Excellent, Like New !!2/9/2015 2:58:35 PM

Pros: The refurbishing on this computer is fantastic. It's not only clean but like a new computer in & out. Their great job doesn't end with the cosmetics but also with the setup. Windows 7 came right up 7 ready on it's first boot. The key from it's new sticker was accepted & activated on-line the first try. It's ram is a matched pair of two 2gb. sticks in the proper 2 of 4 slots. It's used by my Dad for accounting and is fast with plenty of memory to spare on even the largest applications he runs. For just over the price of Windows you get a computer that's as good as a new one. Unless you are a gamer it's a deal that can't be beat !!

Cons: The BIOS was 6 years old but it took the newest version when I flashed it without any issues. The BIOS upgrade didn't make any noticeable improvement.

Overall Review: My Dad is very happy with his "new" computer and the money saved on this great deal. I highly recommend it to anyone on a budget or just needing a second computer.

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Wouldn't Be Without One5/18/2014 6:27:28 PM

Pros: I have owned many of these but this is by far the highest quality & only one with an on / off switch on the power supply cable. The uses are too many to list from cloning your computers HDD to put aside for safe keeping, formatting, partitioning, ect any drive you have loose on the desk.

Cons: SATA cable is a bit short but any one will work.

Overall Review: A must have if you ever work on computers

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Great Router11/8/2013 6:35:35 AM

Pros: This router can't be beat for the $15 price I paid. It's easy to set up and and using the auto security wizard it is very secure and allows monitoring of all traffic through it. If looks are important to you mine came with very visible wear on the top cover but it works flawlessly.

Cons: Very visible wear on the top cover. Came with no instructions or setup guide so I had to download them.

Overall Review: If appearance is important buy a new one, my refurb. unit was very worn on the top cover or it would have received 5 stars.

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The Best Protection But ...10/21/2013 8:42:36 AM

Pros: I've been using AVG since they started and have found their Internet Security to be the best protection with little or no system slowdown unless it it performing a full scan. It has kept all of my systems safe since I've been using it.

Cons: Do not buy on sale for the future as I did. I opened a never installed 2011 version and although they allow 1 free upgrade to the latest version it expires 18 months after the mfg. date !!! No expiration date on the package or in the listing so it was MONEY LOST as they refused to honor the activation key, A poor policy to a paying customer for over 10 years !!!

Overall Review: It should be good for 1 year after the installation date regardless of the manufacturing date.

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