The best I've used to date8/24/2014 3:46:36 PM

Pros: This PSU is loaded with protection features and is the main reason I bought it. There are a lot of cables, so it is very doubtful you'll need to go out and buy any. The cables are very well built and because you only need to attach cables that you need, it really does a nice job keeping the CPU nice and tidy. Installation was easy and quick.

Cons: None that I found.

Overall Review: For the price, this platinum level PSU can't be beat. Only time will tell if it holds up. My last PSU died out after about 1 1/2 years. This nice thing is that this PSU has a 10 year warranty!

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Almost lasted 3 years1/24/2014 4:34:45 PM

Pros: I found the headset very comfortable. The sound was decent. While in wireless mode, it lasted at least 2 hours. The distance for wireless was good..about 50 ft. There are plenty of options for modifying the sound. It works well with the G15 keyboard. The macro buttons on the headset are very useful.

Cons: I bought my headset on October 9, 2012. Yesterday, they no longer work. The headset charges via USB. I use the headset mostly plugged in and not wireless. The headset sends a beep when there is less than 1 hour charge left. This happened yesterday when I was using them plugged in. I noticed that the indicator light that shows it is charging was not on. It was then that I realized that the headset wouldn't charge. I tried 3 other USB adapters and none worked. I am going through the warranty process, but I'm not holding my breath from what I read about Logitech's customer support. While working, the other issue with this headset is the usb adapter that also operates as the signal tower for wireless. It cuts out a few times per hour for about 5 seconds then comes back on. It's annoying, but I learned to live with it. This issue occurred for both wired and wireless. The last issue is the drivers for the headset. I use TeamSpeak and there is no driver for this headset that supports it. A user actually wrote one and I was able to use it for TS.

Overall Review: Think twice about getting wireless. Also, look at the customer support. A nice 3 year warranty means nothing if the company doesn't honor it.

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