Sandisk performance, but made a bit cheap9/10/2019 8:09:19 AM

Pros: Great compact size and 256GB is excellent capacity for storing lots of pics, docs, even plenty of large video files. Speed is great too (what I've come to expect from Sandisk).

Cons: Not impressed at all with the construction of these thumb drives. I intended to put this drive on my key ring, but when it arrived, the thin, light weight, cheap plastic construction makes me doubt it would last long banging around on my key ring. I decided to continue my search for a better made drive for more mobile intention.

Overall Review: Overall, I'm still happy with Sandisk after this purchase, but I wish they would stick with sturdy and solid construction materials for their thumb drives. Plastic is even acceptable, but for Pete's sake, make it more sturdy and not so thin and flimsy for this nice of a thumb drive, please!

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Manufacturer Response:
Hi Bret B, My name is Davis from SanDisk® support. I appreciate your candid feedback. If you have any other suggestions or concerns, you can contact SanDisk support at 1-866-SANDISK or submit a support request at Whenever you call, please provide the Incident ID 5542311 associated with your account. We will be glad to assist you. Thank you Davis SanDisk® Support
Heartbreakingly disappointed5/29/2019 5:55:10 PM

Pros: Super cool front LED display and effects Plexi-glass side panel is less of a "shatter" risk than tempered glass

Cons: This case is completely useless because of CPU overheating. Even with an after market enlarged cooler (most of which will not fit on the CPU and still allow the side panel to be installed) the CPU will still run hot. What a waste of funds that could have been invested in an actual "usable" chassis.

Overall Review: Maybe I can rip the front display off and install it in the back window/package tray of my son's car. It would look very cool. But, sadly, this chassis is completely useless.

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Pretty impressive for a decommissioned business laptop5/1/2019 12:13:51 PM

Pros: Laptop has been well maintained. Definitely "Grade A" condition for a used business laptop. I've only had it today, but everything checks out so far. Nothing different than advertised. Nothing broken or not working.

Cons: None so far, for the price ($239) for a used laptop, claiming to be refurbished, but really in decent condition. Very nice!

Overall Review: I bought this for my youngest son. Not a bad system for school, light gaming, etc. I love the used laptops for < $300 because after a few years of use, I don't feel so bad about just disposing them to buy another, more modern used laptop.

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For the price, you just cannot beat this TV8/15/2018 3:20:06 PM

Pros: 4k Resolution Light weight Decent quality for incredible price 4 x HDMI inputs Well packed for shipment

Cons: Picture clarity is slightly under average There is a very thin black shadowing around the edge of the LED panel Warm up time requires a little more patience than a higher priced TV

Overall Review: If you looking for an honest review of this item, hopefully you are smart enough to ignore people who gave this TV a low rating based on their shipping experience. I have purchased TWO of these TVs now and both made it to the house without any problem. However, if one TV was damaged in shipping, I'm wise enough to discern between Avera and FedEx (or UPS) and would not attempt to deceive other would-be purchasers by posting a negative review just because a disgruntled delivery guy man handled the TV on it's way to your home. I still feel shocked that we live in a society in which people are this ignorant, but Cest La Vie.

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Tremendously impressed with the sounds and comfy/snug fit7/16/2017 6:49:09 PM

Pros: I was immediately impressed with the sound. Not perfect, but very, very decent quality sound on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 mobile phone. Sleek look and clean (white) appearance. Love that the removable audio cord can be connected to either side of the headphones. That flexibility is a well thought out design. Audio cord offers decent length also (not too short, not too long). Comfy hear foam cushions and snug tightness from headband. Very impressed with these, especially for the $17.99 sale price.

Cons: Sure wish that I had ordered two or three pair of these for the $17.99 sale price. I didn't have any experience with these, so only wanted to purchase one set to begin with.

Overall Review: Highly recommended! Great sound, nice look, comfortable feel and seems to be fairly decent quality manufacturing overall.

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1.2 Gbps wireless to 100 Mbps wired bottleneck6/15/2017 5:09:46 PM

Pros: cheap, reliable, attractive

Cons: For the life of me, I cannot understand why brain dead engineer designs a gigabit speed wireless router with 100 Mbps wired connections. At the very least, hire a high school graduate with common sense to design your products to avoid this type of ridiculous oversight.

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Manufacturer Response:
Hello, Thank you for your review and feedback of our Archer C50, we’ll be more than happy to help address the concerns you have about the router. In order to provide customers with options that will fit their network needs best, we offer a variety of products. For customers who receive bandwidth speeds of less than 100Mbps but utilize a large number of simultaneous wireless devices this router will work without worries of drops with wireless bandwidth. However, if your Internet Service Provider offers speeds higher than 100Mbps, we also offer the Archer C1200 which has similar features but also includes wired Gigabit Ethernet offering wired speeds up to 1000Mbps. Please allow us to assist you with any questions you may have by e-mailing us at In your e-mail please include a copy of this review. We thank you again for your feedback and hope you keep TP-Link in mind for your future Networking and Smart Home needs. Best Regards, TP-Link Customer Support (866) 225-8139
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Incredible value for the price! ...Not the best, but very good for the price!4/3/2017 6:08:53 AM

Pros: I was amazed by my first in home 4K experience when this TV arrived. Packed securely and survived the shipment. 4K is incredible resolution for Windows 10 desktop experience straight forward setup and configuration (plug & play ease)

Cons: I did notice a light "tint" around the edge of the screen when I pulled up an all white background to look for dead/discolored pixels. This does not bother me too much, but to someone with much higher expectations for such an affordable TV, they might be disappointed.

Overall Review: Do a google search for "dead pixel test" and you'll find many websites that have desktop backgrounds that you can pull up on your browser and press F11 to view them "full screen". You can pull up white, black, red, blue and green backgrounds that help you identify any dead pixels on your TV. I had $30 in NewEgg gift cards that I put toward the TV at $249, so for $219 (shipped), it was an incredible deal and so far I'm very happy with the purchase and even considering buying one of the larger (55") versions of this model. I can't speak to the lifetime of this product because I've only had it a couple days, but I had it on and viewing the screen most of the first two days of having it because of a conference that I was streaming off of the internet the weekend after it arrived. Having read some of the other reviews, I'm hopeful, but with cautious optimism. I was tempted to give it 4 eggs because this TV is not in the same quality category as a Sony or Panasonic, but considering the value for the price (compared to a Sony or Panasonic), it deserves all 5 eggs (in my opinion). I will most certainly update my review if I end up having a negative experience over the lifetime of the product. Reading the reviews helped with my decision, which is why I felt a sense of duty to share my own review for other potential buyers.

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Easy install, user friendly programming, excellent mobile app performance and features11/11/2016 1:27:12 PM

Pros: Incorporating a color LCD screen would be nice. App has great color features (background turns red when furnace fires up). When I'm away from home, app connects through remote service to thermostat quickly and updates info. Most other Wi-Fi remote access thermostats cost considerably more. Emerson makes very high quality data center power and network equipment in multi-million dollar data centers, so it's a name I trust, because I work in the Information Technology field.

Cons: Haven't really found any yet. I've been pretty happy with the purchase and functionality of the device.

Overall Review: Overall, great value, decent quality and easy self-installation. I paid $99 for this on a Newegg special. Been extremely pleased. Read out shows outside forecasted temp for your area (based on zip code) as well as measures internal humidity and temp.

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Incredible video/audio quality, small credit card size device8/25/2016 3:54:05 PM

Pros: Extremely impressed with the video and sound quality. Controls are easy and functional, but button labels are a bit confusing at first.

Cons: Screen resolution is grainy (though it's only intended to offer a low resolution preview - watch the video files on your computer screen, they look much better). The first unit I received either does NOT have a battery, or it is a defective battery. Without a battery, you have to re-configure the settings each time you turn on your car and restore power to this device. It is supposed to use battery to auto power off 15 seconds after you turn your car off and the battery should save the settings/configuration.

Overall Review: I got this unit for $25 on a shell shocker deal, but I'd gladly pay the regular price now that I have gotten it and tried it out. I'm just hopeful that I can either buy a new unit, or exchange the unit that was shipped to me because it doesn't seem to have a battery, or the battery within it is completely defective.

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surprisingly beautiful chassis6/7/2015 10:01:30 AM

Pros: Ordered this chassis for a new system that I'm building for my daughter and was pleasantly surprised how nice the white paint job is. The inside has a convenient mount for an SSD drive, but unfortunately wastes a lot of space in front of where the SSD does mount. The price is not bad for a so-called "designer" computer case.

Cons: Lots of small suggestions for improvement, but for the price, we can live with the less than perfect design.

Overall Review: Decent chassis for the money. Somewhat cheap construction, but tolerable overall (especially when compared to other cheaper build chassis that cost more).

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Can't beat this case (for the price)6/7/2015 9:57:46 AM

Pros: 5 case fans included (two at top, two at front, one at back). Two red LED fans in front. I don't care how the system looks, but my kids do. They love that kinda stuff. I just want the system to be quality and perform reliably.

Cons: Fans do not include 4-pin PWM plugs. I can't wait until the days of 3-pin RPM plugs and 4-pin molex (IDE hard drive power) plugs is long gone!

Overall Review: Overall a great chassis. Not perfect, but great bang for the buck!

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Sometimes you get what you pay for...6/7/2015 9:54:42 AM

Pros: cheap price

Cons: very thin metal construction. Flimsy and as light as a soda can.

Overall Review: Kinda wishing that I had spent a little extra to purchase a better quality case. One day I'll learn.

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Manufacturer Response:
Dear Bret, Thank you very much for purchasing this unit. We strive to provide the most reliable and highest quality products to our customers. If you are not fully satisfied with our product, please contact us at the number below or one of the email addresses below to better assist you in resolving your problem. Phone: 1- 800-575-9885 Email: Email2: We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks, Rosewill Customer Care