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No QAM support12/15/2008 10:39:27 PM

Pros: The Stick works fine with ATSC.

Cons: Most rural areas in the US, lack good signal strength to get ATSC. I risked to buy it, hoping that the stick would be able to get the QAM (as claimed) signals from my cable provider. Unluckily, it was not the case.

Overall Review: The driver was installed with no problems, same as the software. That, on a Windows XP and a Windows Vista box. The Vista Ultimate one does not have problems when you launch the Media Center and seem to find the stick. Unfortunately, it didn't pick any channel, and complained about no signal strength even when directly connected to the cable. The software provided, claimed to detect 290 channels, most "locked" (a lock symbol will show), but some not. The problem was it picked only 2 channels (I assume the only ATSC transmitted by my cable provider), the others were marked with a "radio" icon, and only audio could be received, no picture at all. It's a shame, because for the only two channels I ever got, the image was really good. But it's frustrating that no QAM channel showed up, even though they claimed they could tune them.

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False Advertisement?12/15/2008 8:54:32 PM

Pros: ATSC reception is good, if you're in a place where you get ATSC. That doesn't happen in my town where mostly you rely on the cable company.

Cons: It claims to decode QAM, however, my service provider, that uses QAM (I have a TV set with an ATSC and QAM decoders and I get plenty of channels) doesn't seem to provide signal at all. That is I just get 2 channels when I should get more.

Overall Review: The drivers allowed Windows Vista Ultimate not to complain about the device. However, not a single channel showed up there, claiming not enough signal strength. The software provided, captured 2 channels in ATSC. NO QAM channel was detected, neither using that software nor Windows Media Center. The little box works under very specific conditions, and it works fine (when it does find a channel). If anyone has thoughts on how to solve the QAM problem, I'd greatly appreciate solutions.

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Good Card for its price5/17/2007 5:34:43 PM

Pros: Cheap card, supports dual-link dvi so you can drive a 30-inch display. Drivers work on vista and XP (you can either download them from or directly from

Cons: Vista still have problems supporting dual cards from different vendors. Trying to make a nVidia and an ATI card at the same time works on Windows XP, but not on Vista.

Overall Review: Diamond has a poor service and they kept telling me the reason it didn't work was that I needed a 450W+ power supply. Although It might be needed for heavy 3D rendering. The problem was the incompatibility. ATI support showed more knowledge about it.

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