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Fantastic Game3/26/2013 12:45:28 AM

Pros: Fantastic game! Get the PC version, the console version does not graphically do this game justice. While you're on this site, get some uber pc parts to upgrade your system to be able to play this game. I have an i7-3770K and a GTX 670 FTW and I can turn everything up to about 90-95% with about 40-50 fps and the game looks absolutely astounding. Silky smooth graphics.

Cons: Too short, there is some replay value (going back and collecting all the collectibles on each part of the map).

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Wonderful choice2/14/2012 8:58:48 PM

Pros: Very powerful chipset. Titanium pipes and dual fans to help maintain a much cooler running temperature. Very overclock-able. Excellent card for the price.

Cons: None so far, but some might consider the weight of the card a con. I do not, I'm coming from a GTS 450, so this card is at least twice the weight of the old one.

Overall Review: I see no reason to not give this 5 eggs. I have gone through all of my games again just to see what I can run them at now. Skyrim - (Ultra) @ 50-60 fps BFBC2 - (Ultra) @ 50-60 fps SRTT - (Ultra) @ 30-50 fps (very taxing game) GTA IV - (Ultra) @ 30-40 fps (very taxing game) BF3 - (Ultra) @ 50-60 fps (without a flinch)

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Decent1/2/2012 11:12:59 PM

Pros: Slick, smooth mouse pad, good for the money.

Cons: I have noticed that something in this mouse pad makes mixed with excessive use and hand sweat make these "crumbs" and I can't stand the feeling on mouse pad crumbs when I'm gaming, It's so distracting. I'm not messy, but I find myself wiping crumbs off this mouse pad every 30 seconds or so.

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Buy something else1/24/2010 9:27:25 PM

Pros: Good sound, Great quality microphone.

Cons: The wiring and overall headset quality, absolute garbage.

Overall Review: This product is a perfect example of a company that cares more about quantity rather than quality. I have given this company SO MANY chances and every single time their products fail miserably when it comes to a quality built -long lasting- product. Of course It's a few days past my 30 days, so I'm stuck with this now.

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