I am so glad I bought this3/10/2020 3:18:45 PM

Pros: I had to replace my motherboard and my old tower was almost 12 years old! I debated spending the money for this but after a successful installation, I was so glad I made this investment. The metal is lighter but nicely burnished. There is all the space in the word to work with and cable management was excellent. the back side of the motherboard has 6 ssd slots in addition to the 6 3.5 slots and 6 front bays. 4 USB (2 2.0 &2 3.0) are and the top. The machine sits lower and is a wonderful improvement. I felt very good about the final product.

Overall Review: I know have a vastly improved system with capacity to burn

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Great Product, provides great flexibility3/10/2020 3:08:53 PM

Pros: cables for every connection you could want and multiples of those used a lot like SATA and multiple video power cables to run almost any kind of card

Overall Review: I am so glad I bought this when I got my new case and replacement motherboard.

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I thought it wasn't going to work but...8/8/2014 5:52:13 PM

Pros: Took an existing 3T RAID+5 array I have used for over 5 years in an older Sans Digital model, positioned the drives per the documentation and tried to operate it standalone and got the same problem reported where it appeared to shutoff. The older unit booted up and stayed on and I expected the same. Stepped back a bit ,rechecked everything and got a hunch to operate it while connected to the system and Lo and Behold it worked as I would have expected. Best thing thing was my original array was interpreted correctly and the transition (knock on wood) was seamless. A weekend burn in will confirm the unit's operational status but at this writing it is holding up well.

Cons: The documentation should be more emphatic about the power-on-if connected-conserve-power-if-not concept. It is not really underscored much which is a bit odd since I personally like that feature. Now I can have the unit hibernate at system shutdown which was not the case in the older unit, that required turning off separately..

Overall Review: I have not looked for any raid management utility software for the new unit and if I can't find any that would be a disappointment but since my old unit's power supply was failing I can't really complain.

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