little pc with a big punch6/23/2021 4:14:27 AM

Overall Review: Sent back a high end gaming pc that couldnt do anything but send our error codes so decided to purchase this little pc instead of spending big bucks again , best decision ever. This pc plays all my games no lags and does all the business end deals perfectly.. Very satisfied.

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3/9/2015 8:13:05 AM

Pros: Nice case, has a lot of room .

Cons: no place for internal card reader .. simply solved with purchasing a usb one.

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3/9/2015 8:10:36 AM

Pros: Not much,this board is not plug and go and the instruction booklet falls short. I got my answers here on newegg. Thanks to all the people who do take the time to post if not for you i would have tossed it out the window

Cons: Hard drive must be wiped cleaned and new reinstall must be done. Would spend twice as much to not have the headache in getting this board to function correctly.

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3/9/2015 8:04:56 AM

Pros: This card is awesome, I am running americas army proving grounds with default settings getting 90fps which is as high as the fps stat counter goes. I didnt expect this for a card at this price.

Cons: Had to buy another power supply to use the card , this card takes 6 pin and 4 pin but was still worth it for the graphics i get in my game now

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