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something just not right4/28/2013 9:48:42 PM

Pros: Seemed powerful with big external antenna I added and I was able to download some of the updates I needed, big downloads like video drivers no way tried for days thought it was a cable or something else? Really like ASUS to bad I waited more than 30 days newegg says to bad no RMA! was cheap, Rosewill cheaper! beter we will see?MIGHT BUY ANOTHER 1 too ASUS is my first choice! usally???

Cons: just like other reviews drops for no reason over and over again sure I have a bad one. added a 500 mw booster did nothing to increase signal or help with dropping signal(STRANGE signal stayed EXACTLY the same). NO new driver from ASUS either same as included.

Overall Review: windows 7 64 bit Asus motherboard thought it would match up good ordered a Rosewill to replace this 1 with they seem to work good with boosters never tried an Asus wifi card before

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works with my "N" card too 802.11 b/g/n whatever5/21/2011 3:58:25 AM

Pros: Take that underpowered Ra*ink card and and make a it powerhouse. this booser can only help so much if your card is junk then amplifi that times 5 not so bad put a high power card in there and BAM you got a serious wifi

Cons: needs a bigger antenna this 1 is way to small have a 12 dbi cube antenna that rocks what happened to Atheros? they were the best now gone?

Overall Review: owned this booster for 5 years now upgraded my Engeni*s super g to Rosewil* "N" and disapointing till this booster was hooked up

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Engenius does it again5/19/2011 3:19:07 AM

Pros: got this for my laptop blows away the onboard wifi is also a "N". went from 5 people to 23 with the 5 dbi antenna. COOL The "N" seems to have less dropoffs and slightly faster data transfer over the super g

Cons: not much improvment from bigger antennas hooked up a 14dbi backfire slight gain. even my Huge 24 dbi only slight gain a 7-9 dbi antenna at biggest is what this doggle is optimized for. 27 people is all i got over the little 5 dbi that came with it ??? The mhz is still 2.4 so ???????/is the "N" antenna special or what

Overall Review: have the Engenius 600 mw super g pci ard in my PC and it also kick as* over any other card I got add a 500 mw booster and BAM really works good with big antennas. 2000 mw dogle not beating my 1100mw PC in range but it STAYS hooked up!!! more relieable.

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Cool Toy1/19/2011 8:05:47 PM

Pros: thin and sleak touchscreen works great, bright easy to read display. This really is a aweome mp3 player besides all the downfalls! woiuld be 5 stars if (see below)

Cons: you have to connect to internet then itunes just to use it period. AND you CANNOT DELETE YOUR SONGs unless you have a internet connection and go to itiunes? why? you can delete your pictures! get gift card if you want to avoid hassel of giving out your credit card # to Itines

Overall Review: this 4th gen and you still cannot delete songs oh come on Apple. and what is with the MADATORY credit card # even if you are not buying anthing from itunes. got a gift card to avoid giving my real #'s, hard to beleive people hand out there #'s so easily?knocked off a egg for each

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Atheros Chipset and high power WOW1/19/2011 5:02:00 PM

Pros: Atheros chipset and high power this Pci card has it all! got an 12 Dbi CUBE antenna hooked up with 5 foot hawking extention cable 2000 foot range! 12-14 dbi antenna really wakes this card up!

Cons: its not free! this card is so powerful you might cause interference with other wifi networks close to you. but minimal? Does need a bigger antenna to take advanage of the high power. hawking 12 dbi window panel antenna is a good match.

Overall Review: Atheros is like no more for some reason and they got the longest range with thier Super G adapters and Routers. Ralink is the biggest now but not the best. N routers are backwards compatible with this card (both 2.4 mhz)

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works with Windows 712/13/2010 8:17:18 PM

Pros: works great with the hawking booster added

Cons: under powered but it is a ralink chipset the Atheros chipset card it replaced had 3 times the range but that was b/g and super g not the new n band 2.4 ?still 2.4ghz whats the difference Ralinks mimo(multiple input multiple output) has 3 antennas this one has 1 so it really is a G ?

Overall Review: backwards compatible so all the b/g wifi 2.4 ghz also work no problem. to bad Atheros is no longer they were the best too. for this price cant be beat Rosewill products impress me everytime so cheap but exallent quality!

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Sweeet12/6/2010 1:26:55 PM

Pros: Fast Drive just the right size for Windows 7, put all my Programs and Games on second 500 gb Samsung hardrive works perfectly. mushkin has always been 1 of my top chocies when it comes to Memory and now hardrives.

Cons: Price, you pay for the speed but is worth it boots quickly

Overall Review: Windows 7 rates this SSD at 7.3 Wow not bad. price has come down the read and write on this drive make it a top choice!

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Nice Flashlight12/6/2010 1:12:24 AM

Pros: Cool design, Very bright seems underrated at 100 lumen 10 lumen (low) is all u need (high) BAM see you a mile away no problem. Well made very tough. beam is perfect lites up the room and has a smaller brighter focused spot

Cons: edges are a little sharp wont cut you but noticable, if you got gloves on then ultimate grip here! is kinda heavy but heavy duty here means long life (not really a con)

Overall Review: can also turn top off then back on to change between hign and low or use button gave it 5 stars for quality and new egg speedy service and only paid 20$ free ship (black friday special) Cool! great job new egg

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Great little flashlight11/21/2010 10:20:04 PM

Pros: Very bright for 2 aa batterys 160 lumens no lie. small tight round beam like it is meant for gun mount applictions, very solid kinda heavy but reliable.

Cons: doesen't come with Swat Rifle, not brighter than my 5 watt Led Spotlight (192 lumen)

Overall Review: Cree bulb best LED bulb you will find hands down. 20 bills wow great job Hoffco!

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great buy1/3/2010 2:13:17 PM

Pros: CCD lens, small, great picture very good low light picture. can be removed fron dome easily really tiny then.

Cons: No adapter to use RCA instead of BNC but for this price 5$ for a adapter is still worth it.

Overall Review: these CCD cameras have really come down on price why use a cmos camera when these CCD are so cheap now. 1/3 inch is better than my 1/4 inch super sony ccd bullet cam, more field of view and slightly bigger better picture. been working great over a month straight now, no problems.

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Quiet and fast4/28/2007 10:44:53 PM

Pros: Quiet and fast for ATA 100, hope this new technology in hardrives it is as Good as the are Claiming? The old technology Hardrive is rock solid,I still have the original 40 gig from 2002 and it still works fine!

Cons: Only formatted at 127 Gig with downloaded Seagate software or Disk Manager in Windows 2000 pro. Used older Seagate software on FLOPPY DISK, and BAM 149 Gig like it sould be.

Overall Review: using a Socket A 2400+ Athlon,in a Asus A7N266-VM Motherboard with the Newest Bios installed, not good enough? bypassed the Bios limitation with the floppy disk software. Lots of space now!

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GREAT PICTURE!!!2/25/2007 12:06:44 AM

Pros: Best Picture of any web cam I have seen CCD Is the best cost more but worth it.Using this as a security camera to watch my car, great motion sensor software included! Great low-light software enhanced picture and Video!! had it more than a year now probally 2 years works great still, even the pan and tilt is holding up! knock on wood?

Cons: Frame rate drops big time under low light on the Video. a remote for the pan and tilt would be Cool, but it works easily with the software, real smooth hardly even see it move as it follows you. really is a web cam not security cam but hey CHEAP home security!!! got the 27$ one too it has same great software good performance also picture not as good CMOS VS CCD both are good CCD IS Better thou.

Overall Review: real Cool Panormic pictures, high rez too!sitting in the window it takes a picture from the inside edge of the window frame to the other inside edge of the window frame, WOW! and high rez!

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Tiny2/20/2007 7:40:20 PM

Pros: tiny plays video and photos plus you can pay them 99 cents a song what a deal? most Media Players are like this WHY???? what is with the sevice pack 2 and the Mp3 PAY SITES?? don't trust'em spyware beware?

Cons: Had to return it and I have two computers NOTA.Works with Windows XP service pack 2 ONLY, No VISTA ,no linix, no win 2000 or Me, No MACINTOSH Ipod only for you guys? No Driver at all anywhere? The FM Radio sounded great!

Overall Review: Ordered the Kingston 2 gig all in 1 does even more than this one!! and it has DRIVERS for the rest of us!! and it is in stock! got tired of waiting and went to walmart easyier to return since it did not work. Samsung is usally the BEST too, but not this time, not till they get DRIVERS, WHY???NO DRivers??

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Average2/20/2007 12:53:42 AM

Pros: CHEAP and It does work and it is Ralinks best attempt in the wifi market. Atheros chipset is by far better!! harder to find but worth the extra $. works GOOD at close to medium range, long range is POOR! have a Edimax PCI card with a Atheros chipset Smokes this one for 5 $ more get that one, and only one antenna!

Cons: Range is only fair, better than other Ralink chipset cards, but even with 3 yes 3 12 dbi antennas, still only so-so, was getting dropped signals left and right, low signal and Quality. broadcom chipsets blow this away also!! My D-link high-powered Atheros chipset Card kills this one big time!!

Overall Review: MIMO Cards are overrated go with Atheros or broadcom chipset? look at the pictures some times they cover the Chip, these are usally Broadcom I think? Ralink needs to UP THERE POWER OUTPUT, for starters.

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Tiny yet Powerful!!!!2/13/2007 10:15:40 AM

Pros: Small, very focused, sharing a DSL line with the Neighbor across the street (500 feet)then threw two brick walls, 77% signal strengh 44% signal quality!! Wow!!have it in the window to get it this good?

Cons: signal quality drops when the weather gets bad, tryed using a 500mw booster but did not help. using a Dlink High power card #DWL-G550, Matches to this antenna Perfectly,more power is Futile?

Overall Review: This little guy kicks it, only 8 inch by 3.5 inchs, works almost as good as my 17 dbi Patch antenna with a 500 mw booster! that one give me 81% signal with 60% signal quality? average? good BANG for the BUCK!! very good design have made cardboard reflectors, for other antennas copying this design very effective, about 60 by 60 degree beam width I think? Hawking tech stuff is First Rate, hard to beat? new egg prices are hard to beat too!!

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Most Powerful Card you will find1/19/2007 9:50:07 PM

Pros: this thing blows away every other card I have used even the overrated MIMO cards "sorry Ralink" Atheros still blows you away especially with the extra power this card has!! 100 mw output most cards are 10 to 30 mw output?

Cons: can't find any? no problems what so ever using windows 2000 on a Asus board/Athlon2400-512ram picking up 16 of my neighbors with the great little antenna in the window. my bigger antennas were only slightly better, made a cardboard 90 degree BOX to go around it lined with tinfoil helped alot! turned the omni to a directional. boosted 20% just from that! turned the 5dbi to about an 7-8dbi works almost as good as my high $ ones!

Overall Review: I have other antennas all the way up to 24 dbi grid,the card works great up to 12 to 14 dbi antennas. used a 500 mw booster did no good unless the antenna was bigger than 14 dbi. this Card will push those bigger antennas with no booster. perfect for middle to long range networks. Done alot of research if there is a more powerful card out there I have not found it?

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KILLER!!!!1/14/2007 10:31:25 PM

Pros: low setting is good enough for 7 to 12 dbi antennas you better have a huge antenna if you want to take advantage of the high setting? you can use as long of a cable as you want with this booster no signal is lost. I am using a 24 dbi outdoor GRID antenna hanging in the window, thru a 20 foot 195 series cable. no dropped signals very fast!

Cons: very short cable that attaches it to you wifi card? USELESS dinky ANTENNA is included throw it away buy a 7 dbi or bigger antenna use it instead!!! big differece!!!

Overall Review: most wifi cards are only 10 to 30 milliwatt output dlink makes a 100 mw output "high power" card {and it is}works superb with 12 dbi and smaller antennas the 100mw low setting worked the best best for 12 dbi and smaller antennas turn it up and makes NO Difference worse sometimes gota 19 dbi patch antenna works great in widow ON HIGH setting got it used for 10$ at local networking shop. cables can be a pain to find!?? antenna placement is also crucial!!!

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Binary Converts to Decimal = smaller Capacity12/31/2006 4:23:07 PM

Pros: Really is a 320 Gig drive once you format the drive windows see's reads the drive in Decimal format instead of Binary. depending on weather you use Fat32 or NTFS sets the Acual size in the end too. and if the BIOS reads it in LBA mode!!!???

Cons: the factory does use the Binary format to decieve you into thinking you are getting a bigger drive, but it is not that much smALLER?!! oh well 300GB w/16 meg cache for under a bill what do you want?

Overall Review: when you are stuck with ultra DMA 100 bus speed this 16 meg cache really is the only way to add performance and it is noticable!!! smokes old 2meg cache seagate drive

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works great even in USB 1.1 slot4/25/2006 2:57:30 PM

Pros: easy setup, have a DSL line and a second computer with this adapter downloads are just about as fast even in the usb 1 slot! have windows 2000 worked with ME too.

Cons: signal a little on the weak side but it adjusts for better performance I pushed the computer back till the Adapter touches the wall and it boosted it even more 20 feet thru two walls Link at 100%, signal strenght 65% to 75%. if you need to go more than 50 feet might want to go with PCI card instead.

Overall Review: slightly warm to the touch

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Sweet Case!!!!! AMD Ready not just for Pentium 410/25/2005 3:16:03 PM

Comments: Asus A7N266-VM motherboard AMD 2400+ XP Processor 512 MB Crucial Ram Geforce 4200 ti Video Card This case works well with AMD motherboards, the 24 connector unsnaps to a 20 pin, the 4 pin connector can then be used to power the CPU on motherboards that have that connection. Universal power supply,says Pentium 4 on side of power supply but works just fine with AMD!!!! Runs nice and COOL too, for everything being stuffed in there.This is the coolest running Micro AMD Computer I have seen great airflow with that huge case fan out back.The down side to this case is the power supply the wires come out the back right were the connections to the DVDS connect, so a short DVD-rom like a Some Sony or Asus models makes it easier,I am using the Longer ones and it is a very tight fit, It does work though hook the cables up first then tighten the DVD Burner Down. The Floppy drive is the hardest thing to hook up, way in there get your flash light out. put a "Masscool" hard drive cooler on too fit no problem dropped the temp 8 degrees, the included sensors just tape them on the side of the heatsink on the CPU and the other one tape on the metal side of the hardrive displays accuratly on the front blue panel pretty cool! MY CPU is 34c and the HDD is 26c with the room temp at 72f.Computer is rock solid Stable no power issues, or qlitches at all running Windows 2000 Pro. The removable motherboard Tray is a great Idea it would be a pain to work on if it wasen't for that BIG PLUS HERE, espesially if you want to upgrade stuff later! change your ram or CPU in Minutes. The handle on the front supports 40 pounds and it only weights like 15 pounds fully loaded. Well Made Case, if the wires for the power came out the other side or the center of the powersupply it would have helped a lot, only draw back on this case. Looks Great on my Book Shelf same height as my Textbooks, and the depth is about the same as the bookshelf, sticks out the back an inch or so. Going to play some games now!

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Does more that most full size boards!9/15/2005 12:27:54 AM

Comments: had to add to my first review, figured out my video problem, it was software the whole time! It was Roxio Easy Media Creator 7. uninstalled that and the computer plays games Fantastic now! Far Cry, I can play with most settings on high starts to slow down about like Doom 3, had to play on Low to Med before with 4x slot. Processor was Hot 177 f had to upgraded to 80mm 5000rpm fan with adapter, over the stock fan now at 156 f system temp 106 f. If this board works this good now, I can't wait to get the faster Ram and CPU. got 266mhz 2400+ Athlon with Crucial DDR 2100 266mhz now. Onboard video plays DVD's as good as my fancy video card. I think the 400mhz CPU should run cooler in this board? the 266 mhz CPU and stock fan was to hot to be reliable. sweet computer for cheap! what more could you ask for?

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Cisco Kid9/13/2005 7:54:07 PM

Comments: using 2400+ thoughbred Athlon 512 megs of Crucial PC2100 memory, and a Asus 9560 Video card. everything works great when it works, except the games, they work 1-2 times then quits reinstall then works 1-2 times then quits says to "make sure CD-rom is in the drive" won't work in either cdrom or DVD-rom drive, tryed win 2000 and XP Pro. also tryed onboard Video does the same thing. It also goes to virual memory on big files. I think this board needs DDR 333, hard to beleive 512 megs is not enough. It has the newest BIOS instaled. Video is GREAT when it works? onboard video plays Warcraft with all the setting turned up! Played DOOM 3 with the Asus Video 8x Card on HIGH, ultrahigh slowed it down way to much. Pain reinstalling games everytime though. going to try new Crucial 333. install the patchs and it works 1-2 more times then won't even start. tryed changing the BIOS setting to no avail nothing got worse but no improvement. giving this board 4 stars because I know it is a hardware incompatibllity problem? I am going to upgrade to the 400 mhz Barton 3000+ processor too whem I can afford it. onboard 5.1 suround sound works Great. USB Drivers where the only thing that was a pain, had to download service pack 4 for the driver, you can also find it on the internet under VIA usb 2 driver.

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