Good performance, with some lacking spots4/6/2021 8:07:03 AM

Pros: Pros - Relatively cheaper than the other RTX 3070 17 inch gaming laptops currently on the market- Screen looks amazing for games and 3D creation apps. Really fast refresh rate is fantastic for eSports titles.- Build quality is one of the best i've seen/felt on a laptop, a solid 9/10. I only wish the power jack plugged in further towards the rear but not a huge deal as I still have decent space to move my mouse around in.- Great GPU Temps (75-78C average in stress tests)

Cons: Cons- No MUX Switch (Take a loss of roughly 5-10% performance in games depending on title when not plugged in to external display, Gigabyte add a BIOS update to fix this...?)- No Resizeable BAR support (As of the time of writing, Gigabyte clearly advertises support for this but the laptops at this time do not have this. If Gigabyte could add this and more importantly enable a way to disable Optimus this laptop would be a complete package)- CPU Temps are average/below average. (88-90C during stress tests)

Overall Review: If you have to have a bigger 17 inch screen, i'd recommend this one for the cheaper price and solid build quality. It doesn't have the fastest 3070 Mobile, but also doesnt have the slowest (90W with dynamic boost to 105W). If you are chasing FPS hard, you should try to find a 3070 laptop with full power draw.

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Excellent display! Super fast and fluid1/22/2015 5:53:45 AM

Pros: Fast, Fluid, Beautiful, Vibrant. Not sure why people are complaining about the colors on this display, the colors in my opinion are quite nice and far better than my Asus VG24QE. The image is also extremely sharp. 50 FPS with G-Sync looks better or equal to 90+ FPS on my Asus VG24QE, and when I say better i'm talking about overall smoothness and the lack of screen tearing on the Asus ROG Display. ( Better FPS on the VG24QE due to 1080P instead of 1440P )

Cons: On some games I play, I experience a slight light flicker with my display but I am reading that is normal with G-Sync enabled and constantly going under and over the 45 FPS G-Sync "sweet spot". It shouldn't bug me when I am SLI'ing my GTX 970 anyway so I can't really be too upset over that. Only "complaint" I can think of us is the viewing angles are not good from the sides, but why would that matter when you are looking straight at it and playing games? lol.

Overall Review: Still wish it were cheaper, surely we are all just paying a premium for being early adopters for this technology, but it is extremely worth it.

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Great card but there is one flaw..1/20/2015 4:56:58 PM

Pros: Card runs very fast and cool, overclocks like a champ and with the overclock is able to easily top my EVGA SC GTX 780, this is my first time overclocking a card and even with the overclock this 970 still runs cooler AND more energy efficient than the 780 I used to run stock. Other's have complained about loud coil whining, mine doesn't seem to have that issue during intense gaming. Will be buying another one of these to SLI but one thing worries me.. see below.

Cons: THE PCB CAME CROOKED! It doesn't line up straight with the fan and I am too scared to try to adjust it in fear of breaking it. Also, a part of the shroud covers the 8 pin connector and I had to push it out the way to power the GPU on. This makes me question Gigabyte's quality control, I really want a second of the same card for a clean look but I fear the next card will either look like this or even be worse.

Overall Review: Other than the maybe ?occasional? bent looking PCB people might be getting sent, everything else about this card is excellent especially for the price. I really wanted to give the card 3 eggs instead of 4 because the bend really upset me upon opening my box but it's overall raw performance and great overclock-ability have won me over. Note to Gigabyte : If I buy another one of these, please try not to send me one that looked like this lol

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