So Far, Great Bargain11/21/2018 3:21:05 PM

Pros: It's a motherboard. Had all the specs I needed - 2 M.2 slots, supports RAID 5, etc. etc. Currently have a 250GB M.2 for the OS, a 1TB M.2 for games, and a 12TB RAID array for storage of videos, music, etc. The I7-9700K worked right out of the box, no issues.

Cons: I bought G.SKILL Ripjaws V memory at 2666, however the motherboard timed the sticks down to 21xx by default. Easy enough to change through the BIOS.

Overall Review: For under $100 (at the time of this writing) this is an exceptional buy. Later chipset, and does everything I need it to. Spend the savings on other parts. For the guy below; the specs on newegg say very clearly "OS...Windows 10". He should have known it was a gamble from the start to try and put 7 on it. I'm using Win10 64-bit, and Linux Mint, with no issues at all.

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Great RAM11/12/2018 8:08:12 AM

Pros: I bought it on sale, so the price was right. Works well in my ASRock Z390 motherboard right out of the box. Timings and voltage are perfect (and really good for DDR4/2666).

Cons: None!

Overall Review: The pics don't really do the blue justice. It's really pretty! Works very well with my white/blue case w/ white/blue LEDs inside

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Decent Monitor11/12/2018 8:04:03 AM

Pros: Pretty good overall. Took a lot of tweaking to find the color combo I liked. Price was right, for the size.

Cons: No display port, limited to 1920x10180 - I knew all that before buying though, so no eggs off.

Overall Review: The settings that work for me: Splendid: Game Mode Blue Light Filter: Can't edit in Game Mode Brightness: 80 Contrast: 78 Saturation: 55 Color Temp: User Mode -> R: 96, G: 96, B: 100 Skin Tone: Natural Sharpness: 50 Aspect Control: Full VividPixel: 0 ASCR: OFF Game Plus/ECO/etc. : OFF

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Fantastic Affordable SSD11/12/2018 7:57:47 AM

Pros: I use the 1TB version for gaming. It's super fast, far more so than traditional platter drives, and load times are short-to-non-existent.

Cons: Runs hot - I guess all the M.2 SSDs do though. Mine stays in the mid 50s (C), gets into the upper 50s under load. Well below the 70-80 degree upper limit, but still hotter than I'd like personally.

Overall Review: Not quite as fast as a Samsung 970 series; but both are race horses compared to the sluggish performance of the last generation SSDs or traditional drives.

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Awesome SSD11/12/2018 7:52:59 AM

Pros: At the time of this writing, this is a pretty fast later generation SSD for the price.

Cons: Runs hot - I guess all the M.2 SSDs do though. Mine stays in the mid 50s Celsius. Well below the 70-80 degree upper limit, but still hotter than I'd like personally.

Overall Review: The Samsung 970 EVO is, of course, a bit faster but also a bit more expensive. For my purposes (hosting an OS) this is more than enough.

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Free game? Sure, why not!10/28/2011 2:39:20 PM

Pros: I got this free with my new GTX570.

Cons: It hasn't come out yet?

Overall Review: I'm not sure why people are having such issues; you go to the website, enter your code, a game key is e-mailed to you, you download the Steam client, enter the key, and it unlocks the game (it'll be in your library, but you won't be able to play until it comes out). Is it a bit of a process? Yes. Does it beat paying $60 or more at launch time? You bet.

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Not bad9/13/2011 2:12:48 AM

Pros: Overall not a bad system. Just set one up for a buddy. For the price, it packs a decent cpu/gpu; it's not a workhorse, but it'll definitely work for his needs (light/medium gaming, some MS Office work, e-mail and web browsing). This is not a powerhouse machine, if you want the latest games at insane graphics settings on a laptop you'll have to spend at least 2-3 this price point. For the cost though, it'll make most people happy.

Cons: None so far. Bloatware was minimal, which is always a plus.

Overall Review: Some of the other reviews worried me; (1) you should always know what you're buying, so you should know this doesn't have lighstscribe, blu-ray, etc. and (2) it runs hot. duh. it's got a quad core cpu and a discrete gpu in a small form factor. Every laptop runs hot these days, unless it's horribly underpowered or has some elaborate cooling system that puts out 100dB. Did you expect to get frostbite from it?

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You get what you pay for12/4/2010 5:59:30 PM

Pros: Expensive cooler (imo), but worth it. My Intel Core I5 stays at 19-20C idle (depending on the core), and never gets above 40C.

Cons: It's big; certainly not a CON per se, but just make sure you have the room for it. Also, the copper blades are sharp. Watch out for them, or you'll be cleaning blood off the motherboard. Not that I'm speaking from experience >.>

Overall Review: It's well worth the price tag; and I have room for overclocking if I want to later.

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Works well so far.12/4/2010 5:54:53 PM

Pros: Works. Voltages seem normal. My system hasn't blown up?

Cons: Would have wanted another modular supply, but I knew this wasn't one when I purchased it.

Overall Review: I'm really confused about the other reviews. My shipments from newegg (even during black friday, though during that time, I'm sure they were stressing) have always been packed extremely well (I'm still finding packing peanuts under my couch), and yes if you push a psu to provide voltages its not rated for, of course you're going to get mixed results. I'm running win 7, on a gigabyte motherboard, and an Intel core i5. No problems whatsoever. I played around with over clocking the i5 a bit (only about 600MHz or so, nothing spectacular), and the system was stable as a whole.

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Very Pleased12/4/2010 5:47:26 PM

Pros: I'm very happy with this case. It's not really as loud as I thought it might be (I mean, it does have a lot of fans), and it keeps everything cool inside. It's well built; I didn't really find anything that screamed 'cheap'. The arctic camo looks sexy.

Cons: I had the same problem with the front LEDs being mis-wired as some of the others have had. Not a big issue, and its only aesthetic; the actual case+fans work fine. You can also re-wire it (though I'm currently just too lazy to do so). The tool-less drives took a sec to figure out, but they work fine.

Overall Review: Be aware that this is larger than a standard mid tower. It's not quite a full tower, but it certainly gives you a little extra room. Great for some, bad for others depending on your build.

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Very Pleased12/4/2010 5:40:48 PM

Pros: It does what I need it to do. Runs multiple VMs without breaking a sweat, as well as any game I've thrown at it (no lag in Civ5, even with my older 8800GT on med-hi settings).

Cons: Doesn't do my dishes?

Overall Review: Not sure about some of the temps reported by other reviewers. With the Zalman CNPS9900ALED and my case fans (NZXT Arctic Camo TEMPEST mid-tower....which is actually a mid-tower on steroids), I'm idling at around 20C, barely hits 40C under load. I used some Arctic Silver Ceramique I had lying around for thermal grease. I always hate these, but if it helps anybody, my build: Intel Corei5 760 Lynnfield 8GB Corsair XMS3 DDR1600 RAM 1x 60GB OCZ Vertex2 SSD Drive (OS Drive) 4x 320GB WD 3200AAKS drives (in RAID5, for speed+fault tolerance) GIGABYTE GA-P55-USB3 Motherboard Windows 7 Pro

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wow12/4/2010 5:33:00 PM

Pros: Wow....all of these features in a (very) cheap price point (Black Friday these were going for 30 bucks). Even at the MSRP it's a great deal. I've always loved DD-WRT, and even though it's a Buffalo branded version, it works very well. Haven't had any issues so far.

Cons: gigabit ethernet ports, but I knew that when I purchased it. Doesn't make much difference either way, since my internet is only 10 megabit. Mine also shipped without an antenna, but I happened to have one from my older router that worked in a pinch. Nothing to really knock an egg off for (I'd assume 99.999% of them ship with all the components, and since I had a spare, its a non-issue). It doesn't do my dishes?

Overall Review: You'll probably want to check the settings when you get it; it allows telnet by default and blocks SSH. I missed this at first, but not a huge deal since you're going to be configuring it anyway on initial setup.

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Awesome10/21/2008 11:49:47 AM

Pros: Very nice monitor; no ghosting in any of my fps/rpg games. Movies look amazing.

Cons: Takes some configuring to get it to look good out of the box. I haven't tried the HDMI yet.

Overall Review: My settings: Splendid: game mode Brightness: 95 Contraset: 85 ASCR/Trace Free: ON Sharpness: 25 Saturation: 35 With these settings, everything looks amazing, text is really clear.

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Not Bad9/3/2008 12:52:01 PM

Pros: Not bad at all. Pretty good call quality and range, though it could be better, and if you're used to it, the style of the phones are pretty comfy.

Cons: n/a

Overall Review: Who the hell would use these with a weedeater/mower? I couldn't even hear someone through my PHONE with one of those going, much less with headphones.

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Great for RAID4/11/2008 8:46:30 AM

Pros: These are great HDDs; Quiet, good performers with a solid build and great platter density.

Cons: none.

Overall Review: Had 2 of these for almost a year in a RAID 0 array (with performance ~160% of a single, GAMING IS AMAZING), soon I'll be getting 2 more for a ~1TB RAID 5 array -- can't wait for the redundancy and extra speed! Lose a drive, trash it and throw another in, without losing data!

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Amazing12/18/2007 4:45:26 PM

Pros: Beautiful game, probably the most graphically demanding game on the market; but it looks like a movie.

Cons: None. The replayability is awesome; you can play through stealthy one time, guns blazing the next, and see the differences.

Overall Review: Why are people giving this shotty reviews b/c they don't have the hardware to run it? READ THE RECOMMENDED SPECS! This game looks almost movie like, and that feat was accomplished using DX9 (Something telling us how little DX10 improved)! Even on the lowest settings, this game is brilliant. My H/W is: Athlon 4600+, ATI X1950 PRO, 2 GB DDR2 800 Ram. I can play it on medium with many settings turned up a little. The hardware isn't out to play it on high (tomshardware tried w/ a 2500 dollar system). But just the thought experiment of it all; "How realistic of a game can we make?" is mind boggling.

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Wow11/18/2007 3:35:33 PM

Pros: Just look at the review on!!!! Uses less power than 8800GT and is only a HAIR slower (for ~100 bucks less!). Also runs cooler than previous ati cards.

Cons: nada.

Overall Review: Looks like AMD is good for ATI; they have gotten a lot better as of yet (trying to stop the Intel thinking of 'how high can the clock rate go' and going with 'how much can we do in parallel, so as not to get HUGE clockrates with huge power consumption with huge heat'). I like the way ATI is going, and in a few more quarters I think they will be on top again.

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Great drive(s)10/30/2007 7:03:15 PM

Pros: These are great drives; almost as fast as raptors on some tests. I have a pair in RAID 0 and WOW AT THE SPEED! Gaming, Applications, everything loads quicker. Just wow.

Cons: none yet. After formatting, etc. they come out to 298GB. Whoopety Doo.

Overall Review: Probably should've gone RAID 5, but 2 in RAID 0 perform as good as 3 in RAID 5, but redundancy would be nice =(.

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Great price/performance10/30/2007 6:58:15 PM

Pros: This is a great processor. It's fast enough to run all of today's games/apps and many of tommorrow's. At 90 bucks, you can't beat this. It's roughly a E6300 C2D, but cheaper.

Cons: Nada.

Overall Review: While this is great for a moderate system build, I'm getting amd's new phenom coming out q4/2007 and q/1 2008. They look to perform VERY nice.

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Great fan10/30/2007 6:53:59 PM

Pros: Great case fan; does what it's supposed to do. Moves a lot of air and is pretty quiet. Still works fine after ~8 months

Cons: nada.

Overall Review: People need to decide if they want a cool case or a quiet case. This fan isn't that loud but it may be louder than some lower rpm 120mm fans (80mm will be louder; they have to spin faster to move the same amount of air). However, this fan moves air very well keeping my case that much cooler. A cool computer is a long-lasting and happy computer.

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Great Case10/30/2007 6:49:24 PM

Pros: This a great case for a build, with some modifications (see below). There is plenty of room inside, and everything is well made.

Cons: The door is plastic; not a big con though, as it has stood up very well so far and seems rock solid. Also, if you are buying any 5.25" to 3.5" converters to put hard drives in your cd-rom drive bays (Gotta love hot-swappable RAID), be careful as the door is made such that if your converter portrudes a lot the door may not close. The top 3 bays are fairly safe, though. And, this is not the fault of the case, just something I should've researched more.

Overall Review: I have a 120mm fan in the front (from the back), one in the side, I replaced the one in the back with a high-output 120mm, a 120mm on the bottom of my psu and a 120mm on my internal hard drive enclosure. The airflow is excellent, and my system is quiet.

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Wow10/30/2007 6:40:37 PM

Pros: Just a great product. This monitor has a wonderful picture; I've had no ghosting or any problems with movies; or with CS:S, BF 2142, Battlefront I/II, Oblivion, etc. Everything looks clean, crisp, and clear.

Cons: I developed one tiny dead pixel after a month. Not a big deal; you can BARELY see it if you are looking carefully for it; otherwise you don't even notice it. I love the pixel densities these days =)

Overall Review: This an amazing bang for the buck monitor. Pay 160 here or pay 250 in a large retailer. I want to marry newegg.

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Nothing But Quality10/30/2007 6:37:17 PM

Pros: This is a great power supply. The mirrored finish and chrome look amazing in my NZXT Apollo Case. All the voltages check out, and on the high end too. This thing is a 580 CONSTANT with a 620/630 PEAK. I have a ~100 Watt CPU with 4 sticks of ram, 3 hard drives, an ATI X1950PRO (soon to be a NVIDIA 8800GTS...saving my pennies), a DVD burner, 7 fans, etc. and this beast is still hungry.

Cons: nada.....

Overall Review: The modularity is amazing; i have only the cables i need, which is nice for airflow. The shielded cables also look great. The attachment system to the psu is sturdy as well; they plug in and screw on; so all connections are secure. Also, the fans on this thing help keep my system cool.

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Still Great10/9/2007 8:10:58 PM

Pros: This is a great motherboard, has everything you need in a nice (cheap!) and reliable package.

Cons: my only problem is that the floppy placement is a little absurd, but that's minor.

Overall Review: For anybody thinking of installing linux w/ raid, it can be difficult. Here is a great tutorial on how to install linux w/ this board using the on board raid controller:

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Amazing10/7/2007 8:28:50 AM

Pros: This is a great card; got this six months ago (when it was ~200) and it still beats the socks off of any sub-x900 (e.g. NV 8900 or ATI 2900) card out there.

Cons: none.

Overall Review: The overheating problem is becoming more common among cards today (ATI AND NVIDIA); and Vista is really bad about controlling graphics cards. Most cards today ship with the top fan speed at 40%! For this card, download ATI Tool, and go into hardware->overclock settings. Don't overclock, but crank the fan speed up and you'll have a VERY stable, VERY good performing card. For NVIDIA cards, get R1vatuner. Also, the ASUS version has a better cooler than some of the others, so the overheating problem with this card isn't as bad as some of the other cards in this series.

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