Memory Errors after 6 years1/1/2018 1:20:26 AM

Pros: Looks nice

Cons: Memory failed after 6 years. I started to get segfaults. I ran memorytest which reported errors. When I removed these two sticks of ram, I ran memorytest again which reported no errors.

Overall Review: I do not game or do anything intensive, just Linux stuff and compiling.

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Manufacturer Response:
. Hi Darin Good to hear you think the memory looks nice and worked well in your system for 6 years. Unfortunately, due to the nature of DRAM, random defects can happen. However, we expect each module to last a lifetime, so we are confident in offering a manufacturer lifetime warranty to protect all users. Any time a stick does not perform like new, send them in for RMA exchange and we can have new replacements out to you shortly. Visit the G.Skill website for complete RMA procedure. For any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly. Thank you for choosing GSKILL Quality and customer service are our top priorities. To check or report a technical problem, please visit the Official G.Skill Technical Forum: Tech Support Email: RMA Dept Email:
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G.Skill RMA procedure
Awesome11/30/2013 11:49:34 PM

Pros: Stunning picture. Glossy is best.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I bought this for my mom. When I went over to her house to see it, it was absolutely astounding. It looks really cool cosmetically also, very Mac like. For the money, this is a steal. I'm a fan of glossy monitors as color is rich and glare has never been a problem(I've been using HP glossy monitors for years). This is a real gem in the monitor market.

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A++6/5/2013 1:33:24 AM

Pros: No Great support and info on OCZ forums.

Cons: None

Overall Review: I have a Vertex 1 that is probably about 3 years old and is still running strong as my root drive. I bought the Vector as my second drive and it's awsome. My co worker bought a Samsung SSD drive and his broke after a month...glad I stuck with OCZ.

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I Like It12/5/2011 9:49:45 PM

Pros: Good flavor.

Cons: Can't buy it in one cup packs.

Overall Review: I tried the sample that came with my newegg order. I liked it- it tasted good. I go to coffee shops alot, so I do have a decent standard.

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Awsome9/3/2011 7:38:05 PM

Pros: Quality, low heat.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: I have had this board for 2 years now and it runs great. I love gigabyte motherboards.

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Misery2/27/2011 1:51:35 AM

Pros: None

Cons: This ram gave me 2 months of misery. I would randomly get system hang ups. Also, software would get segmentation faults. I ran memory test for 12 hours and did not get any errors. I told myself that it could not be the ram, being the name brand is so reputable. I trouble shooted with tech support several times. Finally, I placed my old ram(OCZ) back into my PC and these problems went away. Honestly, I would of spent a $100.00 just not to have this experience. I will never buy Corsair again.

Overall Review: Why does this happen to me?

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Manufacturer Response:
We're sorry you had a bad experience with this kit. Please contact Technical Support and we'll be happy to assist you.
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Corsair Contact Page
Awsome!!!!12/27/2009 10:23:28 PM

Pros: Qaulity. Speed. Price(compared to other SSD brands). Top notch tech support! Continueous development/support for this product with new firmware and software releases.

Cons: None.

Overall Review: Although I only had this drive for one day, I can't help rate it because I'm geeking out on it. It's so awsome. What a dramatic change to my system with this hard drive! I also have to say that tech support for this product is A++! When I had a questions in the forums they would be answered in less than an hour everytime. Also, OCZ is continuely releaseing new firmware and software for thier ssd drives without ignoreing any models. In compareison, Intel does not do this as they have proven with no updates to thier first gen ssd drives or thier low tier 2nd gen drive(write speeds continue to remain low on the 80gig X25).

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Nice10/13/2009 6:41:55 AM

Pros: Brand name. Silver 80 plus award. Lot's and lots of cords. Non-Modular plugs.

Cons: Price. Fan is smaller than my old psu. Kinda lighter than I thought. One rail would of been better instead of two.

Overall Review: Great power supply. Not pushing it. Overkill for what I am using it for...htpc. But what the heck...I wanted quality. My old PSU had a 140 mm fan while this one is 120 mm. That is my biggest disappointment. It's not as heavy as I thought it would be ether. They say the heavy the better. But still, what do I know. It's a psu with a company with a good rep for psu's. Seasonic even makes psu's for other company's. So if you buy it from the source you can't go wrong. Also, it is good that these plugs are non module. Contrary to popular belief, module plugs actually create resistance and decrease efficiency. Also, a few minutes after I opened it my cat chewed on one of the wires. Isn't that great?

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Disappointed10/7/2009 10:28:23 PM

Pros: Price. Performance for low heat drive.

Cons: Quality. This is the second drive I bought of this model. The first one started making loud mechanical clicks after about 3 weeks. Now this is one is beginning to do the same.

Overall Review: I used to be a loyal Seagate fan because I have never had one die on me. But the combination of Seagate decreasing their warranty from 5 to 3 years and now this make me think they have degraded their quality.

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Awfull9/20/2009 3:03:44 AM

Pros: Price

Cons: See other thoughts

Overall Review: I used to be a die hard loyal Gigabyte fan for motherboards. But this board has given me so much grief. I went through two of them trouble shooting. The first problem was it's 'intelligent tweaker' software did not properly figure out my ram voltage. I had to manually set it to get my system stable(i'm not talking overclocking...just normal use). And now, on my second board about 2 weeks later, I keep getting Windows Errors code 0000007f. In addition, one time it failed to recognize ide or sata drive controllers during boot. Lastly the on line support is horrible. They about 5 days to anwswer and when they do they ask questions that I already stated anwsers to in the if they didn't bother to read the whole email. There is only an international number to call(not free) if you want to phone them. I will never in my life, never buy Gigabyte again. And this is coming from a die hard fan.

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High Quality8/29/2009 9:08:54 PM

Pros: High quality hardware. Bood Bios. Plenty of options for me. My system is quick and snappy. Stays cool. The price of this motherboard for this kind of qaulity is awsome.

Cons: Motherboard color....color scheme isn't that cool looking. But then again, in the case you can't really see the colors anyways(even with the window). Motherboard size is a little smaller than normal. Fits in my mid atx case fine. I just can't use two screws on the end. This isn't Gigabytes fault... ati chipsets use .net for installation and .net can be really lame to deal with.

Overall Review: My first motherboard was a Gigabyte. I gave it to my dad and after 9 years it's still running. My second was an Asus(spent $150) which died on my only after 3 years. Gigabyte motherboards are high quality and this will be my first choice for now on.

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Best Keyboard I Ever Had12/26/2008 4:17:54 AM

Pros: Slim, high quality keys, great feel.

Cons: absolutely none.

Overall Review: I've had this keyboard for about a year now, and it has yet to fail me. Keys feel nice with strong clicks, not worn out after use. I love the laptop feel.

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Awsome Drive11/26/2008 12:00:47 PM

Pros: Capacity. Price. Seagate quality(Never had one die on me yet). I love the capacity of this drive. I no longer have to worry about space and I feel like my pc is the ultimate pc.

Cons: None that I can think of.

Overall Review: I am using this for my movie collection. Currently, I have about 400 gigs remaining. I have had absolutely no issues with this drive. I've been watching episodes of "Entourage" all day and there is no stuttering or pausing. I've had this drive for a few days now and I have put it through plenty of abuse with changing gigs of files around(back and forth to other drives). In 3 years I have had a few Western Digitals die on me. Now, I've had Seagates for 3 years and not yet has one died on me.

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