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I love it!4/25/2012 7:10:16 AM

Pros: I think this game is amazing. Action packed, great pacing, tight controls, gorgeous graphics, terrific sound effects, and a great story. I liked the first game and expansion as well, but I feel this is just as good and at times the presentation is even better. You feel like you are in a summer blockbuster action movie. I have 5.1 Logitech speakers on an older Audigy 2 ZS card and the sound is fantastic. The frame rate is super solid with minimal (if any) screen tear. The controls are superb and better than the first games.

Cons: I really don't find anything wrong with this game. I play about 5 games a year these days (job, kids, house diy, responsibilities, etc) so I try to play the best of computer and console games. Just FYI, I don't play games online. This game is just pure fun, at least the single player campaign is.

Overall Review: People should stop whining about the graphics compared to the first. Yes, they don't tax your system as heavily, but in all honesty, they look just as good. I was never able to run the first game at full settings when it came out (medium) and never play games twice, so I don't care as much as others seem too. But now I have the same computer with a better video card (HD 6850) and run this game at high settings and it looks great. Take the scenes in, not just textures people.

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Not worth it, spend more and get something better11/24/2011 9:05:35 AM

Pros: When it works, it is a decent AGP video card that I put in my parents computer. They don't game or anything, but the web these days and programs in general demanded more than the onboard video could give them, so I popped this in and it seemed to do the trick until...

Cons: ...until it would freeze at random and reset itself. We could never fullscreen any kind of video like youtube or any kind of windows media player videos, including DVD video. The worst thing is that the drivers can not be updated at all, the only drivers that work are the ones that came on the disc with it.

Overall Review: Other users have reported similar problems but I usually ignore reviews seeing as how I am a gamer and have built a few computers and never had problems with motherboards, video cards, or anything really. So I ignored other reviews and got this only to be saying the same thing other people have written as well. I don't think you can buy this card anymore, so that'll save you some headache, however if you happen to see it on store shelves, avoid it.

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