference between this RAM and other RAM with tighter timings.

Cons: There are no cons IMO.

Overall Review: Given the price for 32GB of RAM buying this RAM should be OK for most folks.

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Ownership: 1 week to 1 month
Biostar B450MH an Amazing Entry Level Gaming Board.10/30/2020 12:37:48 PM

Pros: I saw this board advertised on Newegg a couple of weeks ago and immediately bought it because I had been so impressed with my last Biostar motherboard (G41-M7) purchase back in late 2010; in fact one of my brother in-laws is still using it. I’m using this B450MH with a stock Rizen R5 2600 CPU and its accompanying heatsink/cooler, plus a stock Gigabyte Gaming NVidia GTX 1060 GPU. The SSD is an Intel M.2 660 P series at 1,024 GB. The other SSD is an 240 GB Apacer Panther SATA 3. Ram totals 32 GB using two OLOY series X2 16 GB DDR4 3600 MHz (CL 18-22-22-42) modules. The DVD burner is a LightON. The power supply is a Seasonic G series, 650 watts 80+ gold. The case is an old Rosewill Galaxy midtower and the Windows 10 Pro uses an OEM key. There are three 120mm fans in the case plus the CPU fan (front, top and rear). This board is really “entry level” since there are no real “goodies” on it, such as RGB headers and heatsinks on the VRM modules, but the board performs admirably. I consider the build quality as quite good , equivalent to competing boards from ASRock, Asus, Gigabyte and MSI. The B450MH BIOS is quite comprehensive and the RAM was easy to get running at 3600 MHz. The board came with the current BIOS as listed on the Biostar website. The HWInfo 64 utility indicates that the CPU idles at around 34C (93F) in my office with room temperature of 24C (75F). After hours of non gaming use, the CPU averages 42C (107 F) and after three hours of running Fallout New Vegas (heavily modded) the CPU temperature averaged 51C (124F). After overnight testing on Prime 95 the CPU temperature reached 73C (163 F). Temperature wise I am quite satisfied. According to Biostar’s E-catalogue the B450MH motherboard has a 7 phase VRM. That’s great for 65 to 105 watt CPUs and for gaming using 6 to 8 core Ryzen CPUs VRM quality is not a big issue in my opinion, as not all cores will be running at 100% for any extended period of time. Finally, I have no problem with the number of internal USB connectors, and the number of external USB 2 or USB 3.1 connectors.

Cons: My only complaint is the lack of fan connectors (1 CPU fan and 1 system Fan). I used two fan splitters to permit running my four fans in this build.

Overall Review: My advice: buy this board if you want to build a basic but capable system!

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For Me: Best VPN!5/10/2020 10:01:52 AM

Pros: All Pros

Cons: No Cons

Overall Review: Outstanding

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Review of DIY - A1 -W (be gamer) case. A great buy and build.2/6/2020 8:07:21 PM

Pros: Excellent construction and paint; no metal dings. Just perfect! Much room inside for a full ATX motherboard. Enough room behind motherboard to hide cables. Plenty of hardware (see comments in “Summary” below.

Cons: No “real” cons.

Overall Review: For the price I paid I am amazed at the quality of the fit and finish. No sharp edges. Plenty of room for a full size ATX motherboard and a full size GPU. Enclosed fasteners were more than sufficient. However, the screw heads were very similar size-wise, but the threads were different. I had to carefully sort out all the screws by thread type. This was really a big pain! However, all the screws worked perfectly. I had some left over. I installed two SSDs and one mechanical hard drive without difficulty. I easily installed a 120 mm front fan. Unfortunately, IMO it appears that there isn’t much airflow into the front of the case except from a large cut-out at the bottom of the plastic front. The air inlets at each side of the front don’t appear to let in much outside air. However, the case is well within acceptable operating temperatures. AIDA 64 Engineer gives the following results for my PC in this case after running 4 hours : CPU - 28°C, Mobo - 35°C, GPU - 39°C, SSD1 - 39°C, SSD2 - 31°C, HD - 34°C. The heatsink/cooler I'm using is from an AMD 3700X CPU. I’ve been building desk-top PCs since 1984 and have encountered about every build problem I can think of. The metal is thin, about the thickness of a soup can, but if you take your time you will not bend the metal. I an using an inexpensive 600 watt Bronze series non-modular P/S with heavy braided cables. All the cables that I used fit OK behind the metal side panel. The unused cables fit just fine behind the P/S in the shroud. I had some left-over components in my parts box that I wanted to use for a Linux OS. I chose Manjaro Linux. But, I didn’t have a case or a power supply. My system is now up and running and it is fairly quiet. I certainly recommend this case to any builder. However, do not rush your build.

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Best board you can buy for Ryzen 7 3700 series10/20/2019 10:41:39 AM

Pros: The MSI MEG X570 ACE is the very best motherboard I‘ve ever used and I have been building gaming PCs since 1990. I play 1st person shooters on Steam at 1080p. Here’s my new box (about $2,400): MSI MEG X570 ACE, AMD Ryzen 7 3700X, Phanteks Enthoo Pro full tower, EVGA 850 watt Gold, Corsair Hydro H100i RGB Pro, G.Skill Trident Z Neo (2X16 GB) at DDR4 3600, Two 1 TB Samsung 970 EVO M.2 2280, SanDisk 2 TB Ultra 3D SSD, PowerColor RedDevil RX5700XT, Plextor PXL-910S DVD reader/writer, Win10 Pro. Monitor is LG 29UB55-B (2560X1080). I base a significant portion of my buying decisions on Buildzoid and Gamers Nexus reviews. Now, Buildzoid stated that the MSI MEG X570 ACE has the very best VRM he’s ever seen. It’s a (6X2) + 2 VRM that can handle 720 amps and will power any Ryzen CPU both now and forever into the future. He’s right based on my testing of this motherboard. He also said that the BIOS is the most comprehensive he’s ever seen and I agree. I overclocked my CPU so it runs just like the Ryzen 7 3800X. Sound through both my Creative 2.1 speakers and my Bluetooth gaming headphones is perfect. I especially like the postcode display on the motherboard. Over the 29 years I’ve been building gaming PCs I’ve learned to not give much credit to naysayers. For the most part these are folks who do not understand how to build a top end gaming PC. Therefore, take my word for the following statement based on my experience, “the MSI MEG X570 ACE is absolutely the best AMD motherboard you can buy, bar none!”

Cons: There are NO cons!

Overall Review: I would buy the motherboard again with no reservations. Out of a grading system from 0 to 10 with 10 best, my rating is 11. There is none better at this price point.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Dennis, Thank you for taking the time to write a review for the MEG X570 ACE! If you ever require technical assistance or warranty support, please feel free to contact our technical support department directly at 626.271.1004 from M to F, 9am to 6pm Pacific Standard Time. Thanks for choosing MSI! Best Regards, MSI Review Team
Great RAM for Ryzen builds3/10/2019 9:16:40 AM

Pros: Two modules of this 8 GB, Single Bank, model CMK16GX4M2B3200C16 RAM (16 GB total) in my ASRock B450M Pro motherboard runs at DDR4 3200 with XMP 2.0 enabled. Timing is 16,18,18,36 at 1.35 volts as specified by Corsair. I highly recommend this RAM for Ryzen builds.

Cons: There are NO cons!

Overall Review: I had trouble with other RAM from other manufacturers on my ASRock B450M Pro 4 motherboard. I had to endure return shipping and restock fees. This Corsair Vengeance RAM is listed on the AMD website as being fully compatible with Ryzen CPUs, and it is. Save yourself potential troubles and just step up and buy this RAM. DDR4 3200 is the "sweet" spot for current Ryzen CPUs.

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Basic Motherboard OK for Gaming3/9/2019 12:01:29 PM

Pros: For an inexpensive mobo; it will run some RAM modules at their specified DDR4 speeds OK using XMP 2.0

Cons: UEFI bios is quite basic. The VRM runs HOT! High O/C is risky. Not all ram modules will successfully reach their DDR4 specs. Best to buy ram listed by AMD as completely compatible with this mobo.

Overall Review: This is a low cost motherboard; do not expect miracles. The Bios is basic. However, activating XMP2.0 to DDR4 3200 using Corsair Vengeance LPX (2X8GB) model CMK16GX4M2Z3200C16 RAM modules worked OK. Timings indicated 16-18-18-36 as expected. The voltage regulator runs HOT. Using AIDA 64 Test, after one hour the VR was 100 ﹾC. I use a DeepCool Gammaxx 400 Cooler with two fans in push/pull configuration and Arctic Silver 5 thermal compound. There is a rear 120 mm fan and a similar front fan. After one hour of AIDA 64 testing at 100% CPU use, the mobo was 50 ﹾC and the CPU temperature was 63 ﹾC. The ASRock “A-Tuning” app works, and I easily O/C the Ryzen 5 2600 CPU to 4.2 GHz, but the temperature IMO was too hot. I am running this PC at a bus speed of 99.8 MHz and a multiplier of 35. The video card is Gigabyte Radeon RX580 with 8 GB of Vram. For a basic gaming PC this mobo is OK.

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Works Perfect1/28/2019 10:22:11 AM

Pros: Works as described in my HP EliteBook 840 G1 notebook. Adding this to the 8 GB Samsung RAM module already in the notebook gives me 16 GB dual channel RAM, exactly what I wanted.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I recommend this Patriot Signature Line 8GB 204-Pin DDR3 SO-DIMM DDR3L 1600 RAM module. It works perfectly.

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Absolutely Fabulous1/28/2019 10:10:36 AM

Pros: Almost new looking; small paint chip on lower case, left hand corner. I added 8 GB RAM. Now boots with 16 GB dual channel RAM. Only Win10 Pro was on the SSD. I added many business programs. This notebook on full charge indicates 5.5 hours battery life.

Cons: No real problems, but I did have to go to the HP website to download drivers and the updated BIOS.

Overall Review: I would purchase this product again. I recommend that the HP EliteBook 840 G1 and its successors be seriously considered by anyone who wants a business notebook.

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OK for the Price I Paid, but has Faults From my POV.10/15/2018 2:54:47 PM

Pros: Much faster than the R9 380 it has replaced.

Cons: Loud coil whine; first time I've experienced this, ever!

Overall Review: Since I game wearing earphones, the coil whine doesn't bother me. The lit up words, "Fan Off" on the top of the video card are seen for every thing I do on my PC except when gaming. Every game I play (1st person shooters and Role Playing Games) is now at ultra or high in display settings, an improvement compared to my R9 380 card. The 3 games that came with the card are not of great interest to me, but they do look good on my 32 inch 1080p monitor. There is a lot of heat given out by the CPU fan and this video card during game play but not enough to cause problems. The card is right fine for me since I play only at 1080p and I recommend it for such gaming considerations. However, I am taking off 1 egg because of the coil whine.

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The FX8350 is still a viable CPU10/1/2018 11:18:41 AM

Pros: This review is after one year of use. The FX8350 with Wraith cooler is still viable for games if using a modern GPU with it. I use it with Adobe products too and it’s OK. Cons: It’s slow compared with Intel’s recent i5 and i7 CPUs.

Cons: It’s slow compared with Intel’s recent i5 and i7 CPUs.

Overall Review: Back in early September of 2017 I bought an AMD FX-8350 CPU with the Wraith cooler for a net cost of $80 (I did get the rebates). With it I bought a Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P FX motherboard for $75 and an ApacerAS340 Panther 240 GB SSD for $70. From SDKey I bought a Windows 10 Pro 64bit key for $12 and the total out-of-pocket costs were $167. All the rest of the components listed below were from my “parts” box except the RAM. I had many parts because I was a systems builder until 2017. Other parts: 2x8 GB (16 GB total) G. Skill Ripjaws X DDR3 1866 (taken from my “L337 Z97 Machine” gaming PC) Asus SATA 24X optical drive Seasonic SSA-650 RM Gold modular power supply Rosewill Redbone U3-ATX mid tower case WD Black 3TB Performance 7,200 RPM hard-drive Logisys 52 in 1 card reader PowerColor R9 380 4GB Video Card Bytec internal 2½ inch SSD mounting kit Westinghouse VR-3209DF 1080p TV set (2010 model) with g to g response time of 6.5 ms running at 60 HZ Assembly took about an hour and I overclocked the CPU to 4.3 GHZ. Never have I experienced a “blue screen” or any other “crash” over the time I’ve run this PC. I reset the CPU to the default 4.0 GHZ mid September 2018. I play only role playing and first person shooter games and I have never had to decrease my video settings down from ultra or high at 1080p. My hobby has been Photoshop since 1995. I run both Photoshop and Illustrator CS2 and although the render times on this FX 8350 CPU with the R9 380 Video card are between 20 and 50 percent slower than on my L337 Z97 Machine gaming PC that I built in 2016 using a binned Intel 4790k CPU running at 4.7 GHZ with an AIO cooler and a recent purchase (November 2017) of a Gigabyte GTX 1060 6 GB gaming video card, I find this rendering time decrease using my FX8350 build not to be oppressive in any way. I like this FX8350 CPU and I use it with Office 2007, surfing the net and graphics work using Adobe CS2. I believe there are many YEARS of life left for this system and for the costs involved I heartily recommend building a gaming or rendering PC using the FX-8350. I built this box to find out for myself if the over hyped views regarding how useless the FX CPUs are is valid. My opinion is that “it depends” on usage. If you don’t buy the FX 8350 with the Wraith cooler, an aftermarket cooler is a must!

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Buy this Tenda AC18 Router - it's an 11 on a scale of 108/18/2017 10:41:12 AM

Pros: Works as advertised. Took me 20 minutes to disconnect my old Asus router and install the Tenda AC18 plus configure 2 laptops, 1 tablet, 1 Internet radio and 2 smartphones. I have a new large two-story house and there are now NO dead spots. I am only using the 2.4 GHz band.

Cons: None

Overall Review: Buy this. IMHO if 10 is the best score for routers, the Tenda AC18 is an 11.

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HP EliteDisplay E221 PC Monitor1/29/2017 8:02:16 AM

Pros: This monitor was manufactured in August 2015 and I believe it is brand new and not refurbished. This is most likely an "end of production" monitor because the HP EliteDisplay E221 is no longer for sale by HP as a new, current production monitor. I bought it because of the "swivel" feature, i.e., I can run the display vertical or horizontal. I use it in the vertical position for test.

Cons: There are none given that I am using it to display text both in PDF format and when using Microsoft Word.

Overall Review: I recommend this HP EliteDisplay E221 monitor to anyone who needs to display a lot of text. I have not tested this monitor for gaming, or for displaying CGI. I would definitely buy this monitor again as it fills my particular need(s) perfectly.

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Rosewill RHTA-15004 - Indoor antenna11/2/2016 7:28:21 AM

Pros: Receives 25 over-the-air digital channels. The antenna is stuck to the interior side of an external wall pointing North East. Most of the channels are received at 480i, a few at 720p and a couple of channels at 1080i. The TV is a 32 inch Westinghouse Model VR-3209DF purchased in mid 2010 and used as a computer monitor until November 2016. The straight line distance to the transmitters varies between 10 miles and 40 miles according to the FCC's mapping tool that can be found on-line. Quite frankly I am amazed at the picture quality and the number of over-the-air TV channels I am receiving on this 6 year old TV.

Cons: None

Overall Review: If you are in a suburban area and not in a valley, I recommend this antenna, which took me all of 5 minutes to install.

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An excellent alternative to the 6700K12/16/2015 8:11:09 AM

Pros: Overclocks easily. I achieved a stable 4.7 GHz overclock, but read my comments in the "other thoughts" section.

Cons: None for me, even though it is an obsolete CPU running on an obsolete chipset. Read my comments in the "other thoughts" section.

Overall Review: My PC combination: Asus Z97-A-USB 3.1 motherboard, retail Intel i7 4790K CPU, Cooler Master Hyper 212 heatsink with two Rosewell 120 mm Hyperborea fans, Arctic silver 5 thermal compound, and 16 GB Corsair Vengeance gaming RAM gave me the following CPU parameters that I am happy with. Bclk (aka front side bus) = 103; Multiplier = 44 at a voltage = 1.218 for a very stable overclock (O/C) of 4.53 GHz, a 13 percent O/C versus the default 4.00 GHz speed. Raising the Bclk from 100 to 103 overclocked the RAM to 1647 MHz. The motherboard BIOS states that the CPU voltage is 1.056 volts and the two CPU fans on the Heatsink are running at 785 and 870 RPM at idle. Idle temperatures for the CPU average 35 C and for the motherboard 24 C in a Rosewill R5 gaming chassis (case) in a room that consistently is about 21 C. I've seen no heat issues whatsoever after four hours of game play and no serious increase in fan noise. I played around with all sorts of tweaking combinations and did get the CPU to run stable at 4.7 GHz at 1.326 volts. However, IMO running this CPU at over 1.3 volts will shorten its life, by how much is anybody's guess. This is just something that I believe. Is there any difference in running an i7 4790K at 4.53 GHz versus the default 4.00 GHz? IMO, probably not. I play First Person Shooters and Role Playing games on a 32 inch 1080p TV set using an AMD GPU, the R9 380 with 4 GB video RAM. For most serious gamers this is a pretty low end video setup. So why did I O/C this CPU? A friend just built a gaming PC using the Skylake 6700K CPU in a Gigabyte GA-Z170-HD3P-001R motherboard with 16 GB of Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4- 3,000 MHz RAM, liquid cooled in a Tesseract chassis (built by Deep Cool) running an AMD Radeon R9 390 GPU displayed on a 42 inch 4K TV set. I wanted to see how much I had to O/C my 4790K to equal performance of his 6700K set at 4.0 GHz default. It turned out that I had to O/C up about 13 percent. We both are currently playing Fallout 4 and when I go over to his house to watch him play I really don't notice any frame-rate differences. Obviously one can measure differences but to my eyes I notice is a more detailed and crisp display. I paid $340 for my 4790K back in June and he paid $420 for his 6700K. I know that socket 1150 is now obsolete; however, if you are cash strapped, I suggest that you give consideration to sticking with a Devils Canyon CPU running on a Z97 chipset motherboard, because as you've read above, you can quite easily O/C the 4790K to equal the default performance of the 6700K.

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Good Case but Watch Out during your build12/8/2015 11:32:23 AM

Pros: Lots of room, the R5 is very large IMO for a mid-size case (chassis), but has barely adequate space between motherboard and RHS panel for hiding cabling, to ensure an unobstructed space between motherboard and LHS panel for clean airflow from the two front mounted fans.

Cons: Very poor instruction manual; see my comments below. I hooked up the two front fans to the fan control switch and the fan control works OK, but seems a design afterthought.

Overall Review: Be very careful when assembling your motherboard into the R5 case (chassis). I’ve been building PCs for 30 years and seldom do I make build mistakes, but I do on occasion, and in this build I made a really serious error. So you won’t make the same mistake, let me explain. I read the R5 manual carefully. However, there was no mention of the necessity of using the included copper motherboard standoffs to properly secure the motherboard electrically. I saw the three top motherboard mounting points that were stamped in place. However, I did not look carefully at the rest of the motherboard tray. Why? I build usually in very inexpensive cases (chassis) and for years all I’ve seen are that all motherboard mounting points were stamped into the tray. My lack of observation almost cost me a ruined mobo. I assembled the PC, checked all connections and made sure that all components were seated firmly and then turned on the power supply (PS), pressed the on button on the R5 case and nothing happened. I checked that the on-off switch on the PS was on. It was. Then I removed the 20/24 pin connector and used the old green pin plus black pin paperclip check to determine if the PS was good. The PS fan came alive and I concluded the PS was good to go. Then I checked the switches on top of the case with a flashlight and magnifying glass. All seemed OK and I did not want to disassemble the case’s control panel. The next step was to remove the motherboard and it was immediately apparent that I was shorting out the mobo. I disassembled everything and attached the copper motherboard standoffs to the motherboard tray using a 5 mm socket (wrench). Be careful as the metal tray is 1010 steel and is very soft. Just tighten until “firmness” is felt. Overtighten and you will strip the threads in the tray. I rebuilt the PC and lucky for me everything worked. My main components are Asus Z97-A (USB 3.1) motherboard, Intel 4790K CPU, overclocked to 4.7 GHz on a CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Plus Heatsink/Cooler using two Rosewill Hyperborea 120 mm fans, 16 GB Corsair Vengeance gaming RAM, a Raidmax Thunder V2 635 watt PS and a PowerColor R9380 4GB video card. All components are new. This build is my dedicated gaming machine. NOTE to Rosewill: Write a more explicit manual. Surely, I’m not the only person building in the R5 case who has made the mistake I’ve described above.

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Correction on Tesseract Case - re metal thickness2/21/2015 10:33:40 AM

Pros: See correction in "other thoughts"

Cons: See correction in "other thoughts"

Overall Review: In my original post I typed 18 mm for the steel's thickness. My mathematics goof; that should have been 1.8 mm and that's wrong. I measured the thickness again, looking carefully for a non-rolled edge. Where the power supply goes in I found such an edge. My micrometer says between 0.05 mm and 0.06 mm. I measured this metal thickness a few times. The thickness is about 2 hundredths (0.02) of an inch, or about 25 gauge. A really high end case uses about 20 gauge steel; that's about 1 mm in thickness. Since I've never bought a high end case, or had a customer who wanted such a chassis, I can't tell you how the difference might feel. But, know this; I've never bent the steel on any case I've used for a build.

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Great Case for the Price2/21/2015 9:40:26 AM

Pros: Case is OK size for a mid tower. Came quickly via FedEx and in PERFECT condition. Just received it. There are places for six 12 cm fans. Plenty of width (7 inches by my inside measurement) from motherboard tray to case side allowing for water cooling. Metal is about average thickness for an inexpensive chassis. I measure 18 mm and that's right fine! Material is carbon steel and yes, it won't take a lot of pressure before it will bend. Printed instructions are EXCELLENT. Hardware package is generous.

Cons: None at this price point.

Overall Review: I been building PCs for over 30 years. I never spend SERIOUS $$$ on chassis (cases). My money is reserved for components. Once I build a new PC I never re-use the chassis and it's highly unlikely the box is moved much. Ditto says my customers. This case has rolled edges; no chance of cutting the builder. There's a full 1 cm behind the motherboard tray. That's plenty of room IMO for cabling. For the price this is a GREAT chassis.

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Works Well.2/10/2015 12:26:23 PM

Pros: At a room temperature ranging between 19 and 21 C my i7 4790K CPU temperature ranges between 21 and 45 C and this includes heavy gaming on Steam.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I've got a stable 4.7 GHz overclock (O/C) on my i7-4790K CPU at the following settings: multiplier = 46, front side bus(FSB) = 103, vCore = 1.251. I have two fans in my case, one 12 cm front fan and one 14 cm top fan. The Seidon 120v cooler meets all my expectations. You should buy this.

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Buy this MOBO, Works GREAT!2/10/2015 12:09:29 PM

Pros: Fabulous mobo for the money and for its features. Does everything I want. Great technical support from ECS.

Cons: None really.

Overall Review: Tom's Hardware did a review of this L337 Machine mobo and four competitors back on May 13, 2014. The L337 Machine board was top rated, so I bought it in December 2014 for my new gaming box. I build a new gaming PC every two years from scratch, nothing recycled. As a gaming board the L337 Machine has ALL the features I want. I only use one video card and one PCIe card (eSATA for my backup HDD). I paired it with a retail i7 4790K processor and a Cooler Master Seidon 120v liquid cooler. I'm running 16 GB of G. Skill Sniper DDR3-1600 RAM and a Radeon HD 6970 GPU, by PowerColor (I only game at 1080p so I don't need top-of-the line GPUs). My boot drive is a 480 GB Crucial SSD. Here's some stats. At a room temperature ranging between 19 and 21 C my i7 4790K CPU temperature ranges between 21 and 45 C, my L337 Machine board temps range from 25 to 42 C and my Crucial SSD temps pretty much stay at 23C. The HD 5970 video card's temps range between 44 and 48 C. My Rosewill Challenger case has a 12 cm front fan and a 14 cm top fan, which helps. I've got a stable 4.7 GHz overclock (O/C) at the following settings: multiplier = 46, front side bus(FSB) = 103, vCore = 1.251. I won't run a 22nm lithography CPU at 1.3 vCore plus, because IMHO this voltage and higher, very much shortens lifetime, especially for the i7 4790K. However, I did test this CPU (to see what it would do) using Prime95 (version 27.7) for 8 hours at vCore 1.35, multiplier 47, FSB 103, for an O/C = 4.8GHz with no problems, except a temperature increase on all components. The UEFI Bios on the mobo is pretty basic, but adequate. The manual is well written. I had some concerns about programs on the install DVD but ECS helped me perfectly and just one day after my inquiry. I've been building gaming PCs since the mid 80s and I'm patient and persistent in getting the best build for the buck. My conclusion for readers here on Newegg: buy this L337 Machine motherboard!

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Simply Fabulous1/23/2015 11:05:54 AM

Pros: I'm in my mid 70s and for some time now when watching a movie on my 55 inch LED TV through my HTPC (all components bought from Newegg, by the way) I've had trouble hearing the actors' voices. The music and sound effects overpowered the dialogue to my ears. After carefully tuning this center speaker, all is fine. What a difference this Pioneer SP-C21 center speaker makes for my listening enjoyment, because I can now clearly hear the dialogue!.

Cons: None; absolutely none!

Overall Review: I spent quite some time getting my speakers "right." The problem lay in my lack of understanding all the attributes of my Sherwood RD-6108 audio/video receiver. I'm running a Synergy 2.1 speaker system with this center speaker. I suggest that many of the problems I read about regarding the Pioneer SP-C21 speaker is due to not configuring your audio/ video receiver correctly. Don't blame a speaker when the onus is upon you to configure your system correctly!

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A good bargain for a great GPU11/14/2014 2:35:03 PM

Pros: Operates as well as my GTX470 and is almost as good as an R9-270 GPU. I'm using this HD6970 with an AMD FX8350 CPU in an Asus M5A99FX Pro - R2.0 mobo and I'm playing my games through Origin and Steam on high settings using a Westinghouse 32 inch 1080P TV as my monitor, color calibrated using the Colorvision Spyder 2 system. I'm getting gameplay that is spectacular for me!

Cons: Given the price I paid, NONE,

Overall Review: If I put my ear right on the PC case then I can hear this video card on PC startup. Normally after boot is completed the other four fans in the box (intake, exhaust, CPU and PS) submerge the sound from the two fans on the video card. The PC is silent to my ears when using my PC as it is about three feet away under my desk. During game play there is, on occasion, increased fan noise and this is probably from the video card. This video card runs around 45 to 50 degrees C normally but has reached 85 (seldom) during intense game-play. For gamers plying only on 1920 by 1080 screens this card is OK. I don't believe one needs a current design card in the plus $200 range as is recommended by most gaming websites. By the way the bios date on this card is 3/19/14 and I find this unusual as the GPU was released back in December 2010 and I thought the HD6970 was not being currently manufactured.

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Failed 2 weeks after warranty10/30/2014 11:53:23 AM

Pros: Took great photos while it worked.

Cons: Failed two weeks after warranty expired. Appears that the sensor failed. Starting getting blurry round spot in center of photos. Took a two week trip in September of 2014 to the Rocky Mountains. Noticed on looking at the 3,000 photos I took that progressively the photos were blurry (center area) until my final shots were ALL blurry.

Overall Review: I've had to resort to using my Kodak bridge camera (Kodak Z990 Max) again. I had purchased the Lumix DMC-ZS25S to replace the Kodak as the Lumix is smaller. Now, I am leaning towards just using my cellphone camera. Very disappointed with Panasonic cameras!

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